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Caitlyn Jenner Responds to Jokes About Her Transition – Roast of Alec Baldwin

All of your are making
these silly comments and jokes about
how I kind of… …cut it off. Let me remind you:Itmade Kylie Jenner, the youngest self-made
billionaire in history. (cheers)Itmade Kendall Jenner, the highest paid model
in the world. I raised ten children. I currently- well, I’m up coming on- 20 grandchildren. I didn’t cut it off,
I just retired it. It was done!

100 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner Responds to Jokes About Her Transition – Roast of Alec Baldwin

  1. The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres this Sunday, September 15 on Comedy Central. Subscribe to Comedy Central’s YouTube channel for more clips and full sets from the Roast:

  2. Damn people. You are still debating on her self made billionaire status? Go get a life instead of pulling anyone down, try to pull yourself up!!!!!!!!

  3. Self made yeah right she was born in money and then bought a new face and body. Everything is just fake but who cares as long as everybody belives in lies.

  4. The children were born into riches and the only reason we know who the Jenners and Kardashians are is because Kim Kardashian had a sex tape released.

  5. Yea but all their success came from you having money. There’s millions of women who are beautiful and can make millions by their parents having money and a well known name

  6. In what world is Kylie Jenner’s success self made? You can’t call something “self made” in the same sentence that you take credit for it????????

  7. How is she self made she was already famous before ever even growin up if it wasn't for that kardashian show no one would even know them b real

  8. Ok Kylie Jenner had the biggest head start over everyone on earth no wonder she’s a billionaire she was born into a billionaire family was put onto the most popular reality show of all time for no reason had everything she owned bought for her I was born into a family where I have to work for everything I’ve ever owned nothing has ever been given to me I had to get a job at 17 and save for over a year for my first car I guarantee her first car was tens if not hundreds of thousands and was given to her way younger then I was when I got a car so she might be richer then me but I know for a fact I worked way more and way harder then her by the time I was 16 then she ever has

  9. In that case, we should be thanking Robert Kardashian for making Kim so then she would grow up and make a sex tape with Ray J…

  10. Cringe… That Cunt Kylie is NOT self made, ugh more subhuman Kardashian's and Jenner's? It says it like 20 grandchildren from that degenerate family is something to pride on.

  11. This roast was barely a toast. Weakest burns I’ve ever heard. It was like everyone was worried about offended everyone. And somebody should have kicked Robert DeNiro in his smug mouth. They better thank Christ Greg Giraldo is dead. And where did fat hilarious pig face Lisa Lump of Jelly go? She was ruthless. I hate 2019 so much.

  12. Such a hard working family! Tell us the date ur grandchildren will suck a dick. that's the only time we r interested in ur family motivational stories

  13. Self made????? Whatever, it’s not like Trumps hand out for the rich help Her “Self made” daughter get to $1B. Also, I thought the Hadid sisters are the most paid models Internationally?

  14. She's funnier then the dude from SNL. Ireland was funnier then the dude from SNL. Heck the dog puppet was funnier then the dude from SNL

  15. This idiot said self made billionaire Kylie lmao she didn’t self make anything lmao she is all hype like her family and everything was basically handed to her

  16. Self made billionaire that started with millions and had unlimited access to important business connections and tools that most people would never have a chance to haha

  17. A lot of hate on Kylie doubt she cares what any of us think but true she is a byproduct of Kim’s sex tape and who knows how many surgeries

  18. Bruce Jenner is such a freak. There is no other explanation. Truly an abomination! Offensive to look at and listen to. Worst part? He did it to himself.

  19. Americans are bonkers . That thing on stage is an absolute freak show , its probably the furthest anyones went to seek attention

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