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Caitlyn Jenner Ridicules Blake Griffin’s Athletic Ability – Roast of Alec Baldwin

You know, as I look
back and forth, I’m not the only one up here
who’s transitioned. I used to be Bruce Jenner, and Robert De Niro used to be
Robert fucking De Niro! You call yourself
an actor, Robert. For 60 years, I had everybody
convinced I was a man. Now, that’s acting. Ken Jeong, is it true
your wife is named Tran Ho? Oh, I want to meet her! I mean, I’m waiting.
I can’t wait. I’ll also want to say hello
to Kendall’s ex. You don’t even
have to say his name. It’s just Kendall’s ex. Anyway, Blake Griffin, Blake. Los Angeles to Detroit. Let me tell you,
I can tell you a thing or two
about switching teams. Yeah, you’re a nice boy,
and although it didn’t work out between the two of you,
you’re always kind of welcome to come over to my home and know that you’re
the second-best athlete in the house. Look, there’s a lot of hate
in the world, but we can still
laugh at ourselves. And honestly,
that’s why I’m here tonight. I’ve seen it all.
I’ve even gotten threats. And I want other members
of the trans community to know that if I’m strong enough
to sit up here and be ridiculed all night
that you can handle anything. [cheers and applause] Except listening
to Adam Carolla’s podcast. Oh, my God.
That’s torture. Adam Carolla is so boring. I’ve never seen
a drier pussy in my life. And that’s coming from me! You see, Adam? Women are funny. What can I say?
I’m here because I love Alec. Yes, actually, I’ve known Alec for a long time
and I consider him family. We go back.
When I was Bruce, we were like brothers. So, well, I guess
that’s one more brother he’ll never talk to again. To get serious
about this, look. Some of you hate me
just because I’m me. Some of you hate me because of the things I may
have said in the past. Well, hey, I’m not perfect. I’m a person trying
to figure out my life, just like everyone else. All I want is
for future generations of transgendered people to know that if I can find the courage
to be who I am, then you can too. [cheers and applause] If– If you have a problem
with that, then you can suck my dick. [cheers and applause] If you can find it! Thank you!

100 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner Ridicules Blake Griffin’s Athletic Ability – Roast of Alec Baldwin

  1. You know why he’s a transgender? So people will forget he killed someone in car accident. Ohh I bet you didn’t know that. And what was his name before? Yup…thank me later.

  2. Great friend supporting Alec Baldwin ! Robert Dinero – GOAT – my most fav actor !
    Love Alex Baldwin !! Caitlyn is rocking the House !!

  3. I can not believe we live in a world where people actually condone men cosplaying women who can get away with murdering people in car accidents. Clown world

  4. I have to record roasts. So I can fast forward. Including through Griffin and Jenner. They don't write the jokes and they sure as hell can't deliver them.

    Triumph had me rolling though!

  5. I'm still salty caitlin wasnt there for her first kids before kendall and kylie. As a child with no father it hurts and I know how caitlin's sons feel. Especially when she didn't even bother to show up to her son's wedding.

  6. WTF Comedy Central… who thought it be a great idea to get celebrities with no humor… did He really just give a speech? ??

  7. Jenner is a murderer and got away with it.
    He was texting behind the wheel when he crashed, ultimately killing a woman
    Like so it can be a top comment for everyone to see

  8. Seriously, all he has to do is mention being trans and the whole building claps? What the fuck is that? It's been years since he said he identified as a chick, calm tf down

  9. Thank you Hollywood for forcing this horrible human onto us, no matter how terrible the responses are. Pretty sure you really hate us.

  10. Ya comedy central roasts peaked with the roast of James franco. Half of these guys aren't even comedians. The delivery was awful.

  11. I was confused if it was a roast of Baldwin and other guests or was it a PSA about sexuality and transgender? I'm honestly confused

  12. Sorry, but nothing this tranny says is funny. And how predictable that he, YES HE, was gonna stand there with his feminist speech.

  13. Imagine being “roasted” by Caitlyn Jenner. Like damn that’s rock bottom at that point what’s even the point of living lol.

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