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CAKE POP PROBLEMS: Tips & Tricks for The Perfectly Cracked Cake Pop (Mom Fail)

hey fellow moms and dads I’m Chelsea the
photographer and videographer here at Mabel’s Labels have you ever seen a
beautiful cake pop and thought they’d be the perfect DIY for your child’s birthday or
your next event surely there’s tons of tutorials and how-tos and tips online on
how to make the most beautiful and perfect cake pop so did we
you’re about to watch our best attempt at a cake pop tutorial feel free to learn
from our mistakes or just enjoy watching our epic fail I’ll pop in at the end of
this video such a bad joke and share some of our tips and advice for brave
parents who want to try this family fun activity at home alright so let’s start
from the beginning where everything went smoothly here is what we used box cake
mix decoration of choice we chose a pretty pantone coulored food dust or what I
thought was gonna be pretty pre-made icing bags of candy melt a pack of
sticks and an adorable sous-chef this is my daughter Lena-Jo first thing we did
was bake a cake according to the instructions on the back of the box the
step was truly as easy as advertised the next step is the very best part of the
whole process and actually was fun for the whole family we simply had to break apart the cake
into crumbs this is where your adorable sous chef will truly shine and don’t
worry everyone washed their hands next we add in a full container of icing this
is still quite fun and easy I would do this all again just to watch my daughter
have a fun sensory experience it was nice to see her experiencing food
firsthand it was pretty cute and like most toddlers when she was done
she was done full disclosure we do not recommend this recipe for dogs once the cake and icing mix has the
consistency of a thick batter and can hold its shape it’s ready next we
started the candy melt process by filling up a pot of water setting it to
medium heat and placing a bowl over top of the boiling water to melt the candy
in this is a great way to melt the candy at a consistent heat and avoid burning
the bull will get hot so we use a tea towel to keep it steady and a wooden
spoon to stir and we may have taken some cute puppy breaks while we waited for
everything to melt and he waited for more crumbs it takes quite a while for
the candy to fully melt so we decided to get the cake pop batter formed into
balls while we waited we used a tablespoon to help get a consistent size
simply scoop the batter roll with your hands into a nearly perfect ball and
repeat this is still not the hard part don’t worry we decided to add a
tablespoon of oil to the candy melt to help get a smoother consistency this was
a little tip we picked up online and it seemed to work quite well next we put a
bit of chocolate on the end of the sticks and press them into the balls to
help glue everything together I’m not gonna lie we thought this was pretty
brilliant once all the Pops were done we stuck
them in the freezer to get them nice solid and cold this was our first
challenge because who actually has room for something like this in their freezer
that’s so not gonna work so we faked it for the video and put it in the garage
it’s really cold where we are right now we decided to add two more tablespoons
of oil because we are getting concerned that the candy was still looking a
little lumpy and that seemed to work so we poured our candy melts into the cup
ready for dipping and got our cake pops from the freezer also known as our
wintery outdoors we check to make sure that the batter
was firm and cold to the touch that’s how we knew they were ready and now
begins the worst part of this whole process take your expectations and lower
them by a lot at this point we thought we were doing amazing we thought this
was so easy we’re like all we have to do is dip this chocolate and we’re done
well this happened so we learned to let the pop drip upside down for a while
first which became a very very long process I’m talking two to five minutes
a pop so when you’re making a batch of say a dozen you’re looking at half an
hour or longer just to dip the chocolate it’s gonna take a while and after some
online research we learned that yep this is actually how you’re supposed to do it
however we did have some success and tapping the stick seemed to help release
the excess a little bit quicker eventually we got pretty good at it but
this was after a lot of failed attempts and waste batter fell off sticks the
icing would look ugly or separate eventually most of them started to crack
when they fully hardened and then this beautiful powder that I thought was
gonna look gorgeous and super trendy ended up looking super matte and ugly
and these definitely didn’t compare to what you can get from a bakery or a
store and by the end we were pretty over it
alright so to wrap up on what you just saw there I wouldn’t necessarily
recommend this DIY if you want something really beautiful and perfect for an
event if you’re looking for just a tasty treat totally doable and it was a lot of
fun to get my daughter involved and my friend and her husband all in
interacting and enjoying this activity now a couple tips if you are going to
try this it helps a lot to keep the cake pops nice and cold we found after a
while they started to thaw and then it was easier for the cake pop sticks to
slip out so we’d have to go and freeze them again and then do another round
I have no tips in terms of how to stop the crack
when they do dry I mean it still holds together but you might want to decorate
creatively around this problem if you pipe some icing say or like roll them in
sprinkles I think you would nicely hide the mistakes better also if you want to
make cake pops that like stand upside down as opposed to like freestanding
ones then I think this would go a lot easier and that’s a wrap
I hope you enjoyed learning from our trial and error and if you do attempt
these at home I’d love to hear it in the comments below of what I could do
differently next time when I’m brave enough to try this again
maybe maybe probably not okay see ya hey fellow moms and dads I’m Chelsea the
photographer and videographer here at Mabel’s Labels do you have anything to
say anything to say say comment and like and subscribe

One thought on “CAKE POP PROBLEMS: Tips & Tricks for The Perfectly Cracked Cake Pop (Mom Fail)

  1. Yes girl I attempted to make these keyword attempted back in May everything went smoothly just like yours until I got ready to dip the balls in the chocolate I did use gardelli white chocolate added the oil as well but when I dipped my balls on the stick in the chocolate most of them fell off of the stick in the chocolate or when I went to put them in my makeshift cake pop stand AKA a styrofoam block they fell off the stick I hope by watching this I can learn something and be successful because I want to make these again thanks for the video and know you're not alone

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