Laughter is the Best Medicine

Camp Lions 2012- 5 Acts- Laughing

Next is laughing Ready for pool? He stole my glasses! Chickens! Hey! Hey! Wanna hear a joke? That is the best joke! OK! let’s go! OK. We are here! (Red shirt)
Look! There are is only one shower! OK! Time for rules! HAHAHA! Who needs rules anyway? (Woman)
Want to hear a joke? Rule! (Black shirt)
Want hear a joke? Chickens! Rule number one! So funny! Number one Number one: No chicken fins! Rule number…. Rule number two! No running! Rule number three! No diving! (White shirt)
Ready? Go swim now! Hey! Do you want see something funny? Hahaha! I am drowning! Hahaha! Hahaha! Someone help me! Hahaha! (Red shirt)
Look! He is drowning! (Black shirt)
Look! He has blue face! Look! He has blue face! Look! He has blue face! I am alive! You go home now! Home! Hahaha! Home!

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