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Can & Sanem || Friends or Lovers?? [#HUMOR/#ErkenciKuş]

Sanem? SINAAAAN?! it’s been ages! i missed you! me too missed each other? wow! Ceyda…?? where did she come? to the company! where else? i was thinking ‘who is this guy watching me’ i thought the same! you should have said “let’s be friends”! what do you mean? Sanem was my best friend in school we were inseparable! weren’t we, Sanem? oh really?! i mean.. you should have said “everyone is my friend.. Sanem is my friend.. Deren is my friend.. Gamze is my friend.. you can join us!” but she is a normal friend! all the girls were in love with Sinan! stop it! were? so you WERE in love?! THEY WERE in love.. i mean they had been in love! THEY..not me! what kind of friend am i then? you are special! what kind of longig is this?! a never-ending longing between school friends!! why does it matter to you? i am just asking as a friend! because i am your friend Sinan is your friend as well but not in that way! in which way then? how? well, you both are different.. Sinan is a normal friend and me? special! friends.. SCHOOL friends! i think you are jealous of Sinan! you look like a rabbit in the headlight! why would i be jealous of HIM? WHY?! because he is good-looking! you think he is good-looking? no i DON’T! you do! i don’t know!! then who is good-looking in your opinion? YOU! my dear Sinan.. bro, i am sorry! sometimes i can be rude while working but you were really good don’t take anything personally come, bro! you are great! what happened? what’s going on? we are stuck isn’t anyone here? what kind of question is this?! it is a wrong question!! why is it wrong?? what means “ISN’T anyone here”?! if there is no one, will you hear a voice saying “I AM NOT HERE”?! what do you expect? what to do with your know-it-all attitude?! then, “IS ANYONE HERE?” isn’t.. is anyone here? Sanem?! what are you doing there? CAAAAAAN!! you.. are my girlfriend!! what happened? it is watching! what is watching? the camera! where? but when you look at me like this.. how? like “come, kiss me” do i look at you like that? yeah, kind of! where can we be Lovers? that corner seems to be good.. go there slowly! why don’t you kiss me then? i guess it’s this folder that one? yes can they see us? aah, yes it’s this one! they can’t see us yes THEY CAN’T! 🙂 let me look at it again.. yeah they can’t see us you enjoy it, don’t you?! me being in a tough situation you are enjoying it!!

80 thoughts on “Can & Sanem || Friends or Lovers?? [#HUMOR/#ErkenciKuş]

  1. Oh,dis couple is damn cute yaa!! I absolutely need to watch this!
    And I love them they r so lovely couple ahhh😍❤🔥

  2. Seriously Yaar…. It's awesomeeeeeee…. I never get bored if watching this series…!!! Reruns always goes on….!!! Thanq for posting this video…. it's sooooooppperrbbb…. Old memories…. Heart touched Rom-Com n yuppp baap of all the series I shud say…. !!! Their chemistry is unbelievable…!!! At 1.30 sanem'z expressions are fabbbbbbbb… N upcoming epi will be so hilarious as the whole ofc trying to get the bonding ryt between them…!!!

  3. SANEM & CAN =AMOR =LOVE =AMORE ❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋🌷🌷🌷🌷👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Me pregunto que paso con la novela hasta el cap 24 era una comedia divertida despues todo cambio porque no hay un hilo conductor

  5. OMG am shipping them. Want these two to bring this chemistry to reality…🤗..They definitely will make a great couple..🤗😍😍😍

  6. Sanem is sometimes so cute and adorable! I want to get into the screen, pull her cheeks a little…how does Can resist not falling in love with her in real life?!😋 Love you Demet!♥️😊…you guys are the best onscreen couple of the Turkish TV industry!😚🥰

  7. That moment when Can turned 180 degrees at 2:00 …" My dear Sinan…bro, I am sorry ! " ..SO DEAD!!!!

  8. body language !
    can't speak the reality feelings but you feel there actions what heart says.😍❤ happy both of you guy's 💒

  9. Its the best série tv I never watch 📺 first time I watch turkey movie and I think they will be famous in the world 🏆🏆🏆🏆 congratulations and greetings from PAFICIFA POLYNESIAN OCEANIA ❤️🥰🤩💎🤩💎🤩💎

  10. Really, seriously I'm watching the whole vdeo with smiling face.ohhh I think I'm nutcase like sanem ohhhh God.let me scroll another vdeo😍😍😍😍😍

  11. 😍😍 OMG I can't get rid of it!!! Watching the video with a wide smile on my face from the start til the end😍😍😊😊


  13. The episode with a school friend sinan is really great im smiling like and idiot ear to ear especially the part when janbey taking pictures sinan while arguing w/ sanem. I love them😍😍😍

  14. 😂 😂 Love sanem acting like that sign her big eye and put her hand both her face and turn around 😍😍😍😍😉💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘So lovely sanem and can also make jealous to senun 😜😜😜😜

  15. I like this drama and i love this copule can &sanem please dubbed this drama in hindi language or urdu language because I don't understand turkish 😭😭😭😭

  16. Wow …..finally i got this video with eng sub……I really enjoyed it thank u plzzz makes more videos with eng sub… from india

  17. seriously i didnt know whether to focus on the picture or their speech or the translation or the music in the backround😂

  18. I have seen other dramas of Can T
    Yaman and I have noticed that the way he looks at Demet is so different than the way he looks at other costars. He look at her with heart eyes, he really loves her tbh.

  19. Amazing feeling in this show. I won't be surprise if the are dating or get married. Love them 🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰

  20. Esta mirándolo resumen de las partes más graciosas y romaticas de la primera parte.y estaba bien muy buenos momentos llenos de amor y complicidad y risas ,,,,,,,,,,pero.por desgracia de el episodio 37'hacia todo lo siguiente un.puro disbarate ni pies ni cabeza y no estrañar qué se fuese todo a Piqué.,,,,me parece muy normal que no quisiera seguir haciéndolo más ,,,,,,por su.propio bien.profesional y personal sino se pueden llegar a quemar ,,,,,,,,,,,,entonces está serie de pajaro madrugador ya clama y ellos juntos o separados como estén mejor ,,,,,,seguiran trabajando mucho y muy bien ,,,,, ,ahora ya me despido de vosotros y de todo ese maravilloso elenco de buenísimos actores y amigos, ,,,,,,,y en.especial de la maravillosa Actriz Demet.y el.atractivo y Can….

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