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Can & Sanem | Hey Ma (HUMOR) | +English subtitles

You know what, from what you’re saying, I think that Mr. Can is a snobbish smartpants. Sanem can you wait a minute? Did you take it? He is right behind me, isn’t he? You’re not afraid, right? Me? No way! Why would I be? But I was good so far. You were amazing. I missed you very much too. Me too… Where are you? Where can I be? Sanem don’t! Poor woman, must have tripped over a stone. Which stone Sanem? Show me, which stone. How would I know which one Mr. Can? I would ask if you need help again, but you’ll probably say no. No, no need. Just one day, don’t embarrass yourself! Is it that difficult?! Very good! She smiled at me. She smiled at YOU? Bad king! Come! Come, come! Bad king?!

96 thoughts on “Can & Sanem | Hey Ma (HUMOR) | +English subtitles

  1. Her hair look better at the beginning of the series. This days they're fucking up her hair and it pissed me off. Polen looks all fancy and sanem hair looks terrible😒😤

  2. I have watched a lot of turkish drama before and its hard for me to move on from i asked my mom to join me watch this erkenci kuş ..she become addicted to it..😂😂 now she choose to watched Ateşbocegi (her second drama😂😂) while waiting for ep 13 next week..

  3. The early bird versions in English and Spanish have been blocked on You tube and I forgot the other place I download videos from, can anyone remind me, plse.

  4. I love how this worldly well traveled sexy man  gets  TONGE TIED around this little wisp of a woman………lol to cute………..Thanks for the vid it was great

  5. I've seen a few Turkish series and the chemistry between Can and Sanem is off the charts! They're a unique couple, sexy, funny and unpredictable. ❤😂😬😯💥Can has very amusing expressions!😂

  6. Am I the only one who misses smiling, flirtatious, sexy as hell Can?!? Too much anger and sadness in the last 2 episodes!😭😭😭

  7. This video is the reason I started watching this series and I love it, I absolutely adore it!!! 😍😍I actually started learning turkish language. So thank you so much and happy Christmas! ❤

  8. What is the episode that sanem was chewing on a pen and then can told her sanem don’t what is the episode can someone please tell me❤️🤗(the clip was in the video)

  9. Hehe 😜 she’s a hot mess 😂 Can is just enjoying himself watching Sanem 😝
    Sanem; Bad King
    Can; Me bad king? Ok

  10. Im planning to watch it again from first episode erkenci kus than watching another drama

  11. I heard that erkenci kus has gonna end..Will miss u canem…Seni seviyorum ….Amazing couples ..Great chemistry

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