Laughter is the Best Medicine

Can you “DIE” from LAUGHING?  – Short Documentary –

Hi everyone, Mark here.
And after watched those two funny videos of talking animals , your immune system is boosted by up to 40 per cent. But that’s not all! We need just 20 minutes
of laughter a day to make a difference, increasing our pain threshold, reducing stress and releasing
endorphins. Laughter promotes an overall sense of well-being,
protects your heart increasing the blood flow and relaxes the whole body.
They are just a few of the many benefits that laughter gives us.
Here you are the Physical, Mental and Social benefits. The soundtrack you are hearing now, is a laughter track recorded from “The Telephone Laughter
Club” in the UK. This is also called the “Laughter line.”
This service consists of a phone call every morning at 7:00 am (GMT +1) for 5-10 minutes,
in which you will hear people laughing, and you will probably do the same, so that health
will be boosted (according to most sources). However this service can help us to be more
extraverted and laugh more than people normally do every day, because it is said adults laugh
less, since they become too serious and lose the ability to laugh while growing up. However, children laugh approximately 300 times a day. But have you ever thought how many times do
you laugh a day? Well, it depends on your extraversion level,
if you are more extraverted you probably laugh more often than do introverts, but also on
how much time you spend interacting with others, for instance two-years old infants laugh more
or less 18 times an hour, but their mothers laugh almost twice more often! By the way, this way you won’t boost just
your health but also woman’s fertility. It seems woman entertained by a clown after
embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization, have a 36 percent chance of becoming pregnant,
whereas without this support they would have only 20 percent chances of becoming pregnant,
of having a baby, therefore of creating a life. But what if laugh could extinguish a life? In other words, Can you literally speaking
die from laughing? It may sound a stupid question, but there
are over ten registered cases of people who died from laughing. Surely, at least once in your life you laughed so much that you had to stop, to enable you
to breathe. If this kind of problem never happened to
you, nothing has ever made you laughing so much, or whatever made you laughing so much
is something you cannot testify because you had a cardiac arrest like the case of Ole
Bentzen, a Danish audiologist who died while watching a heist-comedy: “A fish called
Wanda”, Is said his heart started beating at between 250 and 500 beats per minute, therefore
it collapsed. Alex Mitchell has had a similar death,
his heart collapsed while watching “The Goodies”, according to lot’s of articles,
and his wife wrote a letter to the film cast to thank them for making her husband’s final
moments the happiest of his life. But the doctors of Alex’s Alex’s granddaughter diagnosed Long QT Syndrome, A rare inherited heart condition that causes your heart to have an abnormal rhythm, as the condition is hereditary.
But this is not the only thing that is hereditary! Daphne Goodship and Barbara Herbert met when
they were 40. But there was something in common: they had a miscarriage the same year, followed
by two boys and a girl in that order, besides their physical appearance was the same. Daphne and Barbara are twin separated at birth, they were also called “giggle twins” because
the way they laugh and fold their arms was exactly the same. They had genetically inherited
some aspects of their way of laughing, readiness to laugh and maybe even the special kind of
humor. So, We saw laughing too much, in some cases
can kill someone. But on the other hand, the lack of happiness can also create addiction.
(This process begins in utero) I mean.. when a pregnant woman is stressed, her children
are more likely to have traits that predispose them to addiction. In 1944, the German administration put an
embargo on all shipments of food going to western Netherlands this is a partial or complete
prohibition of commerce and trade with a particular country. The German authorities allowed the transport of food limited to the waterways, nevertheless
in the meantime winter had come and waterways froze, therefore they could not be navigated.
This tragical event is also called “Dutch famine of 1944”. Dutch people suffered hunger and the food ran out quickly
for three months, Be a fetus who was starving during that time
causes your body to be really stingy with sugar and fat and store every bit of it. they were more susceptible to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems. Their addictions could reach a point at which
it was harmful. BUT addictions do not only include physical things such as drugs or alcohol,
but may include anything, such abstract things as gambling, harmless products, for example
chocolate, but what if one of those abstract things would be “eating toilet paper”? It sounds a little bit strange but Kesha has this strange addiction. She eats one roll of toilet paper every day
and when she goes for a walk she carries a roll with her, as you can see here in her
car. But now we have to leave the car because this
video is about to end. Thanks for watching the second bit science
video, and the next time you will watch a very very funny movie, think back to Alex’s
wife, and keep ready a letter to the film’s cast.

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  1. Great video, I dont understand someone who posted ''ewww'' though. I wonder if you still upload..

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