Laughter is the Best Medicine

Can you watch to the end without laughing? Bloopers from TOP 10 LEGOLAND Windsor Rides Video

Can you watch to the end of our video without laughing? These are bloopers from our Top 10 video of rides and things to do at Legoland Windsor. These are the top 10 things to do at LEGO we-weeza …That might be an outtake.bong, bong, bongWhat was that?!errr … I don’t know what you are talking about.What? It… was…. as …. big…. as 10 …. blue …. pillows I can’t touch the …. the … peddles … peddles Or maybe one day me and you could go in the boat and you are pushing the pedal and I am driving at the steering wheel Nah …. I could be driving that. No, no you’re not good at steering. oooh…. I’m not crashing into you ooooh…. I’m crashing into… no stop…. create your whirlpooland they really squash this bit of you right? No they don’t. It means you can only drive a LEGO car. oh yeah! We can drive every car in the world yeah! describe or shareha. … describe or shareDid you laugh at all while watching our video? Please subscribe. It will greatly encourage us. Be sure to watch our top 10 rides & things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor bloopers …. bloopers …. bloopers bloopers

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