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Cancer Is Not Patriotic | standup comedy

My hair’s kinda long
now, but whenever I get it cut shorter, everyone in public assumes that I lost my leg in Iraq or Afghanistan like I’m a veteran. And it’s actually really awkward for me because I had
cancer, but total strangers walk up to me and they’re so serious, excuse me sir, thank you
for your service to America. (laughing) I’m not exaggerating,
people have saluted me on the sidewalk at east, at ease. I don’t, I don’t want
to take credit obviously for the actual heroism of
people who have served, so it’s a really weird
moment because I know on the other hand, in that situation if I tell them I had cancer, it’s gonna be such a letdown. (laughing) Cancer, that’s not very patriotic. (laughing) Russians get cancer. North Koreans get cancer. Thought you were some kind of hero. The first time it ever happened to me, I was in line at an airport and it was a TSA agent and he was like, “Thank you for your service.” And I was like, you’re welcome. (laughing) I don’t know, but just, it was an honor. I don’t know the most
appropriate response. I only regret that I have my one more leg to lose for my country. I’m afraid if he thinks
that I’m really a veteran, he’s gonna be like, everyone step aside and let this hero to
the front of the line. And then I’d be, oh no, I’m not really a, look, he’s humble too! Hey Internet, a follow up
since I recorded that show. Last week when I was walking in Hollywood near where I live in Santa Monica, a guy walked by me and he was like hey, did you lose your leg in Vietnam? What, wait. Vietnam, what? Yeah, I look really good for my age. I look like maybe I’m 30, actually I’m 75. I have some amazing
vampire stuff going on. Turns out this guy is
actually a Vietnam veteran, he was in Vietnam himself in the war, and I’m not sure if that
makes it better or worse. Does he think that the Vietnam war is still going now? Does he think that Vietnam, is that the word he uses for all war, like the war on terror, the war on Iraq. Oh, Vietnam, where people
fight in other countries. The thing that’s interesting
and I think great to me, is that this is only funny because it’s coming from a good place in people’s hearts, that they want to be grateful towards veterans and that they want to treat people with disabilities in the way that is sort of best or most polite. And the conflict between
these two really good things is why we laugh. In other news, hey look at this, it’s the German translation
of Love and First Sight, now available in Germany. Alright, thanks for watching,
we should hang out sometime.

24 thoughts on “Cancer Is Not Patriotic | standup comedy

  1. I really enjoy stand-up, watch a lot both live and not, and you, Josh, are really good. Great timing, funny and not an awkward mess like some. How long have you been doing it?!

  2. My husband gets this all the time. He uses a combination of wheelchair and crutches and so many people thank him for his service or just straight up ask him if he was in the war. He super awkwardly has to go, “Uh no… I was just born this way!”

  3. Hi Josh! It’s SO GOOD to have you addressing us directly as you do in this video. I just can’t tell you how badly I miss your vlogs. I know you said you lose view when you vlog… but is that really so important? I feel like you have a lot of thoughtful and inspiring things to say that don’t always come across during a comedy routine. Anyway, just wanted to share how I felt watching this. I’m glad you and Ashley are having a great life in California.

  4. Hey Josh! I just finished reading We Should Hang Out Sometime for an English non-fiction unit. Can I just say, OMG that book is amazing! My favorite part was at the end of the book when you started talking about when you met Ashley, I was like, WAIT AREN’T THEY MARRIED. It was so cute! I also really liked how you constructed the chapters into sections like Hypothesis, Investigation, Background, etc. Very smart. Can’t wait to read some of your other books in the future!!! Keep up the phenomenal work Josh!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  5. that moment when you read a book and find that the author is a great stand up comedian that you’ve seen a ton on instagram AND he has a youtube channel


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