Laughter is the Best Medicine

23 thoughts on “Can't Stop Laughing, Marcus Bite Santra,Sweetpea Run So Fast,Scare Nearly Die,Felix & Jack?Much Fun,

  1. He wants pe but Felix is like hell no you don't need to be protected by mom you are big enough to do for himself now

  2. He is a worthless piece of crap and the only thing he is good at is sucking the food down non stop he needs to go away for ever he can't do nothing worth while for the troope so see you

  3. 8:10 If anything is EVER going to change they need to start attacking this one-eyed cum dumpster rather than going after fat boy. It's ALL HER FAULT. She keeps confusing the hell out of him when he starts making progress. Like this… He was lying there.. just being a lazy fat fat and she HAD to drop everything to come be all overbearing and gross as usual. She even HATEFULLY shoves Polino away as she's settling in for her "special boy". He wasn't even trying to get HER attention this time. She's the one that needs the big, huge ass whooping. Why can't SHE be attacked by dogs? That's the one I want to see ripped in two.

  4. They call you names my king Sweetpea. Seems to me…your size does not matter. Surprise!💥💥💥 You move faster than the speed of sound.

  5. Felix will be the one to seriously injure SP!!
    He’s been after him for a month now!
    Marcus and Ashap has gotten him too

  6. Flex really can't stand sp. He is going to catch him one days. I can't wait until flex gets a hold of him.

  7. 4:20 Jack looks like he is really enjoying play biting Sweetpea
    4:55 that painful cry sounded like Tima, then The sound Santra makes sounds like an evil chicken laughing

  8. Sweetpea sees Santra about 2:59 and sits there for like 3 seconds and slowly walks away when you know he probably wanted to run! They all feel bad vibes from him most of the time!

  9. 2:58 That satanic evil demonic Santra enters into focus
    8:15 some problems have started – the video does not show clearly what has happened – we can see that demonic satanic evil monkey there, Marcus and Popeye
    I cannot see Marcus biting that evil demonic satanic monkey.

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