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Capcom|DMC 5| That’s hot! (humor-meme)

[Music] yeah his patronage [Music] [Applause] [Music] mmm what am i doing wasting my time here he’s got this you should not underestimate this demon and after all it was he who took your right arm and gained a great deal of power from your own [Music] near our the this is blue Twix where’s Dante no body dried up Dante jerky nothing you’ve come here to die he talks your reason huh I bet your parents didn’t like you much guess your name sucks [Music] hey wait where you going are you running away that that’s not a good sign I’m afraid then that’s a little bit more than I can take on right now [Music] cursed the moment you were brought into this world devil may cry [Music] will suffer oh shit here we go again [Music] somebody call it doctor [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we’re gonna spend a feast in it I see I know what you are don’t worry I’ll be gentle I was ready to die first hey you can give that ding-ding-ding right by your feet try me bitch hey wait [Music] [Music] how’s that for road rash [Music]

19 thoughts on “Capcom|DMC 5| That’s hot! (humor-meme)

  1. 😂😂 high quality memes are the best I swear 😂 that porn hub part had my dying 😂😂 love the edits as always yland I love how you kept your high quality standards even in the memes! Great video as always!

  2. ха круто особино сцена с мотоцыклом красава продолжай в томже духе

  3. 4:56 хаххахахахахахахахахахахахахахах

    [А как же так обошлось без шуток про зону 51..?]

  4. Man you deserve so much more subs and views. You edit skills are INSANE!!! 😃 Keep doing i loved your Walking Dead ❤.

  5. Вау, оперативненько новый ролик вышел) Очередной лайк! До этой игры так руки и не дошли. Если честно даже не знаю, есть ли она на ПК

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