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Captain America Pranks Comic Fans with Surprise Escape Room // Omaze

A superhero. Hey, you two! This is Captain America here, and I need your help. Are you up for the challenge? No! Well, wait– [laughter] Hi, Chris Evans here. To support Christopher’s Haven, I’m teaming up with Omaze to offer you the chance to assemble a team of your best friends for the ultimate escape room experience. Escape rooms are these immersive games where you and your buddies have to solve puzzles to complete a mission before the time runs out. And to show you how much fun these rooms can be, I decided to take over Comicazi. We’re here in Boston, and we built our own with the help of Trapology. Now the only difference between my escape room and the one we’ll be doing together, is that my participants don’t know they’re actually in one. Yet. Let’s see how this goes. Psst! Hey, you two. In the blue jacket and purple scarf. That’s kinda weird. Oh, there’s a– Uh, excuse me! [laughter] Maybe a little more gentle next time. Oh, what the heck? I love that guy. I need your help. Are you up for the challenge? Yeah, dude. Sure. Well, great. So this may look like a standard comic book store, but it’s actually a secret Hydra base. And I need your help to take it down. I need you to look around the room for a code. A four digit code. And time is of the essence. A four digit code… Four digit code… [laughter] Look for even the most subtle detail. The most subtle detail. What? Subtle detail? Is the sign up? It’s huge! [laughter] Bring me with you. Bring me with you! We got you, man. [laughter] The clock is definitely tickin’, fellas. The clock. The clock is literally ticking. Oh, ****! Is there a clock? Is he looking right at it? There’s a giant sign that says the code is 1600. That might be it. Oh. Now take that code and look for anything else on that sign that might be helpful. Triangle with a… zap thing. Triangle zap. Where? Triangle zap! Oh, ****. One of you is going to have to stick your hand in that hole. And I hope no one has a problem with snakes. It’s chill, if they hurt me I’m suing. This guy wants nothing to do with it. You wanna do it? What? No. Wanna stick your hand in it? You do it. [laughter] Put your hand in there. Oh god. He’s doing it. Alright, dude. Nah, nah! Ah! Aiya! That kid’s my favorite. Pull out whatever you find. What. Uh. Suit up. Suit up? Suit up. Oh ****. [laughter] You’re gonna have to walk out to the street to find an undercover Hydra operative, so you’re gonna have to very subtly, casually start asking around. These goggles decrease visibility. I feel like we look like ******* idiots. I feel like I look dope. “I feel like I look dope,” is what he said. Start asking people. Excuse me, excuse me. What’s up? Are you a Hydra operative? I’m not a Hydra operative. Oh ****! Yo! Are you a Hydra operative? She was just like, “Am I about to get dragged into a ******* van?” Hey, are you a Hydra operative? No. Nope, nope, nope, nope. Not that one. Oh, she went for it. Are you an operative? I’m not. Oh. *********! [laughter] I think the safest thing to do would be scream, “Hail Hydra.” Hail Hydra. Hail Hydra. That’s the best you got? Captain America is asking for your help and that’s the best you got? Hail Hydra! Hail Hydra! That’s better. Head back to the start. This guy looks so dope. [laughter] What did he give you? Flashlight and… And a Hydra pin. Good work, fellas. Find where in the store that Hydra emblem could fit. Oh, whoa. I found it! Oh ****, dude. Oh, ****! There! Oh. Good work. Aiya! Ah! Whaaat the ****? Okay, you’re gonna go through that door and I think the Hydra base is downstairs. There’s no light. Scary. Oh, if something jumps out I’m gonna scream. I’ll sue if they mess with me. [laughter] That was a good one. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Why is there smoke? Okay, kill the flashlights. Aiya! Hello? Hail Hydra. Whaa! It’s off! Oh my god. Yo, yo, yo… Holy ****. Haaa! No way! Oh my god. Haaa! Wait, you’re Captain America! Haaa! [laughter] Wow. Great work, guys. This is the Captain America. Thanks for taking good care of me up there. Now that you’ve seen what escape rooms are all about, let’s see if you have what it takes to get out of one. Enter to join me for the game of a lifetime at We’ll solve some puzzles, get some pizza, celebrate our success or mourn our failure. It happens. But win or lose, best part is that every entry supports Christopher’s Haven. It’s a nonprofit that provides homes for kids and their families while they’re battling cancer. It’s a good one. Oh and you might want to go back and look at that video one more time. I’ve hidden a link in there somewhere that just might help you win the big prize. Good luck. That’s him, that’s him. Yeah, it is. That’s right. How fun!

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  2. Captain America Doll: Hey!
    Me: 😃
    Captain America Doll: Hey!
    Me after watching Child's
    Play and Annabelle: 😨😨

  3. Omg If I met him I would cry he's my fav avenger! I want to do it but I can't I don't think. If I could all my friends are coming with and they would make me do everything like I'm not jokeing. That looks so fun!

  4. i love chris evans so much that it hurts me. i wanna give him a hug and just tell him how much he’s done for me- ok sorry

  5. I like how the easiest thing for them to find took them awhile but the harder ones they spot easily.

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  7. It turn into I fell like I look dope but then he seid this guy looks so dope that was so funny hahahaha love that

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