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Captain America’s Life After Endgame

(old-time music) Oh, would you look at that, the Yankees are playing the
Dodgers in the World Series. (paper rustling)
You gonna tell me who wins? Oh, (laughing) Peg,
you know I can’t do that. Come on, you can’t even give me a hint? Seriously, honey,
we’ve talked about this. My mission was to return
all the infinity stones to the exact time and
places that we got them in order to preserve the timeline. If I were to tell you
anything about the future, no matter how insignificant it might seem, it would change the way history unfolds, creating a whole new
timeline and, believe me, I already have enough weighing
on my conscience as it is. Besides, I’ve lived through the future. I know this world will do
just fine without my help. I know, you can’t
blame a girl for trying. (paper rustling) Oh, JFK is going to
Dallas over the weekend. (water spraying) (coughing) Well, I’m sure that will
be a very uneventful weekend. (sniffs) (slurping water) (drums) (old time music) Oh, bollocks, we’re going to war again. Well, at least Vietnam is a small country, I’m sure we’ll be out of there
in no time, right, Steve? Uhhhh, (talking with food in mouth) (crowd cheering) Come on, you can’t tell me anything that happens at the Munich Olympics? No, no I don’t think I will. (popcorn crunching) (old-time music) Oh my God, oh, my niece
Amanda just had a baby. Uncle Steve, meet your new
grandniece, Sharon Carter. Oh, look at her, she’s so cute. Couldn’t you just kiss her. Nope, uh uh, never, not
even a little bit, yuck. (old time music) Everything all right, hun? Steve, I can’t shake the feeling that something is going on within SHIELD. It’s like some nefarious group is hiding right under our noses
and pulling the strings for God knows what purpose. It almost feels like I’m back in the war and HYDRA is lurking about again. What, that’s so crazy. (guffawing) You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this, would you, Steve? You know what I need, more salad. Because not only would that
forever tarnish my legacy and ruin my life’s work, but
it could also put millions of innocent people’s lives at stake. Steak, that’s what the
salad needs, more steak. Steve, Steve Rogers, you look at me. Tell me I’m wrong. Mmm, (talks with food in mouth) Thank God, that’s a relief. (old-time music) Yes, yes, thank you. Steve, I have the most horrible news. Howard and Maria Stark were
just killed in a car crash. Oh, no, that is terrible news that I’m now just learning
for the first time. Just can’t believe they’re gone. Damn it, Buck. What was that? Uh, I mean, uh, damn Buick. It’s so unreliable, (sighs) saved it. (old time music) Now that my retirement is finalized, I think it’s time for us to invest our little
nest egg in the market. I’ve narrowed it down to these
two new internet companies, Amazon or WebVan. Which do you think Steve? Whichever you feel, dear. Well, it is our entire life savings. I’d hate to make the wrong choice. Follow your gut, hun. You’re right, my instincts
usually serve me well. Webvan it is. (grunting) (soft piano music) Steve, my love, I feel like we
haven’t taken a trip in ages. What do you say we go up to New York next week and tour the town? Sounds good, honey. When do you wanna go? Well, I was thinking mid-week. Say the 11th of September? (paper rustling) Uhhhh… Oh, you know what, I’ve
got that doctor’s appointment I’ve been putting off for months. I better go to that. Oh, thank God. (paper rustling) Though I can’t really
see why it’s necessary. Nobody in my family has
ever had Alzheimer’s. Ooooh. Everything all right, dear? Hey, everybody, Odom
from The Warp Zone here. Thank you so much for watching. If you wanna check out another cool video, hit the box down here. If you wanna join our
community of patrons, hit the box up here. All right, and I am out of here. (upbeat music) I’m still here aren’t I? Really thought that was gonna work. Ok-

100 thoughts on “Captain America’s Life After Endgame

  1. My Uncle Nick was in Vietnam, not a scratch on him, but he is a drinker. And I what would Peggy think about Militant (Steve Rogers/Captain America's Evil Hydra Clone.)

  2. I feel like this gives a new meaning to Cap and what happened during the events at the end of endgame.

  3. 1970

    Peggy: Steve, the band Black Sabbath released a new song called "Iron Man".
    Steve: cries

    Rest In Peace, Tony.

  4. I’m surprised Steve didn’t get fat from all the food he had to stuff his mouth with to stop himself from saying anything 😂😂

  5. He tells her about thw future right before saying that he cant tell her anythin about the future… 0:19

  6. Me: You can't tell me anything that happens during the Area 51 raid?
    Steve: No, I don't think I will.
    Also Steve: proceeds to spawn baguette out of nowhere

  7. April 21st 1986.

    “Steve honey, where should we go in Russia?”


    “I say we visit Pripyat next week.”

  8. Peggy – Our daughter has a new boyfriend. He sounds great.
    Cap – what’s his name
    Peggy – Ted Bundy.
    – cap 😳

  9. the whole time he thought peggy had started a new life with someone else but it was really him the whole time

  10. 1988

    Peggy: oh my god, Steve! ‘Breaking news: 8 year old Peter Jason Quill from Missouri is missing!’ How tragic, i wonder what happened to him.

    Steve: sweats

  11. Usually when you travel back in time or into the future.You aren't suppose to age until you return to your original timeline. You will age alright. But not physically

  12. You know that Captain America was in the ice for about until present day so he wouldn't know any of that

  13. Peggy: oh Steve I need you to run to the grocery store and get some milk
    Steve: reading newspaper FRIDAY PUT THAT ON MY LIST!
    Peggy: What? Who's Friday?
    Steve: UHHHH NOthING. *shows food in mouth
    Steve: watching a documentary about Spiders God. Peter. I wonder how he's doing.
    Peggy: WhoS PeTER?
    Steve: Tony's sorta son…Spiderman…god that kid loved T-
    Peggy: WhaT aRe ya TaLkING ABouT?
    Steve: UHHHHH *shows food in mouth

  14. Peggy: Wow Steve. These horrible Zodiac murders are devastating. But of course we know the police will catch this killer in no time, right?
    Steve: Right hon (Stuffing donuts in his mouth)

  15. No one in their right mind would go back in time and miss the opportunity to invest into a company that would eventually make Billions, not even Steve Rogers. I mean, that wouldn't even be a bad decision or even one to break the time line, it would be majorly beneficial.

  16. Ok JFK assassination and Vietnam War, I get why Steve wouldn’t talk about that, because Peggy would probably want to do something about them, but I think telling her stuff like the results of the World Seires, as long as she didn’t tell anyone, the timeline would be fine.

  17. Hahahahha thats funny… Too bad it wasn't ironman cause that would explain why RDJ was eating all the time on set

  18. 2009 Peggy – should we invest in bitcoin for our grandkids or should we donate all the money to charity.
    Steve – ehhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhh donut time

  19. I just realized that he said he can’t say ANYTHING about the future
    Yet he literally said the mission he had to complete
    In the future

  20. Peggy : I dont get it. Steve these people actually think Donald Trump will be president:D lol
    Steve : Wow. Will you look at that wall outside

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