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CARE TO FIND OUT? – Noble Reacts to The Only Anime Crack Video I Will Ever Make (Part 3)

What’s cracking guys? Now, I’ve heard a lot of people telling me that this cap here kind of makes me look like a dad– It’s like–it’s like a dad cap. Got going on. No man. It’s young it’s cool as hell, all right Now which one o’ y’all want to go outside play some baseball with your good ol’ papa Noble what’s goin’ on, yeah? Hey, did you guys do this joke yet? Why did the Scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field! (self-congratulatory mumblings) I like my jokes right you like my joke don’t you sport? Oh, it looks like some of y’all been naughty again, but that’s okay I was pretty naughty in my youth. That reminds me of the time when I used to–oh dear God… Think it’s time to put this thing away Anyway what’s crackin’ ladies n’ gents, it’s your boy Noble here, and today you guessed it We got some quality anime cracks here–in fact “The Only Anime Crack I Will Ever Make…” “(Part 3).” By MarikTheGunslinger. This guy every time always says that was the last one he was gonna ma–and He does it fucking again this motherfucker. I can’t believe you, Marikthegunslinger. You’re awesome. He always shows up to my streams too–he’s a cool guy. I like I like this guy a lot (laughs) so I’m curious to see what you have concocted for Papa noble today (Slightly worried) Am I allowed to say Papa Noble? Is that okay–anyway, let’s just ah… Let’s just get to the cracks… Wha-The Simpsons? Yeah, Simpsons, they’re anime. That’s right they’re a hundred percent anime. We all know this. Alright, let’s do this. Because okay, He used it as an intro, all right. Let’s get then some ruby to some Quality Ruby *Noble being kissy and creepy* I-I-I don’t know how many times I can kiss my own hands like that Oh, but it all the people actually do that real-life all the time? Walking fast faces pass and mom man my band of abandoned little bumble justice ageless very nice alright Thank you. Thank you. I had to pry myself one from putting pretty touches so they tend to stretcher oh man I you know sacrifices need to be made I really to get in chapter 2 I like how you’re doing this like it made a like advocates like Jake Nobles of course What have sex with you, but this is still yuri on ice you was lied to me It’s just that the vagina, vagina is not a time. Oh oh Its the circle of life, oh and she starts to shine… okay yes. Alright, it is the circle. I miss you too. It’s so cool. That’s very cool in fact Sunnovabitch. Science. Ah you know that’d be cool. I’d be all right with that. It’s just a guy no No Bro, what? [And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII] Shit! You’re ruining the moment! For Fuck’s sake not let another one start our lives. Yeah, what? Just whoa, bro. It just got a lot out there You’re really cute. Oh. Oh you know my mom always said I was a cute kid. Yeah, a mama’s boy huh? [Noble wait stammer] I’ll be your mommy~ whoa Well she is a mom… that is kinda awkward. of what gross now you’re wiser your new low Let me know. No look like it was a phase. it was a phase! No no no not shadow… oh No, right, no, I no- I stop it… In the club gettin tipsy, yeah. I love Nyanners too. Yeah, that’s pretty much what they were talking. They’re talking nerds sometimes I talk nerd people don’t understand oh Okay, so it’s a music meme. What is it this time it better not be Boko no pico I swear to God That’s it all right, I Like the other doors people start taught me something okay. What is this? Oh? Okay, I see what you did there actually saw that too Lucky one question oh Give her the d like when your full prosthetic. Can you have sex? Give her the d? the um? You care to find out ? Uhhhhhhhhhhhh… “Another time”[Booing sounds] ah Do people well I gave message. I don’t know nothing wrong. They hated jesus because he told them the truth, okay um I’m sure you triggered a lot of berserk fans there. I’m a hundred precent certain you triggered a lot of people at the ow Sorry, I tried to spit roast your mom what? Um that’s awkward as fuck. Oh Yeah yeah. They’re gay. Wow, you’re using these Vocaloids for the Gay song. See the sticky stuff. What’s with the Nyanners again?! I get all right? I guess that is that you do it I like how they just kind of like looked away from that. I’m not gonna Lie ow This is that the i-ight why why the bad version? Uh-oh well, I can’t win them all man. That’s it alright. It’s what you deserve right, okay? Falcon Punch Man. Whoa, holy shit that’s senator wow because this is much better Go fuck that guy be good. Sorry Da is done What I might not be the private can listen. What if they? Decide if they had guitars you how they do it is that exact That is bad to me, okay, right? All right, we’re going to they go all right. It’s just like at the new shooting star meme here, okay? Right she’s going across many different memes there. Yes great as I just thought we got the guy who did anything, okay? Good what? What is me okay? So I would- skyward sword?[that was actually a poster for Breath of the Wilds] respectable respectable I? Could do this. Wow that don’t come on now in the barbecue wow that’s fucking mustache here the chicken sauce You know funny story? What are you sorry about that thumbnail? I’m not gonna Lie is that the fact that Youtube took it down? Yeah, Youtube took that thumbnail down. I guess it was too gay even though I don’t know That was really weird how they just took that down and they have like other people kissing all the time not the case kiss thing I don’t know what that’s about Trickled Triggers the lGBt see what they say about this topic anyway gotta say I’m sure people love the shots fired at me those those are always the best ones with the rooster hair phase, and you just Really just kids kicking my ass is all kissing my ass and kicking my ass at the same time Maybe you have lips on your foot because that’s how you’re doing it right there That’s the only way you can kick my ass and kiss and at the same time. You little Lip footed fuck. I also like how you said there wasn’t going to be any Yuri on Ice. No No, there was going to be adding the s think that’s the first thing you do that the old Bait-And-switch yet to technique that you did that I see what you do there You like you like doing that don’t you man I get it’s fine I also noticed that you really really like your song memes I mean like holy shit song memes you are like one Another than it’s just I like my songs too. I don’t think I danced But maybe I did, I don’t know maybe I did was just a vibe like regardless. You know it’s fine Once you have to play the bad versions of each song though. I mean come on I mean that was probably a lot funnier. Especially during the whole Sad scene of Cl-Clannad, but you know we’ll just skip over that Anyone Mr.. Merricks a gunslinger job. Well done. You done did good They were funny and now I’m kind of expecting A part four sometimes certain spoilers alert I think he already emailed me that he made a part fuck He fucking Sunnabitch so yeah Yeah, yeah about that. Oh my God this son of a gun. I hope you guys enjoyed this If he did they definitely check out merrick the gunslinger give of a good booty slap there He’s got some memes on there And I just like his old series of the only videos anime crack guy will ever make and he still makes more I think that’s fucking hilarious Any of you guys like me that feel free to booty slap me. I would love the slap on the butt alright That would be great. That’s all I asked for out of life. You know just you guys booty slap in my butt Anyway like thank you guys once again. I hope to see you beautiful sons of guns again next time you crazy mother you I would love the slap on my butt all right that would be great

100 thoughts on “CARE TO FIND OUT? – Noble Reacts to The Only Anime Crack Video I Will Ever Make (Part 3)

  1. "You just triggered a lot of berserk fans here" bottom of screen
    "Black Swordsman is Kirito btw"


  2. I care to find out.
    And I’d also let Kali be my mommy if that’s what she’s into. Okay, I just grossed myself out with that. The point is she’s hot and so is her daughter.

  3. When Shadow was mentioned I nearly died laughing.
    Seriously, I fell off my chair and landed on my freakin unplugged charger cable. Those prongs went straight into my side.


  5. planned to watch RWBY until i learned penny dies
    not worth watching without the cute android
    plus the fact that there' no logical reason any machine that isn't organic should stay dead, just save the harddrive and build a new body

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