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Carnival game crosses the line from funny to offensive | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Step right up! Come one, come all! We’ve set up shop on the Midway at
Keansburg amusement park on the Jersey Shore Ladies and gentlemen, we have a contestant! Come on over here, sir. And we brought along our actor Kevin to test the limits of a classic carnival game Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to play: “Fool The Guesser!” The rules are pretty simple. Let me guess your weight, let me guess your height, let me guess your age. If I get it wrong? You’re gonna win one of these fabulous prizes! But what happens when Kevin goes too far? Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Oh my god, ladies and gentlemen! Did I win the lottery? And turns from harmless guesser.. I’ve dreamed of this! 20 years in the business! Finally! I get to guess your height! to offensive bully. How’d you get down here? Did ya drive down and you strip yourself overnight in a matchbox? Meet Shawn. An actor who’s dealt with a lifetime of teasing about his height Come on man, don’t get mad. I don’t want this guy to sue me. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d hate to end up in Small-Claims Court BOOM! It’s insulting, degrading. Oh! I’m on fire everybody! Will anyone step in? How does it feel to be a bobble-head version of yourself? Are you serious? What would you do? Come on here, let me guess sure. Hey welcome sir. What is your name? Shawn I don’t know if I can guess your age because from behind you look like you’re five so that makes it more difficult What do you think? Can I pick you up? Can I lift you? Throughout the day. There are all kinds of reactions to this public display of abuse. Hey, let me ask you a question What is more difficult for you changing a lightbulb or playing with a yo-yo many folks watch from afar, but they refuse to get involved Come on follow the yellow brick road right back over here this man seems to enjoy what he’s seeing What did you think of what he was doing? I bet he just you know making jokes about the Come on shot go for it, but not everyone is laughing. Can you arrange it? Come on Shawn jump jump jump jump We got it everybody. He got it. All right Shawn. I’ll pick your price. I Know I told me could jump Time to tell Daniel’s OED he’s on what would you do? what did you think what you saw I didn’t know what to do cause like Heels like completely that’s tormenting the guy you can see the embarrassment To talk to you he stepped up when someone was making fun of someone else because of their size so you should be very proud Of your son you raised him, right? All right, this is great. Yeah We ran it again step right up step right Oh, oh, I almost didn’t see you there sir. And it doesn’t take us long to guess what this woman would do Where do you work in a in a tree making cookies or in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? here No, I I work here because I have a talent I’m very good And he’s having a good time teller, sir You were upset I had to voice my opinion cuz you know why I was picked on all my life as a kid I had acne I had glasses I was unattractive a lot of people don’t say anything, you know, they keep their mouths quiet and go along But I’m boisterous now that I was picked on can’t keep it inside But will others be able to keep it inside when we switch things up people of New Jersey your governor couldn’t be here But we got Governor Christie stand and come on over here. Let me guess your weight big guy What will people do when Kevin begins bullying a 12 year old about his weight? Hey, can we get a like 20 people to help this guy? Get up onto the scale. Don’t worry Nick is an actor and he’s agreed to do this to shine a light on the abuse. He faces every day. Hey, come on Let’s roll you right up on that scale Our professional guesser may think he’s being funny, but he’s about to learn he’s guessed wrong He seemed like a good guy. You want to get up on the scale? Come on, Nick get up on the scale. Hey everybody. Let’s cheer him on huh. SiC Nick Nick Nick. There you go There you go. Oh that poor scale. Anyone got a guess on the crowd anyone Well, I’m just doing my job, sir I think so. I’m pretty well in a good way. Why don’t you guys why do you want to get away? Look he’s having a good time. We’re all having fun Yeah As part of a show Angela we wanted to know who would speak up. What were you think? I think it’s abusive don’t listen I don’t like anybody being abused. Nobody likes anybody being verbally abused. I mean, I think that’s Ridiculous, but if you’re abusing somebody who really can’t defend themselves You’re just a nasty person and as the day goes on it’s not Kevin’s act that turns more heads. It’s Nick’s defenselessness We’re just having a good time What am I saying so hurtful you think do I owe him an apology but don’t you think it’s funny It’s part of a show a TV show called what would you do? Yeah, yes. How long were you gonna stay here? Probably for a while until either he walked away until he got an apology. So tell us what was going through your mind We’ve all been there at one point. We kind of just like need someone and no one really comes to our rescue Nik agrees too often, there’s no one there to rescue kids when they’re being bullied people just would stare and Laugh and actually try and like join in on the mockery type of thing But back on the boardwalk its moms to the rescue. First up Susan Alessi Hey, we’re just trying to have a fun game here When he wins one of our fabulous prizes sure He can’t get on any of the rides that’s cruel man, I Don’t owe them an apology. I owe him a prize. He’s part of the show, right everybody. Everybody’s having a good time Right everybody chant for Nick Nick Nick, Nick, Nick see two people over there. They’re on my side And now another model Marie LaVon swoops in to help young Nick Hey missus what he’s doing for his life Okay, that’s the only way he knows how to make people little people in life walk away from Okay, that’s my advice as a mother He just wouldn’t quit now he would I’ve done this before and I’ve gotten cold names saying don’t butt in don’t butt in and if that’s not the way the World works. That’s why I love you show and that’s why Marie gets the last word with the crowd Hi guys Thanks so much for checking out our YouTube channel There is so much more to see so click on the red button down here The one that says subscribe and we welcome to another what would you do moment? Enjoy?

100 thoughts on “Carnival game crosses the line from funny to offensive | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  1. Make me the PRESIDENT NEW LAW all Bully's going to PRISON , too many kids hurt themselves over this bullying

  2. 1:59 well I think hes one of those kids from middle school who thinks I'm too white and I'm not cool because of it…

  3. I remember going to six flags and trying the weight guessing game. I used to be a fat kid so the guy who ran the stand, trying to avoid making me feel bad, just gave me the prize and didn’t make me pay. I didn’t know why he did what he did until I got older.

  4. Its ironic that the people they showed laughing hysterically in the crowd would not find it funny if the tables were turned and jokes about the way they look were being made. That man cant help that hes short anymore than you can help your skin color. So to laugh at someone getting flamed over their height you better be able to take it when someone says asinine things about your race because "it's funny, issa joke"

  5. This actually happened to a friend of mine at The State Fair of Texas when I was like… 10. I went with my grade school pal, Eric (who used to be bullied hardcore for being a tad "overweight…") and his mom and dad. This fuck stick carny barker with a fucked-up mullet and the VERY SAME PERSONALITY as the barker seen in this clip, started really going in on my buddy, and his dad knocked the megaphone outta this prick's hand! (Presumably, trying to connect with his face…) I can still hear the droning feedback from when his megaphone hit the concrete! LOL!! #Itwasglorious #Childhoodmemories

  6. I do feel like the reason More people didn’t step up was because it was like a carnival where everyone wa more people didn’t step up was because it was a carnival where there were stalls everywhere and stuff going on (not an excuse I know)

  7. Laugh with people is cool and funny but making fun or someone and Putting them down because of whatever it may be is very hurtful and not cool

  8. That guy is right he does need a brain for Christmas There is difference between Having fun and then making someone feel bad about themselves

  9. I agree with that mom that who shame people for not standing up and making fun because what if that was them No one wants to be treated like that

  10. I feel so bad at laughing at “Thicc Nick, Thicc Nick”. I knew his intentions were mean, I wasn’t laughing at that. But the way he said it, UGHHH

  11. I like the one about the little person but I don't like the one about the 12 year old that one I wouldn't watch I'll be so mad what the little person doe jokes are super funny

  12. The videos aren't interesting at all. In the video the actors act in a way making them to do it psychologically like forcing them to do it. In reality people solve the problem with each other, hide it or not making any scenes in the public

  13. Some black people don't like when whites are racist to them but they're racist too but not all of them I believe that there's good and bad but those people who are racist

  14. "You need a brain for Christmas"

    I know he's an actor, but my guy does a better job than him 😂

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