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Cast of HBO’s ‘Succession’ Play Fishing for Answers: Funniest Quotes, Family Therapy & More! | THR

– Okay. – Okay. – Brian, how big is your…oh,
that’s inappropriate. – I think it’s you. – Is it me? – Hollywood Reporter. Hello. – Fishing For Answers on
the Hollywood Reporter. – What has been the funniest quote from one of your characters on the show? – [Kieran & Jeremy] Buckle up fuckle-head. – Buckle up fuckle-head. I didn’t know that I
needed to say that in my professional life. – That’ll come up in your
personal life somewhere. – Yeah. – With the kids probably. – Buckle up fuckle-head. – When I’m in the kitchen trying to put like the free food into a dog-poop bag. And Tom says, what are you caring…? Is that a dog poop bag? And I said something
like, no, it’s just a bag. There’s just a misconception
about these bags. It’s not like they pre-poop
them or something… It’s not like they…they’re
just bags really. It’s just a mental barrier. – Here’s the bowl. I’m
passing the bowl to Kieran. – Would you like to pick? – I would love to. – Go ahead. – There’s one speaking to me right now. – Okay. – Who do you think is
Logan’s favorite kid? – Roman, me. Definitely. And who’s his least favorite? Kendall…Definitely…Why? Because it’s obvious. That was easy. – He loves them all. Equally. – Do you think it’s you? – No. Logan’s favorite is Siobhan hands down. – You think you could be the favorite? – Yeah. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Least? – I actually think it’s Connor. – Yeah maybe Connor is the least favorite. – Um hm. – Favorite kids is his company. – Um hm, um hm. – Ooh, deep. – Okay. How are we doing? – Go on. – It’s getting hot in here. – [Kieran] The cast member
most like their character is? – Nick or Alan. – Nick is almost
indistinguishable, it’s incredible. – Jeremy who plays Kendall
is a lot like Kendall. He like takes his wardrobe into life now so I have trouble, you know… – Yeah. That’s true. – It’s like, it all kind of
feels like it’s the same. – I thought that was Kendall’s ring. Is that yours? – This is mine. – Oh nice. – The most eery similarity
to the story of succession… – In the real world is… – Oh, oh… – Dang! – I… – Where do you want to go with that one? – Heard that a very wealthy media family that you could probably guess did actually have family therapy. – Hm. – And that was part of the
inspiration for the scene… In episode seven with that family therapy. – Murdoch and Fox and Disney and that whole epic drama unfolding. I found that to be sort of a powerful thing that was unfolding at the same time. – I found the scenes (bleep)… – Spoiler. – Well, was that a spoiler? – Bright one. – Okay. I’ll shut up then. – Growing up I got in trouble for… – I stole a pack of baseball
cards from the Stop N Shop. – I stole a pack of gum. I was really um… – From a store? – From a store. – Okay. – And my mother found out in the car and she made me go back and apologize. – I got home and I opened them and my mom saw. She was like, I didn’t buy those. And she took me back to the supermarket and she made me apologize to the manager. – Cousin Greg’s nickname is Greg the Egg. What were your nicknames growing up? I’ve got the sort of annoyingly difficult to pronounce sirname, Macfadyen. That was cannibalized
into sort of rude names. – What do you think Ruck rhymes with? – Tuck. – Yeah, sure, among others. – Yeah, Buck? – Yeah, sure, those are a couple. – Pipe Down and Asshole I think were mine. – I was Nicky Nicky Nuu Nuu. That’s what my mom called me. ♪Nicky Nicky Nuu Nuu ♪ – I had loads. First of all Babe, like little babe. Lamby, Smelly Bug. I stopped my sister calling me that because it was embarrassing. And then it became Smelly Bee and then it became Smelly Beetle and then it became Beetle and now I’m must Beetie. Or Sezue. – Sezue? – Yup, Sezue ever since
I was three years old from my sister. And then like Snooks just lends
itself to a lot of things. – Snooks. Yeah, Snooks. – Snookie. – Snickers. – Sneakers. – Snickers I get Snickers from a friend. I get Snack. Sally. I dunno why, but no one
wants to call me Sarah. I’m just a whole bunch of nicknames. – All right. – We’re enjoying this. Put that one away and take this one. This is a good one. It’s a…good one It’s… – No, it’s upside down. – Oh it’s upside down. – Try reading it like that, okay. – What posters were on
your wall as a teenager? – I didn’t have any. – Dog afternoon, My
love food and Rain Man. – Of course. – I had a load of Leonardo DiCaprio. But it was a competition with my friend. To see how many Leo pictures we could get. – If Connor and Siv both ran for President who has your vote? Well, I would vote for
Connor and it would be one of two votes that he would get. – No brainer. – No brainer. – Siv, of course. – Siv. – Connor. – Yeah, that’s because
you’re just being difficult. – Yeah. – He just does that to be difficult. – I mean, yeah. – He doesn’t really mean that. – I think that would be more fun. – No, no, no. – Somebody who’s nuts as the President? Can you imagine? – That’s true. Somebody who’s nuts… – All right, let’s just get there. – So that’s…that was it. We did it. – Now we get to garrgh! – This was Fishing for
Answers with me Alan Ruck and my friend – Oh, Matthew Macfadyen. – Thanks for watching Fishing with… – Friends. – Fishing with two friends.

49 thoughts on “Cast of HBO’s ‘Succession’ Play Fishing for Answers: Funniest Quotes, Family Therapy & More! | THR

  1. Excellent show (Succession) – Fishing for answers -dumbest fucking five minutes ever. Got to be an idea from an executive's relative working there.

  2. Sarah should been with the other Roy family members, it felt like they casted her out. Nonetheless great show!

  3. I've always seen Brian Cox playing scary, intimidating characters. Watching him goof around here is good for my soul.

  4. Ever since I saw Brian as the first Hannibal Lecter I've been a fan.He's been terrific in everything I've watched him in.His character in Rob Roy, an ill influence on an already evil character in the film was interesting to watch.

  5. When I see Logan laughing, I can't help but think of him screaming "I'm in the middle of turning a fucking tanker". What an actor!

  6. LUV this show & cast🌟💜🌟 they are Amazing!! I was completely on the EDGE😬 of my Seat for Season 2 ep.3 in I think it was called "Safe House" …..LOL it was when Logan went off his ROCKER & made Greg/Tom & some other poor dude play "Piggies" & fight for the sausage 🙈😬🙈 that was INTENSE as Logan was looking for the "Rat" that had talked to a biographer about Logan Roys life 😳!! Poor Roman got the blame although I'm SUPER happy that Tom didn't tell on sweet 🥰"Greg the Egg" !! Lmaooooo love this disfuctional family 🌟😜🌟

  7. Out of all the shows on HBO this one has got me hooked. Every episode I feel like I'm right there in the scene with them, I don't even know how to describe it.

  8. Kieran is so good at acting bipolar, seems like he improvises by totally removing his filter. He flips on a dime, just from the pilot: "oh no dad, its not whats in it for me, but ya know, what Is in it for me?"

    As you learn more about his character, i mean i personally feel some sympathy for him. I actually dont as much for Kendall. That part with the dog cage conversation, where you learn a bit more about roman and kendall, when kendall realizes he was the strong dog and roman is the weaker pup, and then he shoves him violentally in the elevator in Prague after relapsing, i found that pretty disturbing on a subconscious level. because before that scene i felt kendall had somewhat of a moral compass, but you realize he's possibly the biggest dirtbig out of the siblings. Shiv is horrible too but she has some sense of right and wrong, though she crosses it all the time.

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