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7 thoughts on “CatDog Intro || One-Line Multilanguage (Requested)

  1. 2 Things:
    1. You forgot Estonian (they voice-over the title, it's Undubbed).
    2. Make sure when you make the Update, make sure to add the German and Latin American Spanish versions without SFX.

  2. @Asap Toasty's Dubs: Wow, I never thought my request would have so many issues (maybe one or two). One thing's for sure, it's worth the wait after eight months.

  3. Thanks for watching! For this week(end), here's my current request schedule (subject to change; still working on a lot of 'em from back then – also ones that were blocked like the F.U.N. song video)

    – Phinedroids and Ferbots multilanguage
    – Caillou Theme Song multilanguage
    – Camp Lazlo intro multilanguage (coming tomorrow)
    – MLP:FIM multilanguage (in the works)
    – Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir multilanguage (in the works)
    – Tree Fu Tom multilanguage update (was awaiting for all dubs to be found before working on project; will work on soon)
    – Blues Clues intro multilanguage (was awaiting for all dubs to be found before working on project; will work on soon – have to re-edit and stuff)
    – Martha Speaks multilanguage
    – Smurfs 1981 multilanguage
    – Hamtaro American OP multilanguage (Sunday; may re-edit to include variety)
    – Pinky Dinky Doo multilanguage
    – New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh multilanguage
    – My Friends Tigger and Pooh multilanguage
    – Sesame Street opening theme multilanguage
    – Monster High and the Ghoul Squad multilanguage (didn't find enough dubs for this one quite yet; will work on it however)
    – LE Reboot multilanguage (blocked previously; in need of an update anyway since a critical amount of dubs were missing since upload date back in September of 2018)
    – Magic School Bus multilanguage (blocked previously; in need of an update anyway since some dubs were missing since upload date back in July 2018)
    – Jane & the Dragon multilanguage
    – Wonder Pets multilanguage
    – Ben 10 multilanguage
    – Dora the Explorer multilanguage (saving that one for a special event)
    – Backyardigans multilanguage (may save that one for May)
    – Mermaid Melody multilanguage
    – Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya multilanguage (got blocked aswell >.<)
    – Paw Patrol multilanguage (requested a few months ago; couldn't upload it for several reasons – many of the dubs on YouTube and online were taken down for copyright, and I had little material to work with. The video I already had produced also got taken down, so consequently I had to re-edit that one to trick Viacom into allowing it on the platform under fair use)
    – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse multilanguage (similar situation with Paw Patrol multilanguage; though it's been trickier)

    …and others. I'm still accepting requests as I genuinely enjoy working on these types of videos – despite my limited time. Keep in mind that some requests that you guys have requested to me have been done by users like OP Multilanguage – and I try to keep the ideas fresh and only build on a multilanguage that's already been done if the user who worked on my video idea was missing dubs from that video. Will edit this comment soon, much needed tl;dr for those who don't read this. I'll keep this community updated and cya tomorrow with new videos and unexpected requests.


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