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Catherine Cohen Is Telling Women’s Stories Through Comedy | NowThis

Heeeeyyyyyyyyy! It’s Cat
-and Pat. And welcome to Seek Treatment! A podcast about boys, sex, f*cking, dating, and love!
-After all! Oh, my God. I don’t really talk about the news in my
set ‘cause I don’t really think it’s funny. I think it’s, like, really sad and really angry, so I’m like, let’s, like, remove ourselves for a second. Now can I ask you this? First time you had sex with your boyfriend,
was it explosive? What was the vibe or was it just like, ‘Ok. Fine?’ Ok. See, that’s bullshit. Like, the ‘explosive sex’
like the first time you have sex? Honestly, spare me. This isn’t like a f*cking movie. This sounds so stupid, but it’s like, my act is political because I’m a
woman talking about my body, my wants, my desires in the open. I’m very confident on stage. That’s, like, my persona. I’m not like, ‘I suck.’ I’m like ‘I’m amazing, I’m
hot, I wanna f*ck.’ And that’s political, bitch! [Laughs] ♫ And I’m from the South so I grew up
like in a very conservative – I went to Christian camp and school. I used to have these thoughts like, my body’s so disgusting. I’m never going
to show it to anyone except for maybe the person I marry one day. Maybe. That was a real thought I had. And then I remember when I was in college watching the pilot episode of ‘Girls’
and seeing Lena Dunham being like, holy shit. Who is this chick? I’m obsessed. I mean that like – I get, like, emotional thinking
about that. It was truly groundbreaking. Yeah, body positivity is really important to me. I want my size 10-12 ass to be all over TV. I want to be like – I just think we should have a movie where the
romantic lead is a woman who weighs more than 150 pounds, and it’s not disgust, and that’s just, like, how it is. That’s my dream. To be the first actress over 150 pounds to win an
Oscar for a movie that’s not about being fat! [Laughs] I always wanted to write my own stuff
but I was scared and felt insecure. I was often trying to be like, ‘I’m a guy’s girl like pass
me a beer like I want to make the boys laugh.’ Like I spent years doing that and it’s exhausting, and it is such a waste of time. And when I got to college I found groups of women who were so comfortable
with themselves, and so confident in this way that was so inspiring. I was like, I want to be like that. When I was younger, if I’d seen more women
doing comedy – If I had been exposed to that, which I wish I had been more exposed to that. I think I would have been able to figure out what I
wanted to do much sooner and felt more confident. My dream is to go all over the world making stuff. Wow, so earnest I want to die. No, I just think women are the best
and we need to hear their stories. ♫ Before the show, I get this goo goo ga ga
nervous loopy loo loo energy that is really fun. It’s nerves but in a good way. It’s more excitement than anything else. Ok, so this is extremely glamorous.
This is 15 years old from Nars. [Laughing] I don’t know how to use it. It infects my eyes. I didn’t understand, like, what anxiety was. And I’ve been so high-strung and so emotional my whole
life, and the ups and downs I experience are very intense. Once you know like, ok, this is just
a feeling. I can work through this. I just tell myself, I will feel normal again. I will be happy again. But now I’m like, every single person needs to be in therapy.
Everyone needs to be talking about what they’re going through. So if I go up there and talk about my insecurities about my body,
my addiction to male attention, my obsession with myself, [Laughs] hopefully people will feel
like, yeah, I feel that way, too. And it’s a release for me
because I can’t hold anything in. ♫ I do think it’s a little funny for me
to be like, ‘I want to be a movie star,’ but it’s like no, I want to be a movie star. So that some little chubby girl in
Texas is like, ‘Woah, I can do that, too.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re a rockstar. You
don’t need to cry in your bedroom.’ ♫

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