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Censorship and Going Too Far – Stand Up Comedy Material – Greg Dean

[Music] [Applause] All right question and answer time for
tonight whose gotsta question? And just, yeah, Moe. [O.S.} What’s the show that went too far? Or tell me about a time where a show went too far? Too far. Oh well I can tell
you about one, you decide whether it’s too far. Okay because I’m not a big
believer in censorship like I said before I don’t want to hear about rape
pedophilia murder and stuff from the point of view of the predator right but
I’ve had all those subjects in my classes as comedy routines from the
point of view of the victims so I’m not big into censorship the only place where
I do that is what they call clear and present danger which is you know if you
go I’m gonna kick your ass and you threaten somebody that’s clear and
present danger and I you know but the Constitution supports that so the point
is free speech I thought they’d gone on that so here’s the one that really
always kind of sticks out to me a guy came and told me the idea and I went man
I just put it up I just just put it up so he came in the
next week okay with a naked little baby doll completely naked and then covered
with blood red fingernail polish all over it’s a blood red blood he’s these
eyes you know the ones that kind of wiggle around and stuff pasted on it and
then he had a wire hanger around its neck so and he used that wire hanger
also as the so he can hold it and he did a ventriloquist act with an aborted
fetus [O.S.] Oooooooh man. [Nervious Laughter] I don’t remember much of the show but
the one thing I did was he was Binky this is Binky. Hi Binky (Binky) “Hi. How are you?” And very bad ventriloquism. He didn’t even try. Yeah. Want to do some riffing Binky? (Binky) “Yes I would. Hello there sir…Are you my dad? Are you my dad? He held the doll in the guy’s face screaming at him. Now I had to put him in the end of the
show because I knew and this is exactly what happened and I really mean this
half the audience got up and looked out and the other half pounded the table, foreheads hit the table ,drinks spilled because they were laughing so hard
they were crying they were just you know they just thought it was the funniest
thing they’d ever seen in their entire lives these people were just howling for
the whole three minutes it II did that particular piece okay and that’s okay
with me that wasn’t ,that’s an okay show with me
cuz I’m one of those that was laughing you know I thought it was hysterical but
it crossed that hurt line for a lot of people. And after the show some older lady came up to me and said, well, “How could you let something like that be
so offensive in one of your shows?” I said well first of all we got this little
thing that called the Constitution you know and so uh yeah and you have a right
to be offended and you have right to tell me you’re offended so I hear you I
hear you were offended Oh Robert this right over there at the bar go over and
tell him and she did me some talking back in her pretty soon he’s buying her
drink and they’re sitting down and chatting he’s the nicest guy in the
world he’s currently sweet guy just gonna have a sick sense of humor so the
idea here is is don’t let anybody else tell you what you can
and cannot perform because if Andrew Dice Clay had listened to people. If Andy Kaufman had listened to people. If Sam Kinison had listened to people.
Sam, I knew Same fairly well, we performed a lot at the Westwood Comedy Store. I don’t know how many people tell you you shouldn’t shout at an audience he
didn’t listen to them. Andy Kaufman did his stuff you know Dice Clay all
these people came up with something really original and they had their own
audience and the audience I loved them in the audience doesn’t love them. Well
grow up that’s gonna happen so do not let anybody tell you your stuff goes too
far the answer is always between you and the audience laughing. [Applause]

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