Laughter is the Best Medicine

Chair Laughter Yoga 101

let's just imagine that we are charged with laughter and so much so that touching any part of our own body that we touch gives us a shock of static electricity okay so I'm going to in no particular order touched various of my body parts joints knees shoulders and so on and then jump as it gives me an imaginary shock and laugh at the same time oh very good our next breathing exercise will involve our knees we are going to try to draw a circle in the air with our knees as you lift your right knee up help as you comfortably can make a big smile and then draw a circle with that knee and relax inhale smile come down relax now reverse as you need goes up you're smiling as it goes down you're relaxing and if you want to confirm lean up one last time and reverse left side as you go up you smile relax up smile then relax reverse smile down relax up smile down relax out stunning again together on my cue very good very good

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