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CHALLENGE with KAPIL SHARMA | ANGRY BIRDS 2 | Funny Interview and Game | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi Friends Today we are going to do the Angry bird challenge Aayu Pihu come on fast Yes Mom Should we do the challenge? Which one? Today we will do the Angry bird challenge Friends we will enjoy right? And I have 2 surprises for you Do you want to know? We will tell you in the middle of the game Will he do the challenge with us today? Hi Aayu Pihu, I am going To play with you today How do you feel, seeing me live? I am feeling really good Really good? Aayu what about you? What game are we going to play today? We will play the Angry bird challenge Should we start the challenge friends? Yesss See one, two, three Hi, Hi Aayu Yes I was the one making those sounds How are you Pihu? Hi Hello, Aayu Pihu’s Mom how are you? Hi Now you know our first surprise… Today Kapil Sir is going to perform the challenge with us We will enjoy a lot today Because India’s number one comdey artist Of Bangladesh and Nepal too (Laughing) Yes, definitely of all the world okay So we are very excited today But I am actually nervous Why? Because it’s my first time on Aayu and Pihu show and I don’t know what are they going to do today So be a little considerate of me today okay We will hellp you, Thank you Okay you will be playing alone or you want to bring in your team My friends are here with me too Oh With me Kiku, and Archana is here Oh wow.. Mean your team will of three members too Clap and welcome yourselves only Welcome Kiku Yo, yo bro How are you doing? Archana Ma’am Here she is Red, Thank you so much We will miss you You can leave now Bye red, bye red Bye He must be very tiered he has been doing promotion events, since morning What are we going to do? What will we do Today we are going to do a challenge what’s the challenge? It is the angry bird challenge. Ma’am you should come in our team Why? We brought her No, you brought her but she is going to be in our team So we will take one of your kid Aayu come here Aayu in our team Boys gang, boys gang Yes But girls will always win Right Aayu It’s your challenge, you’ll manage something Laughing So friends should we start the game? Okay This is our game Okay, what game is this? In this game you have to take a ball, and hit with the ball and that’s it What will we get in return? What’s the prize? It’s a gift hamper for whoever wins woww.. If boys win, it’s for boys If girls win, it’s for girls We will win Okay Don’t worry, we will steal it from you Laughing Aayu will help you in that We don’t have ball okay ball, get the ball You all must have heard about the angry birds game and now angry birds movie is going to release soon Do you know who is going to tell you about the movie? Who will tell? Oh me, oh hii… Hello kids, and their parents who are watching this show right now We are releasing a movie Angry birds in which, we all have given our voices I, Kiku sir, Archana Ma’am and this movie is going to release on 23rd August So Aayu will you go to watch our movie Angry birds Yes How many times will you watch? one time only once It’s name is angry birds 2 so at least 2 times yes, at least you have to watch 2 times go twice okay okay thank you Today we are going to give you a second good news and that is we have gotten to 1 billion views Wowww…. 1 billion Party, Billion Views Pihu Aayu, what a wonderful job you are doing So should we start the challenge? Yes But when we will hit with the ball and if you skip we will ask them a question okay we will ask you about your movie and you ask us whatever you like okay challenge accepted Boys will only win this game very good No girls will win Girls will win Zeta always win Boys will win, shout Boys will win boys will win No zeta will win Aakraman I have heard this, but why this accent This is angry birds 2 style Aaaaaaaaakraman Aaaaaaaakarman Hurray! Hurray!! Boys gang hurray!! huraay!! Start okay let the game begin (music) Sir plan something we have to win Kid if knew how to plan wouldn’t I have become an engineer I’ve made a plan Aayu We have to hit all of these we have to win from Pihu’s team No no we have to win right? we will win right? Yes we will do one thing we will hit the top one, it would be easier sshh.. don’t say in front of them they will take our idea So you think we can’t hear anything we have heared everything we are planning something else no no we heard, top ones right? we will hit the top ones first we will hit bottom ones right Pihu? Yes bottom one Oh so you will hit the bottom ones okay I heard something else Top ones, middle ones, bottom ones hit them all right? correct correct Try it, either way girls are going to win Okay so my turn I will start ok Aayu wish me good luck which one should I hit tell me, say say which one top the top one okay don’t get hit, don’t no, no NOOOOOO……… Where is it? yeaahh That was just a try What have you done okay last chance one two It shifted, shifted a little come on Pihu you try now sister will loose she won’t loose Pihu you will get 2 chances hit it and drop it aim well and hit didn’t hit It’s okay come on front come on Aayu You made a hit very good Aayu very good, so proud but we made it drop Awww That’s a sixer tell who won Boys score is one and girls score is zero now Archana Ma’am me boys have one point Didn’t drop it’s okay no problem Didn’t drop I have to hit myself Lenoard is there too and here too Woww….. No can be smarter than this Wow Nothig can be done now this is cheating He did it We will get 2 chance We can not score 3 points still I’ll try and here, leonard is going to drop Aww.. over shoot one more one more Why take one more Come on fast, your time is over It’s okay Our time will come, our time will come Oh ho, you didn’t score anything Pihu what is this hapening? Why are we loosing? that too from the boys not good at all so Zeta what you want to do next? I am Zeta I’ll ask you questions and you will ask us questions Boys won Yeaaahhhh….. Boys won!!! Won won won yes yes you won Congratulations! Congratulations! Thannk you, thank you so much Yes, what’s our wining prize? Wining prize Should we first get to Q&A Qusetion answer okay okay What would you like to ask? This is our job boss We want to ask you if we take your baby with us How much are you going to charge for it? You can ask Aayu if he wants to go Aayu will you go on our show with us yess Do you want to go? Won’t you miss Mom? Not even Dad? Oh wooww.. So Aayu you come with us We won again Yess Actually everyone likes to go on Kapil’s show so how can he say no? Kid has a really great choice We asked our question now you What is that thing that makes you angry that you turn into an angry bird? How do you turn into angry bird? when did I turn into one? you oh red when you get red with anger Me in general trully? When someone dosen’t works properly no matter who it is then I get angry even though we can’t do anything about it he isn’t going to change but I get angry There are many things but I told you one correct correct It’s correct So what is the place where you go in english but you come back in hindi You go in english come back in hindi? This place is called Goa Goo… Aaa We won again yeaahh.. This is joking something like that Okay Sir, tell me one thing that is common between you and Pihu Me and Pihu This time we are on the same show We won again no no no no you gave the answer and you declared the result Me and Pihu We both have worn a black t-shirt This is comon for now but Pihu will tell We have the same birthdate 2nd April Woww…. You will become a really big star very nice We want to ask one more question We have alerady one We have won Okay Sir tell us If you had to make the cutest weapon what will you make it with? If I had to do it, I would make it with chocolate Aayu will make a chocolate weapon I would like to be attacked on then if it’s with a chocolate weapon I would love to attacked this is nice How will you make chocolate weapon? I don’t know But it can be done I can probably make it It won’t work Aayu will eat it though before that Zeta will eat it We made our chocolate weapon If Zeta makes it so like the one I made in the movie with the ice cream scoop attacker that ice ball the ice ball We have to ask now ummm… Why is melody so chocolaty? Laughing Eat melody to know the answer oh ho We are wining too much I hope we don’t loose now Some on apply a black mark on us Oh ho Who can make the best angry bird face out of you two? I can’t make it look at his face I can’t make an angrier face than this Kapil show You look really red right now even your eyes look the same Come Sony sign me Oh yes Babes yeah babes He won I can make make an angry face Oh my God Zeta is scared Zeta is scared too Now you tell us what is your angry bird’s favourite charachter from the film? Oh she will take her name only You tell Pihu Pihu? I like the red one Oh hooo… We won again, again That’s all my lord You should have taken your team members name say Zeta, zeta You should not teach children to lie children are telling the truth So we have enjoyed a lot while dubbing in this film Kapil is red I am leonard and Archana Ma’am is Zeta The scary villain We are sure you will enjoy the movie as much as we enjoyed making it We are sure so sure I am a pig called Lonard in the film So definitely go and watch the movie you will enjoy it you will go kid right? yess yesss Pihu will you go? yess Tell your friends too when is the release date? 23rd August So friends you all will go too Because we will all watch the movie together that day Which one? Angry birds 2 Okay tata bye bye Love you all

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