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Channel Update: The Current State of Humor [March 2018]

Channel Update March 2018 Hello there guys and girls, welcome to another monthly channel update
of mine. Today I wanna talk about the current state
of humor in our world because there are a couple of things to address and they kinda
affect the things I do. I had the inspiration for this channel update
when I heard that some people found the “ugandan knuckles” meme to be racist, which I find
to be incredibly stupid. I wanna make one thing clear: This is not
going to be the kind of rant that plainly targets “social justice warriors”, a phrase
which I highly dislike, because what words like this do is to reinforce the mentality
“them vs. us”, which is absolutely not how the world works. This is also not gonna be a rant that pleases
women-hating pigs out there. Nor is it going to be the kind of rant that
racist cunts are going to enjoy. If you are one of those you can fuck right
off and unsubscribe. Now, many of you might know that the kind
of humor I display on my channel is rather dark and not “politically correct”, another
phrase which I do not like to use. The jokes I make might not be very sophisticated
or smart, there are a lot of people out there who can come up with much better things than
farts and memes. However, many of you might be subscribed to
my channel for the very reason that my videos are using a kind of humor that breaks some
boundaries, maybe even those of good taste at times. Dave Chappelle also spoke about this in his
latest Netflix specials. [Show Excerpt] And it all applies to the ugandan knuckles
meme, which, in its nature seems so innocent and genuinely funny to me. I mean, look at this cute little retarded
face. Memetic humor is crude and stupid, that’s
the entire point of it. A joke isn’t really funny if it doesn’t
break some kind of rules. And since when is impersonating accents racist? Is it only racist if it mocks accents of black
people? Then what’s the difference between that
and Conan O’Brian and his fake german? Or when John Cleese impersonated spanish? So what? As with everything, context matters. I do not think that dropping the N-Bomb as
an insult during a fucking video game live stream is a good context. I know for a fact that some of you think that
saying this very word like that isn’t offensive. Well, I fucking do think it’s stupid because
I’ve experienced these insults and the violence second hand when growing up with my friend
and it fucking terrified me. He went through it every day. And still I decided to use this word for one
of the skits in Good Idea – Bad Idea, where this character drives around town with some
black music on the radio. The context of this skit has multiple layers
to me: For one, I’m making fun of this white guy who thinks he’s the next slim shady
and also he’s trying to adapt to a subculture he’s not really grown into. I mean, he’s driving a fucking Toyota Prius. At the same time I’m mocking the kind of
hip hop that drops n-bombs all the time as well as the people, who take themselves and
their subculture way too seriously – enough to kill a guy over listening to “their”
music. So what I tried is to target everyone instead
of making one group seem inferior or superior to the other. To me, being parodied often is an honor as
long as there is some sense of appreciation in how a person or a group of people is portrayed. In terms of humor the biggest problem of our
society is that a lot of people can’t laugh about themselves. Here’s a hint: If you take yourselves too
seriously, nobody else will. So get out of your own ass. The great thing about stereotypes is that
they enable us to cherish the differences between cultures and also learn about other
cultures, because if you like it or not, people will always be different than you because
they’ve had different experiences in life. You can drive 50 miles down the road and learn
entirely new things about how people design their existences. The borders only exist on maps and in our
heads, okay and maybe huge reinforced fences, but if you get rid of the black and white,
yes or no mentality, your life will be so much better. You gotta realize it’s all us. And this is why to me it isn’t paradox to
live and love happily with the same women for ten years, living with a gay couple as
a straight man, visiting colombian relatives or having grown up with a black friend while
still being able to make jokes about women, blacks, hispanics, asians, skinny crackers
like myself, your mom, jews, christians, pedophiles, christian pedophiles, disabled people, gamers,
yes you gamers explicitly suck, homosexuals, nazis, conspiracy theorists, rednecks, junkies
– YOU FUCKING NAME IT. If you think you can exclude any group in
the world from being made fun of, you are excluding them from society and protecting
them from something they might not need protection from or which they even might enjoy. You’d be surprised how much of a self ironic
humor gay men can have if you had ever talked to one. I absolutely despise it when people act as
if they needed to be offended in representation for another group they have virtually nothing
to do with. Most of these people are just trying to present
themselves as someone honorable when in reality they’re nothing but fucking hypocrites looking
for attention. I do not want to give the impression that
nobody should be ready to fight for a good and greater cause. But to do that, you should actually have a
good and greater cause and not try to make mountains out of mole hills. If someone feels triggered about every little
thing, the problem might be them and not the world. And the problem isn’t an occasional joke,
but it’s unequal pay, discrimination, physical and psychological violence, poverty, exploitation
of the weak. All that shit needs to be addressed and not
some artificial reasons to be triggered just to create a buzz on social media. Let’s wrap it up with some final words:
idiots will be idiots, no matter where they’re from, no matter what skin color they have
and no matter if they’re men or women. But before you know someone is an idiot, you
treat them with the respect and warmth you expect to be treated with in return. Instead of fighting over different tastes
of humor, let’s fight for love and the unity of all humans. Because this is what jokes can do: Bringing
people of all kinds together. And I hope this is exactly what my fucking
stupid channel does. One love motherfuckers, whanowa over

19 thoughts on “Channel Update: The Current State of Humor [March 2018]

  1. Yea, PC cultures is way over sensitive. Most people are afraid to do comedy because of the expected backlash.

  2. I can not agree more with you.
    In fact there is a kind of plot against freedom of expression and humor in Spain that begins to be seen by certain sectors as a kind of terrorist weapon at this moment, you know. And as you say, humor is a good weapon, in the way for to melt the borders that reside between us and that confront us. It should be understood as a source of liberation (spiritual liberation) and not as a producer of the greatest vice that corrupts us: hatred.
    Sensible words
    Thank you very much.
    Muy agradecido.
    Sigue trabajando tan duro como hasta hora.

  3. People are way to stress but if you looking closly every funny jokes are racist or talking about sex famous or not famous comedians so why some people says the uganda knukcles is racist ? Because they don't like laughing a lot or they are still on 3 years old jokes.

  4. Du triffst den Nagel auf den Kopf und hast meine Hochachtung dafür, dass du den Mut hast deine Meinung unverblümt der Welt vor die Füsse zu werfen. Du stehst zu deiner Überzeugung, das macht dich authentisch und das ist der Grund dafür, dass ich deine Videos so verdammt gut finde.

  5. Nice video man you make some great points I couldn't agree more. People are too damn sensitive these days, Dave Chappelle summed it up perfectly in the clip you included. 👍✌

  6. Congrats on 5000 my man! Great milestone. Your videos actually makes me laugh and smile even when its not a good joke I still laugh! People take stuff too seriously. They need to laugh at themselves because of how stupid they've acted. Our world is falling apart day by day. Its sad.

  7. Hi whanowa I‘m your big fan and I learned a lot thing about how to make gta v video from your videos I created my first vidoe of GTA V ,so thank you !!!!btw can u watch my video and tell me some shortcomings in it

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