Laughter is the Best Medicine

Cheeky Kane Williamson post match conference has media rolling with laughter

yeah I hope they're not too angry you know it's a obviously that is the passion for the game and India is unrivaled and you know we were all fortunate to play the sport and have a country like India be right behind it and the support that I have for their home team but hopefully we can adopt 1.5 billion supporters and they'll be supporting us what do you reckon but yeah obviously you know look any you're a world-class side and the game of cricket is as fickle in its nature especially when it comes to the white ball and 2020 and one-day cricket and you know whether it's a semi-final or a final nothing really promises and I've got so many world-class players and the depth that they have in their team means that they're rightly so ranked 1 or 2 but and we've mentioned on a number of occasions on any given day anybody can beat anybody and the game is very as a very very fine line and today perhaps some of those small margins went our way and it was great that we could get across the line and beat a very strong side but you know at the same time this is obviously a huge amount of respect for India as a cricket side and and I certainly hope that their fans are very much behind them and respect that the game of cricket can be a tough one on the number of occasions I think we all know that the game is a fine line in a number of ways but that run-out was significant we've seen Dhoni finished games from those similar positions on a number of occasions it was a tough surface so nothing promised but naturally to dismiss Dhoni and whatever fashion is extremely important but for a direct hit run-out very very similar to today's as I think was was a big moment and again just to watch the ball and and catch it which was nice that it's stuck yeah look we did believe on that surface that we would get opportunity especially when they were going hard but the the innings that Jadeja played it was like he's playing on it and a different wicket really time the ball beautifully well it was very very clear and how he operated in that partnership with Dhoni sort of swung things to parity perhaps even them having the momentum going into those last few overs so they they showed those fighting qualities that we expect from our team and they showed that with the class side that they are and you do expect that from India and they they did soak it up even after 24 for which was a really tough start so I'm a very good game of cricket spanning over two days and which was unusual but a great game all the same he's not eligible to play for New Zealand but he's a world-class player so had I been the Indian captain yeah he's don't I mean experienced at this level and in these occasions is so important and his contribution today and yesterday but throughout this campaign it was was extremely extremely important and that partnership that is involved in with Jadeja who came and and hit the ball better than anybody in both teams was very very valuable and you know he's a world-class regular and yeah is he looking to change nationalities or because we will consider that selection if we have to

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