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Cheese & Crack Snack Shop stands out with treats like brie brûlée and beet dust soft serve

Cheese & Crack is a snack shop. Beer, wine, cheese, ice cream. It is just based on things I like. We started doing a soft serve as just vanilla. From there we do different dusts on top. While all my friends were snacking on pizza I was having like these elaborate cheese trays in college. Beecher’s flagship cheddar from Seattle This is kind of a showstopper for everyone. The brie brûlée sugar on top but then it kind of melts the brie a little bit so you get that like gooey brie. Apple butter One of our most famous items is our Cheese & Crack Sundae. Got that chocolate ganache in the bottom and then a cracker crumb crumble we make from cinnamon and brown sugar and butter from our butter crackers that we make here and then we do a torched house-made marshmallow fluff on top. We have Prosecco on tap. It’s an Italian sparkling wine that comes in a keg. Our menu has like consistently evolved. There’s always something new and we keep it exciting.

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