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Chelsea Handler – Pouring Heart and Humor into Her New Book – Extended Interview | The Daily Show

Welcome back to the show. Thank you for having me,
Trevor Noah. And congratulations on another New York Times
best-selling book– number one -New York Times best-selling
book. -Thank you. Thank you. -Congratulations. That’s huge.
-(applause and cheering) Um… A lot of people have always
loved your writing. I was interested
and-and shocked, to be honest, at how much heart this book had. I knew it was gonna be funny,
but I-I… I was… I was really taken by…
by just how vulnerable it was. Was-was this a departure
for you– just, like, literally pouring
your insides into a book? Um, yeah.
I mean, I’ve made a career of oversharing my person life in… in inappropriate ways,
so this felt like the first time for an opportunity for–
not the first opportunity, but the first opportunity
I looked at as an opportunity -to overshare
in a positive way… -Right. with something that was kind of,
like, heart… you know, gut-wrenching for me
to go through, but necessary. And, uh, so I was eager
to share it, ’cause I was eager -to get it off of my plate,
you know? -Yes. And I… and discover
and understand why I’ve been such a bitch
for so long, -what my issues were.
-(laughter) So, having a professional break
that down for me, you’re like, “Oh, paying somebody to tell you
what your issues are.” -Yes. -I was like,
“Oh, yeah, I can take this. Give me more. Give me more.”
Um, but the responses is what I wasn’t expecting. The responses from people
who have… who are all… We’re all just going
through the same thing. -Yes.
-You know, we’re all struggling. We’re going through the
same thing in different ways. I-I… won’t… I won’t lie. I always thought that part of
Chelsea Handler was a character, you know, and then you read
in the book, and it’s, like, no. You-you basically say
that for a good 30 years, you never shed a tear, you never really engaged
in your emotions. You-you were just fighting
against the world. And it all stemmed from the death of your brother
when you were nine years old. That’s-that’s
a powerful exploration to go to in your mind
through therapy. Why was therapy so important? Well, therapy was so important
because I was so upset about the election
when Donald Trump became, um, you know, our president.
You know. You’re being serious about this. -By the way, you-you…
-No, no, I’m being very serious. -(laughter)
-I had, like, a mental… Like, I was like,
“Aah! No, no, no, no! I can’t deal with this reality.” Like, um, that be…
represented to me– which I’m sure most
of the people watching this program feel,
um, feel similar to… It felt like
the world became unhinged. And I had… And finally,
I had all this energy -to place my anger towards–
Donald Trump. -Right. Right. Finally, I had something
to be pissed off about other than just being a bitch. Now I could be a bitch
towards him, so it was a… perfect pivot. (applause and cheering) You know? And so then,
when I start… start talking to my psychiatrist, Dan,
who I speak of in the book… You know, he said… You know, it took me a while
to circle the drain a little bit about what
I was really angry about, and through that discussion,
which took weeks and months and, you know, over a year,
it was… Donald Trump represented to me
what happened when I was nine years old
and my brother said he was coming back
and never came back. My world became unhinged. -So this was a trigger for me.
-Damn. So, and I know this was a…
it turns out Donald Trump’s been a trigger
for millions of people. -(laughter)
-Um, so I’m really glad that I shared it,
because you know what, I wanted to make
something positive happen -Yes.
-out of this administration, and I didn’t want them to rob me
of another year of my life. That’s powerful.
It really is a… -a powerful journey to be on.
-(cheering, applause) I also love that-that you take
digs at yourself in the book. There’s ways that
you explore your life, uh, not just as a celebrity
or a famous person, but also somebody who’s living
a very privileged life, both as a rich person
and as a white woman. And that was interesting for me,
because most people talk about white privilege
like it’s an outside thing, and then you were like,
“Oh, no, no, no, I… I’m rocking
white privilege hard.” That was, like, a really
interesting way to frame it. -Yeah, yeah.
-Why did you do it that way? Yeah, I’m killing
the white privilege. I’m like, “Yeah, over here!
Give me more!” Um, I didn’t realize
I was part of the problem. I think every white person
who doesn’t think about white privilege is part of
the problem, not the solution. -Um, so…
-(whooping, applause) for me to wake up and go,
“Wait a second, I am… this is…
look at all that I have,” yes, you can argue
that I’m talented. You could also argue
that I’m not talented. You could argue
that I’m whatever. -It’s a matter of luck,
a lot of luck, -Yes. and a lot of privilege,
a lot of things being rewarded or given to me as a reward
for bad behavior. -Yeah. -You know, my first book
was about one-night stands, and they’re like,
“Oh, excellent! Bring it!” It was a… you know,
and then that was a success. -Yes. -And then my second
drink… uh, my second book… (laughter) -(cheering, applause)
-See where this is going? I always mention “drink”
when I’m sober. It slips out. It’s like,
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, where is everything I need?” Yeah, but that…
but that has been… that has been a journey. One of my favorite things
I learned about you was, like, you’re so impatient that
sometimes you’ll go to a store and you want a magazine, but you
don’t want to go to the line, and so you just walk out
with the magazine, wave, like, a $20 bill
at the security camera, drop the bill down
and walk out. And you, like, you say,
you’re like, “A black person
could never do that,” -which is completely true.
-Well, what I said when I told my doctor, he goes,
“Give me an example of your impatience,”
and I told him that story, begrudgingly,
because it’s embarrassing, and I said, you know, I wave the
thing to the security camera, like, “I’m not trying to steal,
I’d like to pay, but I just can’t deal with the
slowness of the transaction.” -And you just walk out.
-It’s just too slow. And he said, he looked at me
with a funny face, and he goes, “Oh,” and I go, “Is that…
is that white privilege?” and he’s like, “No, white people
don’t do that, either.” (laughter) Oh. I will tell you
one of the craziest things. Actually, it reminded me
of something I saw in New York City that,
genuinely, I was just like, “Wow, that’s, like,
only a white person could get away with this.”
We were in a store– I don’t know if it was, like,
an H&M or Zara, one of those– and there was a woman
who was in the store, and she, like, had,
like, clothes with her, and she just walked out. And then, like,
the beeper went off, and it was, like,
under her arm and everything, and then the beeper went off,
and then the security guard was like, “Hey! Hey!”
and then she was like, “Oh. Sorry, I don’t want this.” -And then she just gave it back
and then left. -Yeah. And the security guard was like,
“Yeah, okay, that’s fine.” I was like, “She… she
just walked out with the shit.” Yeah, yeah,
I don’t play like that. -I’m not trying to steal.
-You wave the money. I want to give you the money, I
just want you to take it faster. Let’s, um, let’s talk about what else Chelsea Handler’s
getting up to. -Um… You have…
-I’m doing a tour for the book. I’m going to places like
Clearwater, Florida. I haven’t been on a tour
in five years. Are you– Wait. Is this, is this
part of the Netflix tour? -Or is this a separate tour?
-No, it’s part of the book tour. -I’m doing a tour in each state.
-You’re doing– so you’re doing -a book tour and then you’re
going to be doing -Yeah, yeah. -another stand-up special.
-Mm-hmm. And you’re doing a stand-up
special about white privilege. Uh, no. I did a special, a
documentary on white privilege. -Yes. -It’s hard to keep up
with all my privilege. There’s just so many projects. How many projects are you doing?
So you’re-you’re writing books, you’re making TV shows, you’ve
got documentaries going on, uh, you’re still doing
stand-up as well. -Uh…
-I’m a doula. You– Are you being serious? -No. No, no, no.
-Oh. You see, I believed you. I-I believed you. (laughs) Let’s talk about your foray
into the weed business. -That’s-that’s an interesting…
-Oh, yeah, I’m into the weed. -Well, I think if we’re gonna
have to– -(applause) -Yeah, we should all be into
the cannabis. -(cheering) But it’s a specific, it’s
a specific strain of weed -that you’re championing.
-I’m very– I’m an advocate. I’m coming out
with my own weed line. I feel like
if we’re gonna have to deal with this administration,
we should also be legally allowed
to smoke cannabis. The whole country, everybody
needs to get on board. It grows out of the ground,
and it’s our friend. So, yes, I’m doing
a lot of, um, research, ’cause I’m coming out with
my own cannabis line in– probably at the– in the fall. And what makes it special? Well, I’m trying to isolate
the strain THCV, which kind of kills
your appetite, since it’s like, um, you know, that’s a problem
for a lot of people. They don’t want to take edibles
or smoke weed, because they’re scared
they’re gonna eat. -What– the munchies? Yes.
-Yes. Yes. Don’t act like you just heard
about it, Trevor. So you’re trying to–
No, no, no, I’m just– So you’re saying, like,
I’m just like, “the munchies.” -Just be like, “I’m trying
to make weed -Yeah, right. -that doesn’t give people the
munchies. -Exactly, thank you. That’s what I’m trying to do. I want girls
to be able to smoke it and not feel like
they’re gonna pig out. Oh, I like that.
That’s a different– I want weed that only
gives me munchies. No, I’m serious.
I just like, I like… You don’t feel bad after
you eat all that stuff? -I don’t remember that I ate
all of that stuff. -Oh. There you go. Then there you have it. I just wake up the next day
and there’s just, like, Doritos packets everywhere and
I’m like, “What happened?” -“Who did this?” -Weed is just
so much more pleasant, you know? -It’s changed your life.
-I-It’s totally changed my life. ‘Cause you-you are known as
being fond of the alcohol. -Yeah. And bloated and I’m no
longer bloated, -And, um… because of the cannabis,
so I’m excited. And so the weed, you’ve said
that the weed -has tempered your drinking.
-For sure, definitely. -How? -‘Cause I– You don’t
have to drink as much when you– or at all– when you,
when you have a little buzz. Like, the weed kind of cuts
my reaction time in half, which, for me, is a benefit,
you know what I mean? I don’t want to say everything
that comes up in my mouth. I-I also want to be quiet,
I just don’t know how. So, for weed, for me,
it’s helped me meditate, it’s helped me be quiet, focus,
sit still a little bit more, -instead of being in your face
all the time. -Right. I realized I was
a little annoying. (laughter) I’m loving this. I don’t know
if you’re on weed right now, but either way, it’s always a
pleasure having you on the show. Chelsea Handler, everybody. -Thank you so much for being on
the show. -Thank you so much. Life Will Be the Death of Me
is available now. And go to
for tour dates.

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