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Chenle cute and funny moments + NCT DREAM

No no Black on black, red flavor, Dream in a dream 2016 (answer) My Korean.. x2- even if my Korean is clumsy, please say it’s correct when the meaning is close. I’m done. This can’t go wrong. This is correct..x2- Really? That’s what I thought at first. I wrote exactly based on Haechan’s personality. What is floor?! Ah floor, ah While we were walking in L.A, I thought we might have had a chance to meet Stephen Curry. Too bad Mark hyung and Haechan hyung weren’t here today, it was very good. Right Wasn’t it?! So,… If Mark and Haechan watch this, they will kill us It’s okay They won’t watch it today. Mark-ya, are you doing well? Thank you, thank you. 😭😭😭😭… 🤣🤣

One thought on “Chenle cute and funny moments + NCT DREAM

  1. OMG Thanks for making this!! Its so cute and well-edited!! I like how we can see that everyone is so soft to him too in this video ❤️

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