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Children, May I Have Your Attention – Laughing with Mary Maxwell

Silvia writes, “Dear Mary, I have 5 children
who seem to think I’m either too old or too stupid to make my own decisions. They
come in and move things around and make arrangements without even discussing it with me. When we
are all here, no one talks to me–just around me. I am still their mother and deserve a
little respect. How can I put my foot down without alienating
them entirely?” Oh, Silvia. I’ve heard this scenario before.
I think you should say something like this: “Children, may I have your attention? You
seem to think I’m unequal to the task of living my own life but I want to tell you,
I haven’t made a stupid decision since your father and I agreed that it would be fun to
have child #5. The furniture is placed the way it is to cover the patch of carpeting
that child #2 set on fire when he knocked over his birthday cake when he was 19 and
also to cover the wine stain that child #3 and her friends made when they tried to hide
the bottle when I caught them drinking Merlot during spring break their sophomore year in
high school. And children, let us remember that there is a will and you would be wise
not to irritate the person who can change the will at a moment’s notice. Thank you
for your kind attention. Now, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll put that chair
back where it was.”

7 thoughts on “Children, May I Have Your Attention – Laughing with Mary Maxwell

  1. I wouldn't dream of doing this to my own parents. Still, I can't help but laugh along with this equally useful bit of advice that seems like it really can work.

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  3. Just found this wonderful woman's channel! As I am now aging (60 soon, and yes, that's a current photo, :-), I find her straightforward talks and funny speeches "spot-on!!" Adorable!!!! Keep it up Mary!!

  4. HAHAHA !!!!! So funny. I once went to move a ceramic pumpkin off the ground in my mother's living room thinking it looked out of place and it was long past Halloween. She cried out " no don't touch that " then she started to laugh explaining the dog had an accident on the carpet and the pumpkin was covering the mess until she could clean it. We laughed together.!!!

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