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Chimney Cracked / Damaged Flue Smart Repair with Tom

Hi, I’m Tom with Ask the Chimney Sweep!
Today we’re going to be talking about Heat Shield. It’s a great product for
restoring the integrity of your chimney. When you have cracked or damaged clay
flue tiles, this is a great option and method of
repair and there’s no demolition involved and it’s often times more
cost-effective than installing a stainless steel liner. This is an example
of the inside of your chimney with Heat Shield applied from top to bottom
filling in all of cracks and damages and defects between the mortar joints. Heat
Shield will offer a lifetime warranty and it’s often less expensive than
methods such as stainless steel relining. Cracked and damaged chimneys are not
currently up to code. Here are some examples of a Heat Shield repair
bringing your systems up to codes. For info on how to find a factory trained
installer in your area, click here.

6 thoughts on “Chimney Cracked / Damaged Flue Smart Repair with Tom

  1. I have a full mason chimney in great shape with a superior heatform fireplace that thing is a beast of a fireplace 4 foot wide box i should have my chimney looked at though

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