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Choke No Joke Talks Drink Champs with Nas

pase pase pase what up y'all pace pace pace what up y'all mr. worry what's the word I'm gonna build him in the building I'm here y'all yeah I seen that weekend as interview hey that wasn't no interview that was two old friends catching up with each other case what up y'all and ready know what it is without what up now I'm not turning on the light cuz every time I do a live these niggas always stealing my lives and shit so from now on this is how my life is gonna look I'm here I'm here yeah I'm here but since dudes were always when you steal my lives this is what they gonna get a black screen that's all I'm doing it that's for the all the buddy hustlers things like to steal your lives and post them so now they could post a black screen all right but I'm taking y'all questions I'm here yeah Rock nation turn my lights out y'all I talked about like rock nation so much I ain't got no more lights your bitch your man is so tall Vader guy be a mad dog Vader the evil empire has turned off my lights y'all ain't got no lights cause if a evil empire can I tell you about Beyonce Beyonce is a very nice beautiful woman I mean I'm gonna go do all this all these questions and I'm gonna answer them it's a lot coming through but just know I'm here y'all like acts whatever y'all want yeah yeah I could come in if y'all want and actually all questions but I'm not getting on the live cameras no more it's hard to do is still in my lives and posting them so let them post a black screen but I am here y'all choke no joke another building for all the rock nation planners eaters they gonna say oh they turned off jokes like he turned his light so he can't he can't he can't afford to have his lights Carnera turned his lights off to the house of what is that so sorry for you Ryan and sir frying you want to see me some products send me an email or DME and I'll get back to you but like right now I probably got like over 300 DMS so I'm trying to go through them but I know a lot of y'all I want to know what I felt about the drink champs interview that was not no interview I was nori catching up where – dude that ain't fucked with him in years and he finally got a chance to sit down with him and and talk about the gap between their friendship that they didn't have in years that's uh that's how I see that but I am in the building yeah yes nori did let us down nori you let us down nori you let us down how do you have a interview where nori I mean with Naz what are the best lyricist in the game how do you have an interview with him don't you know him and jay-z's joined at the hip and hip hop nori how do you have knowledge then you don't ask him no questions of our jay-z it didn't even have to be non-negative you could have asked him about the success record I wasn't being on the record with Jay did you have to write stupid like extra bars did you really have to think about it did you make did you have to make sure you smashed on him on the record like it didn't have to be about calming and none of that you didn't ask him one question about jay-z and you like knowledge is the greatest nas is the gold nas is the best lyricist so if you give nas all that praise if jay-z come and do drink chance tomorrow what do you got to say about him what are you gonna say he the best businessman when you gonna say he ii go he's he's he's astronauts I doubt you would I doubt you would and you know he definitely coming up there now at the you don't gain knowledge all I praise because you gave knowledge the king title you gave knowledge the best lyricist I – you gave him everything so what did jay-z go and come up there for and ain't gonna happen that was a disappointing interview how do you not ask NAS anything about a Z how do you not not ask knows anything about Cormega why the firm broke up wait like you they asked him nothing dawg you didn't ask him nothing it was like oh he told you you better ask him nothing before he he walked in there or he wasn't doing it every that was that was that was pitiful yo that was the most pitiful wasted time with one of the greatest MCS in the game and you didn't ask him nothing all you did was pay homage like I ain't gonna I ain't gonna say nein that sound disrespectful with dogs you didn't yo Dawgs you didn't ask him nothing nori nori you didn't ask nas how do you have an interview with nas and you don't ask him no jay-z questions now one you can even propose a question and let him shut it down like you know that was yo man only planners eaters think that that was a good interview only those who don't know real hip-hop think that that was a great interview like come on my man that you know that was that was a very very very sad interview inori like you lost you lost a couple of cool points on that man I can't believe you didn't ask that man not in controversy oh nothing everybody more to you to have him on the show then they meant more to you to give your fan base answers to questions that they had for years now I don't do too many interviews and for you to be from Queens like you didn't even ask him about his beef with 50 Queens get the money no time no cash like what yo what about the first song on the the nigga album where the nigga dissin 50 i take 50 porch monkeys put them on in the same line Nazz what'd he say I can't even think right now because I'm so tight like you didn't ask him about that you didn't ask him about 50 you didn't ask him about why were you gonna join Murder Inc you didn't ask him about the pledge record with ja Rule like what main nas wanted consider even consider signing the Murder Inc like you didn't ask him nothing nori like and it's at our interview like yo man nods would you do an interview with me not would you say we mean us let me ask you some questions I doubt that I would love to sit down with you ask you some questions because that was pitiful nas I know you were sitting there and I was like this this is Drake chips this is what you gonna ask me Dori he ain't even ask you nothing he was just like begging you up the whole thing that was like the hip-hop honest that was even no no no interview come on nori Man Man Man Man Man and y'all telling me that nori is now not a part of the agenda now y'all see why I was never invited up to drink champs do y'all see you now I bet he got tagged up and asked them over and over y'all get choked up they're like I got the illest stories I've been the fly on the wall and I'm about to start giving y'all all new content that I ain't never seen I might even put up some stuff that some of y'all seen and some of y'all were too young even understand about to see wait that's where I'm going my youtube channel is about to be flooded with so much content Yaya ain't gonna be able to watch TV no more all y'all gonna want to do is see what is choke on post next cuz I'm gonna give you out of Ellis Ellis Ellis footage ever nobody man nobody been shooting as long as me you maybe maybe one person and I'm not gonna even give him no no shine he older than me but I'm about to give you a so much air content but man I think I'm gonna have to go around and start interviewing dudes cuz y'all y'all not gonna get the real history at hip-hop when all these dudes is being controlled by puffs and jay-z you you go and y'all sign these deals with these duels and then y'all control you I cannot do what I want to do because y'all wanna y'all run it to the bag these dudes by y'all and then they silence y'all know you have to go to revoke y'all could have stayed right on you too you probably would have made more money like why y'all y'all do is keep doing these deals with dudes for them to just shut y'all because y'all want to be in this in and the presence of suckers like come on man you losing your credibility brother you know he didn't a yo you you you know exactly who nods don't mess with my everybody that nori didn't ask him about he didn't ask him he didn't bring up jay-z he didn't bring up Cormega he ain't bring up a Z who else he didn't bring up he didn't bring up marine hey what kind of interview was that that was like somebody who ever a kid 14 years old can interview knives with that interview if you take away the stuff that nobody talked about that involved him any young kick of the interview knives with that because there was no history in that interview it was sad sir he nice and much I don't even think he brought a 2-part like that like the Wu Tang game that that was that was the the only controversial thing you asked him about was that album cover and that was it that and now it came from wu-tang that wasn't even an on sting that was a wool tank versus biggie thing you did ask him nothing dogs sad man why you still got the rock in you and your bio I got the rock I got the rock in my bio because that's my history same reason I got Beatty in my bio that's my history same reason I got the housewives in my bio it's my history savories I got the tunnel in my bio and so when you go in and you looking for me and you looking for choke no joke if you see Rockefeller be et then you like oh yeah this is the real joke no joke that's a dumbass question you shit I ain't gonna say that's a dumbass question I don't know how old you are but Rockefeller Records don't exist no more even though you see these niggas running around with J's chain wearing J's old chain Rockefeller does not exist anymore so it's up there as a reminder to where I came from I drink chance with nas was wack as fuck I agree Dolf hoes that's my new nickname for jay-z now is Darth Vader he is the the the leader of the Empire he's not the Emperor's but he because there's somebody controlling jay-z and then there's Jay Z and then Jay Z got all these stormtrooper naked sign to him but he's not the Emperor the Emperor is the one has pulling the strings on Jay Z right now and Jay Z is Darth Vader and all these artists under Jay Z that sign of rock nation dated stormtroopers and things like that the ones that's a like meatball Meek Mill just became Boba Fett that is that his name but will fit he didn't he's like he's on top of everybody else like me just became one on top of Jim Jones Fat Joe relax everybody else is signing on the Roc Nation meek is just one step up ahead of them so he's Boba Fett you don't say he's gonna be no to know he's gonna he's gonna replace when when nipsey was getting ready to be for Jay that's what meek is now so yeah that's the Empire over there y'all come over here and mess with me and y'all could be down with the jedis you know I'm saying the Luke Skywalker's the obi-wan Kenobi's the do ders y'all come over here on this side unless you want to sell your soul and go to the dark side nah I won't be joining you Vader Dori needs to get on nori you need to get you on dream champ he playing games no he don't I'm not doing drink champs I will not go on drink chips you think I can go on drink champs you think I will go I'm gonna go up there for nori to tell me everything I can't say and who I can't mention you out of your goddamn mind and I'm never going up there I was watching dream champs it was boring and stopped after eight minutes and only reason I watch the full interview is cuz I thought he would get nobs drunk enough to get him to talk but had four shots later nor he still knew better than to ask them anything we see and we think better in the dark well hey this might be a really good lie then and and for those that just came in the reason you can't see me is because I'm tired to do still in my lives and uploading them so they wanted to steal a black screen they can but it's not about the images it's about the information so I'm here to talk to y'all I answer these questions you never talked about Kanye West or freeway I talked about Kanye West before I talked about Kanye a few times now if you told my me battle and Kanye and quad Studios and big face Gary pulled them out the studio eight bars into my joint because everybody started laughing hysterically because uh Lana and I said I'm a embarrassed the shit out of Kanye so they like oh no big face guy he pulls him out the studio cuz he know if I win this battle then I'm gonna be on and a max me that day yo you wanna rap and I'm like that's a trick question now I think I'm here to do the camera shit I should have told them yeah cuz I probably be a platinum-selling artist by now especially after roasting come here you ask am I talking about drink chefs tomorrow no it's all my dream chefs right now and if you look at my new truth be told all day every day the ship nice story I already dressed it so add to this I won't be talking about it no more Norva is a part of those people clearly your electricity is going no my electricity isn't going I'm just doing the dark cause I'm trying to do steel in my lives and putting it out and it pisses me off so that the guy uploaded a black screen you buddy hustlers sneak these can't create your own content kind of take somebody else's content and post it up trying to make money off of me off of my interviews off of my life and Inga's is corny why you never spoke on what was said on the purple tape about the kid in Marcy what was said about I don't know what you're talking about only purple tape I know about his uh Raekwon's and I don't who he's what kid in Marcy I don't know what you talking about can you tell us about Damon Beyonce name try to snake J and shoot a shot I said to that nor he let us sit down again after the Birdman drink chimps I came in Washington or I didn't see the Birdman & Drink chimps I really don't watch it keepin it honey but I don't know what happened with the Birdman when I do it I do remember hearing people say that he had Freeway Ricky Ross up there and I asked him about your questions of my Rick Ross and that Rick Ross came up there after Freeway Ricky was and he didn't act some nothing about Freeway Ricky was like what the hell is that what kind of journalism is that that is playing industry politics or I ain't gonna ruffle the feathers with the rapper Rick Ross cuz I might need a verse but imma imma accidents do Freeway Ricky Ross all the questions I can ask him cuz he don't benefit me none I'm not gonna need him for anything I so testify everybody went and watched dreamchip shit and everybody's saying it was trash and I even promoted it they probably wouldn't even got the numbers they got without me you know I'm saying I ain't saying they don't do the numbers but I definitely promoted it like crazy so and I feel bad that I did it because I led y'all over there to get a drink of water and y'all had to eat saying yeah it's good on a faucet to drink the water in nine but dirty came out what's up with that Oh HDL for these Dame posted earlier well heo footage day in post I don't know I don't I'm now on Danes page I'll go check though why do you think nori didn't ask about the Kyuubi politics because now I sold that nigga don't ask him about night nas probably day with jay-z do walking act we gave why he'd do the interview and tell you tell you everything you can't ask him yeah it ain't strange to you that nobody ever asks jay-z about that Def Jam conference room me in that marketing me here for the black when me and Dane ran up in that interview I mean and I mean it that's not strange to yeah all the interviews that he's dead that's the biggest one of the biggest moments in hip-hop and nobody eyes jay-z about that that's not strange to yeah that's cuz they all he does is control see the interview you did with star shoutout star did you ever see jay-z with Nas baby mom no I didn't are you going to pass this on YouTube page Oh am I going to post this on youtube page no I'm not it was good joke number love to you right back to your Nakia I think that's Nakia what did I say can't really see that it's his lights his phone wouldn't be charged if his lights were off his phone will be charged thank you machan some people just say the stupidest shit joke don't joke salute to you right back to you who's that kV what up kV you get more seen when people get your lab they do it you get more seen when you do your live with Bosco also you go everywhere that's good yeah without choke Houston here shout out to Houston dream champs was made did you hear anything from Biggs why well I hate anything for Biggs I don't want to hear shit from Biggs I'm a liar if anything I want anything from Biggs is it as a goddamn apology for sitting there calling me a liar for no reason and he started this whole shit like none of this fight would be going on it begs in and sit there and call me a liar and I feel like rock nation put him up to it being that he's over there with Roc Nation I think that they put the battery in his back to do that and that's part of the reason why I say what I say and I do and I'm talking about rock nation cuz Biggs is over there so clearly he was the motive behind that you know data motive behind it cuz I don't see why Biggs would attack me when he was over there with me and aim all those years like he never had no problem with me and that I knew of unless he just had that ill hatred in his heart and was smiling in my face but there was a time when I went to that uh pop-up shop and and their leg when they had that Rockefeller pop-up shop and when I was walking in and dude was like somebody was like yo you can't come in mind they got was Rockefeller – fuck y'all niggas oh my I can't come and I'll just Bogart it my way in there and I was with DJ S&S and the S&S begs to S&S yo you got to leave you know you and choke y'all got to leave and heat like the essence like right right what the fuck yo my chokers Rockefeller yeah he got to leave and then we leave soon as we leave jay-z show up so they was trying to get me out of here before jay-z show so that that animosity stays there like I've never done anything to Biggs I held his secrets I want to never talk talk about him walking around wearing the same pajamas as another man and hanging with uh and sharing a room with this gay dude everywhere we went I want to never sell he kept his secrets when are you trying to dirt y'all keep trying to dirty up my name it they let me live dogs yeah you want try to blackball me but from behind the scenes and now you want to just try to discredit me and and like come on man yeah yo y'all want me to come to the Rockefeller pop-up shop y'all niggas do this Rockefeller family tree and I got employees that didn't contribute as much as I did and I ain't on it you're on the family tree yeah I got niggas that spun off yo Guardian and all these they ain't got shit to do with Rockefeller on this family tree like in a giant y'all don't put me on the family tree that's some fuckin hatin ass shit niggas I don't know how to show the world which eyes which I did I contribute to to y'all success visually but judges went keep on shitting on me well hey don't be mad and what I say and what I do now because it's only right it's only right you know I'm saying that I tell my truth now so she I want to keep telling a lot what happened with JD and Calvin Klein I like to see DeHaven and client do an interview J and Calvin Klein I don't really know what they they beef is I think it stills way back to the street days so you have to ask Calvin Klein that cuz jay-z definitely is not going to give him no like I so many thing and DeHaven and Calvin Klein doing the interview don't make no sense joke already said on YouTube that he was never going drain chips they not gonna let him go up thing they not gonna let me be choked exactly I'm not going on dream champs if y'all seen the NAS interview y'all wanna understand why I'm not going on a dream champs right like me and mrs. hustle who said there's too much plan to eat planters eatin going on and it ain't it ain't what it was when they start it became part of pilot political you got to understand when these dudes do these deals with these dudes is down with this little secret society yeah you're being controlled at that point you're not gonna be able to talk freely like I do so for me I'm never signing a deal with none of these dudes I rather stay independent nigga as long as you PS is hiring I'm good I'll go work at UPS before I become one of these niggas bitches believe that I'm not gonna be running around here with a nigga chain on like I'm not branding nobody else I'm not gonna be out here sacrificing my integrity just to be in the circle of niggas that we know is straight up suckers down low suckers what about Kanye a freeway I did I asked you that already what about freeway shout out the freeway I'll be you know he's doing well after you know getting his kidney transplant I'm sure he you know he's healing I see my man Dee get two kidney transplants and have to go through that dialysis thing so I know that is that's not an easy thing so shut out the freeway let's see meek son and then guys case we vote yeah that meek silent I talked about that on my my new truth be told all day every day the Suge Knight story part two I talk about that so y'all gonna go see that day I ain't gonna keep talking about that Noorie political we already said that I don't know from if I slow down eat or take over I like ether and take over so both you know different reasons take over was you know a shocker that JJ came out and attacked them dudes and the crazy thing about that when takeover came out dudes throwing that nas was over then I remember that year at the source Awards we was all sitting around it was me Eric be from every being Rakim Scarface who else there was a few other people we was all sitting around tight and in the circle and all of them kept saying knowledge is over knowledge is over nozzle and I'm like hell no nas ain't over nas ain't over he he like a cat and Jake he messing went to snake it he got him back to in the corner and he gonna come out scratch it but Scarface said nas was over every be said nas was over they all I can't remember well sis in it these was big big artists at the time and they all felt like it was a wrap for NAS and nas came back and cooked jay-z a house with that ether and yeah I asked him in front I'm thinking like if they didn't date or NAS was over did I film backstage no I didn't film backstage this damn charge you went from gas station don't work into and I'm on 20 percent sound personal the questions he wasn't but the question he wasn't told was an axe does he have to talk about jay-z no you don't have to talk about jay-z well how do you how do you not talk about jay-z would you would you uh interview interview Floyd Mayweather about his career not act was asked about Pacquiao would you interview Muhammad Ali about his career and I asked about the thriller in Manila would you interview Mike Tyson and I talked about Evander Holyfield like what the fuck are y'all talking about me the job he'd know he was reading an intro and didn't know they were gonna say nas was his favorite now I didn't peep that and I know I read it from the teleprompter oh you know his shit is all the way uh corporate yeah it's like somebody say who's this shoddy shoddy dee dee Castro say he could have asked him about black Republican like he can ask not about just working in the studio with jay-z like what was the energy like when y'all did the song or did you do them together or did they did you send vocals to each other like that that was a poor interview man that was very poor I'm sure nas fights on no jay-z question I don't tell them you didn't don't come up here if I can't ask you for what the fans want why am I going to interview you nuria's fate oh my god no nor me did get Hollywood he got a Hollywood and it ain't it ain't no disrespect when I say that but you know he got he got Hollywood I remember you you know when I did the interview with doggie diamonds he went on his Instagram yeah a nigga talkin about being my man Charlemagne talking about me and my man Shawn I mean like all right Charlemagne your man I all he do is dick right every guess now ever since we vote took over yeah if the show is over it shows over drink F sake and then even treat if someone is happy hour so you're gonna get the happy end of yous it's happy hour ain't no you don't be mad at me nigga no you know you not keeping the Gulino war you are not nor you just kissed his ass I just saying keep asking goddamn nigga I'm not gonna repeat that question again Oh see Oh y'all going hard or Nouri I came to read some of this shit Godwin or he'd be mad at me I ain't I ain't got no hate towards Laurie I'm just disappointed in his interviewing skills and the fact that he let people come up on his show and slander me and let not let me come up the aviary but oh but it's too late for that now because I don't care Noorie is different than the Breakfast Club crew who wouldn't dare ask questions to certain people because of their consequences they scared oh the same thing now nori lips was on nas ass yo y'all wow oh my god that's he could acts about to his historic process with ether uh yeah I agree I said that nobody got shook from the book from the eggs interview I doubt that he just was controlled with a tone we could we could say he just did the deal with title that's why they just said that he looked no reason or he got a deal with title nor he got a deal with revoke and then on the show he said oh now Dre just going to be your master Piell back like this dude like nigga you're spreading yourself too thin like how do you how do you on jay-z platform nas platform and puff platform Jesus Christ nigga you ain't going to be able to ask nobody shit cuz all them niggas is the type of niggas then that block niggas all three of them niggas all three of them niggas all three of them niggas nah jay-z and puff block niggas and you didn't deal with all three of them meaning your shit is super control nigga if any nigga got a problem on any three of those niggas they won't be going on your show or you won't be asking those real questions how do you do that how do you do that and in the end it's in the state of independence right now you don't need none of these niggas unless you just need a money horrible Randy action so I'm not to ask questions and how's Randy a cure for a lawyer producing drink champs how do you ain't got a nigga like me producing it you got this corny ass white boy no dude I ain't saying that on no racist shit but that nigga don't know shit about hip-hop history the fuck is he doing producing drink champs cuz you wanna be in a circle of them suckers gonna be now into jus committee nor we don't want to be he don't want to be unemployed nor we say he rich why is he worried about being unemployed said he rich y'all see him what with riding the yacht's down there and they can play nor he played on board a plane by now he's so rich you know I'm seeing him and his man Charlemagne they rich i betting or you don't oh no no house down in Miami on that water I was waiting for him to ask about the murdering deal he was gonna side with couch you you probably would return old and gray wait my assignment my assignment says says retirement hiding behind a mile in the chronic yeah that's that's it that's the story so my fifty and even what you call he asked him about that y'all ain't even oh my gosh are you right he ain't even asked him about him telling Nicki Minaj man damn nori I forgot about that one you didn't ask this nigga about Nicki Minaj if he splashed that fake plastic ass what was it like that box can't be too good yo cuz anybody she did when ain't nobody stay one man damn I I forgot about the Nicki Minaj man yo man or me niggas is mad at you on my page right now I can't even repeat this but I will keep this life so y'all could go back and look at these goddamn commas Jesus Christ they roasting you brother you let the people down why Dane called you chump monkey shit I don't dare call me a chump he too chump that ain't is that you told my damn – I thinking I was crying in the dark begging for jay-z to take him back he called me a chump if i'ma Chum what the hell is he joke you a hater like storm but well you goddamn right I'm a hater I'm the new hater star let me borrow that for a second let me be the hater for a little minute they talked about foxy on drink chance not as gay foxy or props yeah we are we already know that nas in acts don't change the questions children nor reblogs people that mention you on his page of course he do he he look I know nor we hate on me on the local that's all good it is clear that he hate on me right or I would have been up there already so he can't erase it I don't care long as you see it I still love nor veto he just he just he just get caught he just got caught up in politics then I confirm that that was him with shield that night I ain't speak to where I get I really don't know whack like that you know what I'm saying I don't know him personally that was like if that was whack that was like my first encounter with him I've seen him around plenty of times we've been under the same roof and talked but we don't know each other on a personal level but i'ma give one of the homies that I know that that know him to ask him if that was him that Rockefeller chain comment sounds like a shot is Sebastian I don't even know what the fuck Sebastian is he is forever indebted yeah we know that he said makers and Anakin Skywalker who was that is that the dude dog Vader's son no he blocks anybody that mentioned you that's okay he can't let him do it I don't care i DJ half and he's cool with me he FN or whatever the fuck y'all call him he's cool cuz you know man I'm out of conversation he needs always wanted me to come on the show but he can't supersede Nori's decision to not make that happen so let's let EF n live as it true that as the true Kanye used to pay for pussy police said that nega all these niggas pay for pussy when you buy you buy a bitch your bag you pay him for pussy take a bitch on the trip you pay him for pussy well a ton of dog go to Netflix I doubt that I already shopped it to them they still don't get it maybe in a few years they'll get it I don't want to drink shams nor he dick ride too much instead of asking questions the people want to know he'd rather play it safe and be friends yeah we know this already when you gonna get your own podcast I got my own podcast truth be told all day every day that's it wait wherever you see me filming at and the bushes under a car long as you say truth be told that's my podcast I'm not doing no traditional thing sitting at a table with a bunch of leg up getting dudes high and drunk and stuff that ain't my thing man I'm not trying to poison my people y'all gonna see in a few years when these niggas livers shut down and shit and they they die from alcohol poisoning like nah that ain't gonna be me why blank blank TV always going at you reckless cuz he is on my dick he is on my dick he is trying to ride my wave I wish I could post this nigga a message your head I think it yo ain't none person who yo you just hot right now you going at the hottest nigga right now so you know I'm just trying to catch the wave that's from your man blank blank blank TV that's on my dick but he can you go and see me one day you're running to me and I'll be keep that same energy why be teen got you credited as a producer on rap see the fuck you're talking to my I'm credited as a always show that – dude Slab City my name is in the credits like are you smoking crack remember vote one one time was it remember we vote at one time puffy hi Ross yeah and they drive Ross for French now he ain't got French drink chances buyers just like The Breakfast Club of course of course The Breakfast Club is bias see what they did to me Rick Ross that nigga jay-z took your artist nigga is he still signed to MMG your Ross why they doing you like to have Ross rose' your Jose will you have Rosie these niggas ain't fucking with you no more Rosie you don't get no more shine Rosie this ain't gonna tuck our artists this thing he set up in and and did that deal and did the interview with with Gayle King and then give you know props Ross everything was about Jay Z and you put that nigga in position for him to get up there nigga shit it on you Rosie I want to know why damn yelling that white man like that that shit was crazy because he was emotional what's up with vic mensa rockin that dress I don't even know Vic messes I heard that name before I heard that he I think he opened up for Beyonce and jay-z he'll saw one time but anything in a dress right now is down with that shit ain't no real man rocking no fuckin dress unless they a transsexual shout out to the transsexuals jay-z the fed now a I feel like the old rock nation is the earth as though as the Pope did it that day is like plants so niggas plants a rock nation everybody over there got cases and in the escaped jail I'm scared of rock nation no actor let's not talk about rock nation police might pull me over for no reason fuckin talking about them niggas I'm not fuckin of our nation we go y'all see how Martin Luther King came up with a al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and then now today where we was kids then right now we grown up we as grown adults we find out that this nigga al Sharpton was a federal informant the whole time watch what our kids tell us about rock nation the 20-30 years from now I guarantee you somebody in that in that camp is a federal informant watch watch watch can be some simão Sharpton shit when we get older watch watch she come out yeah cuz ain't no way he'll that thinking niggas out of jail I did the UH immigration plate 2170 got 20 without immigration like this think of jay-z is pulling more strings than Donald Trump right now Donald Trump can't get a sad rocky out let let us have rocky call over the rock nation I think it'd be on the mall hey rocky nigga you better you better sign of rock nation nigga before you go to trial he'll get you out somebody hit ASAP rocky tell that nigga he better say sign a deal now with Roc Nation tell them niggas he was signing blood just came out did S&S beat up phone flex I did they had a fight you know they really hate on you choke yeah they hate on me cuz they can't control me that's been my problem with Flex that's been my problem with Dane that's been my problem with Steven he'll be see it's like I speak my mind I speak the truth I can't they you know when you when you don't go into the dark room with these niggas and they niggas whipped a dick out on you and you don't play that game with them and you don't go and suck dick and get fucked in your ass and they can't control you yeah they gonna fuck you hate on you so yeah it's a uphill battle to for me but nigga I come from the project's when my father died he left all his money to my sisters and left for know for me saying yo you a man you got to make it on your own so since I was a kid a teenager early teens when my father did that I never depended on nobody to do shit for me cuz my father been told me you a man you got to make it on your own yeah it hurt as a kid I didn't understand that shit but today it gave me the integrity that I have that I will never let these niggas play me and shit I will never even think about confined cities or rolling over to any of these suckers niggas you don't know saying I don't have to sign a deal to be in the circle of a bunch of niggas that I know are undercover homosexuals I know what these niggas got to do I know what they got to do so why would I sit there and be upset with niggas blackballing me only reason bigges do it to me cuz I ain't doing what they did so they like your why should we let you come and eat and get this type of money when you ain't get fucked in your ass that ain't fit it's like it's like a nigga this ain't the NBA you know what I'm saying I can't even though the team the starting five is responsible for winning the championship the twelfth nigga on the bench still get the trophy too he still won a championship this ain't a game they don't play that in this in this industry nigga everybody got to be on the court for you to win the championship in this shit and being on the court means being getting for the most part selling your soul washing the worship in the devil or doing homosexual acts ain't none of these niggas that got over 10 20 million didn't do that shit unless they did less they did it straight independently and and on they own like maybe RJ Prince a master P that was a different time you don't say these niggas now are you giving up that boho nigga you giving that shit up you better believe it nigga you are getting you always getting your I eat you are eating planners there's no way possible you get into these bags and signing these Dale and these things is keeping you out of jail and shit and you ain't giving to none of that sucker shit you still a real nigga get the fuck out of here we know better us and us in the game that better you gotta remember man I came in this hip-hop game I was born into it I was that it wasn't started in the late 70s I was already seven eight years old nine years old I see everybody come in the game and I know everybody that got flipped so ain't none of y'all niggas fooling me none of y'all and yeah I can see here act like y'all y'all real and got in and do nothing but that's why your man's in them the street niggas around you can't go to that after after after party with you you always got to shake niggas because they can't see you walk in the room and see you sucking a dick again fucked in your ass because they're gonna go and tell and if they ain't getting fucked in the ass they they can't be in the room with you so we know what time it is but a lot of you niggas a lot of you knew yes keep playing like you real we know what you did keep playing like you real we know that you fake and it does it kills you that I'm saying this right now cuz you know it's the truth your friends are looking at you right now and your fucking head is down on the floor you looking at the floor look your nigga now right now look your niggas in the eye right now you know who I'm talking to you all you niggas that's secretly in this live right now that ain't following me that want to see what the fuck I'm saying they're soldiers so look your niggas in our right now and tell them that they game fuck you and your ass or you ain't suck a dick the excuse me our Bert tell them tell them I'm lying look them in the eyes and say you're that niggas choke lion I never did no gay shit look here nigga in the eye right now nigga all you all you all y'all niggas that standing around a nigga that got over 10 million dollars right now that's looking at this shit look them in the eyes look them in the eyes say nigga you did that to say it right now – yo you did that you did you gave in to that gay shit you know when your nigga lying look at him look at him look at him look him in the face look him in the face y'all even if his girls and they did it asked him today after dumb girls all know that God on Love & Hip Hop asked them and they did they fuck any of their producers on love it by the women just to get on

45 thoughts on “Choke No Joke Talks Drink Champs with Nas

  1. This dude is hurt hurt!..bro youve been discommunicated move u comin out the closet with secrets that u knew wasnt right but now u exposin cause you no longer down..FOH!

  2. Drink Champs are now down with Revote, tidal and mass appeal! That's the reason way Nore couldn't go there! Jay z is being controlled by the white power structure. Mainstream hip hop Culture lost it's soul decades ago!

  3. Choke a G was outthere in them NY streets with Rich n po big face big pac…yeah we we need choke to start them real nigga interviews TURNUP'EM CHAMP

  4. That’s what Drink champs platform is about. Giving Dap to artists. It’s never been about asking about controversial shit. That’s what your platform is about though. That’s why your making this video.

  5. But u speaking facts all the time but hov not the goat nas not even top 5 that nigga ran from pac he nice but he didn’t defend ny I lost respect for him but it’s a 2 part interview part 2 in Miami wait don’t speak to fast


  7. That drink Champs conversation was trash!!! Nore deliberately made it about him, so he wouldn't have to ask nas the questions the masses wanted to know! They're are all compromised and apart if the corporate machine! That was far from a interview! Fuck these false idols

  8. Why should we let you come eat like us when you ain't get fckd in yo ass that ain't fair @55:08! Lmmfaoooooooooooooooo

  9. seemed like a decent interview to me. idk why yall keep wanting him to ask about shit 15-20 years ago just move the fuck on from that. nas getting his bag now n he seems in a good place. and i dont think he gives 2 fucks about jay z hating ass ways. he ain't at the roc nation breakfast like the rest of these clowns. just because he networking with jay don' t mean he on his dick. i do agree that he coulda asked some better questions tho

  10. Y’all really upset that grown man aren’t sitting around gossiping about old shit 😂😂😂. “No spicy questions “ man y’all sound like some birds. Shout out to Nore and Nas. Too black men doing positive things in their lives and not dwelling on old, irrelevant drama. Maybe choke should take some notes

  11. Yo Choke the breakfast club is fake too, Charlemagne gives everyone donkey of the day. But when his good friend Jess Hilarious made those racist remarks on the plane?? NO DONKEY OF THE DAY!

  12. It's Sad But the Clintons are the ones that are at the Helm of who yall say are the Dark Side, Thats who's "above" Jay Z… Shouts to Hov still LOL, stop BlackBallin Choke, he's an HipHop Icon

  13. If they taking the videos just brand them.with all your contact info so if they take them you still get the traffic directed back to your pages

  14. Man nore outta pocket aint he the same bull that shot a bull they jumped him and he shot bull again now that being said where is the real nore at same bull back in the day who performed at palmers and went straight to transit night club performed thier in philly but me saying that my homie r.i.p lance(love) it was his birthday and nore invited me and my homies in transit for free and paid for drinks because we held him down now please understand nore was by himself no security nor his own folks around him sorry kno other rapper that came to philly ever done that and ive partied with some but nore was the realist dude at that time so him selling out now is crazy to me again r.i.p lance aka love

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