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24 thoughts on “Choke No Joke Tells Stories Of Hip Hop Legends And Talks His New Documentary

  1. This was a really good interview, the Breakfast club let him give up all the dirt without interruption.

  2. Ain't no room for REAL PEOPLE in the industry, they trying to laugh it off cause they know the truth.

  3. Ive had some of the realist mf in the game tell me these dudes up top be on that gay shit.. This is a real MF right here. Laugh but this shit aint funny…

  4. That story with Charlie Baltimore is something alot of women do.If that is exactly how the story went down Charlie Baltimore a dirty chick son.

  5. I still dont understand how you can have a bar & dj in the bathroom with the air smelling like sweaty sex, random number 2's and pissy floors.

  6. Envy you wrong as all get out. You know darn well what you work hard for you not gone give it to someone 🤣😂

  7. I don't know how this ended up on my recommended list but god I WISH Envy wasn't here for this interview smdh. ANNOYING

  8. 32:18 that's why I'd never ever no matter how broke or how bad it is, I'd NEVER sell poison to my own ppl (the ppl I love with all of my heart) yea it's their choice to do the drug and they'll get it regardless if they want to but it's contradictory to say you love your ppl but then break them off knowin they killin themselves slowly. All for what?? So u can floss and impress who?? No matter what you do you will never impress anyone, not tryna hear no excuses unless you had absolutely no other way to survive. One love for all my ppl, white, black, hispanic… I don't care what race you are, I love you and I wish you all prosperity and God's blessings infinitely over you even if you wish me the opposite, I LOVE YOU!!

  9. Glad yall brought choke on here..he been poppin lately…hope he maximizes his current 15 mins of fame

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