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chotu Baaghi is back, Khandesh ka छोटू Baaghi, Khandesh Hindi Comedy- khandeshi comedy

To subscribe to our channel click this button and for new video updates click on this bell icon. what is it? open the door what sound was that from your body? whichever type of sound person has, it will play the same sound. ok fine, so you are released today? yes I completed my 15 years punishment. then who will change your jail uniform your father? get inside and change it quickly you spent 15 years of your life over here so what? will your family recognize you? what did you say? I just said go home walking under the trees shades. no I will not go home I will first go and search for that person for he was the reason, that I couldn’t go home for 15 years. you remember the pistol, but you don’t remember your father who gave you this pistol. I remember everything father. what is it? Raju you leave me what drama is it, carrying pistol and all this? you have just been released from the jail isn’t it? Raju you leave me you leave me, I will kill that man, you just leave me Raju you leave me hey! you demo of storm, whom are you trying to kill? that person because of his false witness, I just put behind the bar (jail) for 15 years. My mother died due to crying continuously my father (laughs) died due to laughter that old man had gone mad my wife lived life like a window I guess whether my children will recognize me or not? and this all has happened because of that bastard just because of him I ruined my family life. I will not leave that bastard alive you leave me Raju I will not leave that bastard alive about whom I are you saying, who is he? I am saying about that bastard who is sitting under the tree over there. you just leave me you just calm down, let me see who is he, I will look for it, you just wait. brother about whom are you saying, there are three people sitting. that one who is playing cards oh! is it about whom are you saying three of them are playing cards about him who is wearing white cap oh! is it three of them are wearing caps over there the person who is wearing white shirt over there oh! is it, let me see wait brother three of them are wearing white shirt over there come on get up, come along look who saved till end, I was talking about him huh! even today she looks so stunning (Bollywood romantic music) (Bollywood romantic music) so here you come after staying for 15 years in jail, this man didn’t change his habit of being late. help me GOD what should I do to him now? 1st just for 5 minutes work, he used to be late for 5-5 hours. if he goes to the shop to buy eggs, those eggs will turn into chicks but this fellow won’t come home on time he is just like the waste plastic bags, which gets entangled in every gutter lane the distance between our house and the jail is just 30 minutes away. He was released at 12 o’clock, and see what is the time now? Oh! my GOD look at him, shameless fellow, he is answering back to me huh! blood hell better than this I was fine in the jail forget it better I go back to jail.

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