Laughter is the Best Medicine

Chotu faltu jadugar खानदेश का छोटू फालतू जादूगर Khandesh hindi comedy

Hey!!! are you the useless Magician? Why? What happen brother? huh! it’s you? isn’t it? Yes, it’s me? why??? Please teach me magic tricks. Hey! get lost have you ever previously done any magic tricks ? Yes I have done many magic tricks, in my childhood. hey! I would quietly grab people’s purses …and vanish their small little things… Hey! brother that’s not magic trick, that’s called robbery. Huh!!!! Brother please show me some magic tricks Forget it, show me some magic from your hat or something like that. Ok, you want to see hat magic tricks, alright. yes Look into this is there anything in it?? Hey! there is an venomous woman in it. She is my mother.. my mother she is your mother??? an venomous woman.. She is my mother.. an venomous is your mother? hey! his mother is an venomous woman How did you mother become an venomous woman ? once when my father was angry with her, so he played magic tricks, and turned her into an venomous woman. and where is you father? so my grandfather was angry with him, so he played magic tricks, and turned him into a frog. huh!!, so where is your father now? now he is her stomach. I am sorry aunt, I said bad words for you. Please forgive me. Go safe. Magician brother please show me some magic tricks…. Hey! get lost I said sorry to your mother, and now she is my aunt. now please show me some magic Hey! you just get lost Ok then atleast show me hang fire mouth magic. Alright if you insist, I will show you some magic tricks, give me that kerosene and wand. I will show you latest magic today. Hey! what nonsense your 1st attempt went so very wrong. hey! wait, I doing it have patience… Hey! nonsense you are spitting all over me, your 2nd attempt failed, I am going. hey! wait, brother I will show you the magic. Please wait. Look there it is. Oh! yes it is. what a fire spark Look at the fire sparks Oh! my that’s amazing. wonderful magician brother, you did a great sparkling fire magic. hey! that’s not my magical fire. It’s the electrical opposite of a short circuit its an “open circuit” If you liked this useless magician’s magic video, then please like it. share it and subscribe it. hey! subscribe it no yaa subscribe it ok ok wait wait… don’t quarrel, wait. Guys please click this.

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