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Chotu ka bhoot Part 1-with English Subtiles Khandesh Hindi Comedy- khandeshi comedy

To subscribe to our channel click this button and for new video updates click on this bell icon. He loves me? he loves me not? He loves me, he loves me not. Hey! what is my baby doing?? Baby I was trying to check how much you love me and how much do you know about me? Baby, for all this there is a Tik Tok Valentine Day Quiz where we get percentage marks at the end of the quiz game and then we get to know our own partners comparability with us. Wow! baby quiz, I love it. Ok, I am done but baby, I scored only 70% but baby, even I scored only 20% What??? Hmmm!!! Uncle do you people have massage service here? please attend me first, as I am in a bit hurry. Huh! he is back to get bored me again hey! do you think we are here to freak out? can’t you see us in the queue ? come on get in the queue. where I stand, the queue starts from there itself. (Amitabh Bachachan dialogue) hey! little children’s Amitabh Bachachan, sit here quietly . Hey! uncle Will will you attend me within 10 to 15 seconds? I swear on my pair of scissors, I am busy till 1 and a half hour. and dare not even try to bore me, do you understand? no issue take your time, no matter if it’s even hours. Hey! Daya come here. just give me a moment. Daya I don’t understand one thing this Chotu he visits our salon list his number in the queue even he ask’s about my busy time in the shop he asks everything and goes away but doesn’t return back. just find out where does he go? Oh! I see…. Take your time, I am sitting ideal here? Brother you don’t take tension I will just go and find out everything. Gori feed me the grapes Oh! Chotu Oh! Gori Oh! Chotu Oh! Gori Oh! Chotu Oh! Gori Oh! Chotu Oh! Gori Oh! Chotu…Chotu… Oh! Gori…Gori… Oh! mere Chotu Oh! meri Gori Chotu Gori Cho… Go… tu… ri… Chotu Gori Chotu Gori What’s wrong with your voice? Gori this is Daya’s voice, get up quickly go hide somewhere Who is Daya? he is my father’s spy, go quickly from here. Someone might see you here. but where should I go? go over there. where should I go, and hide where? go hide there. go quickly where should I go Daya, you!! what are you doing here? father is not at home you go away from here hey! what is your problem? nobody home what you want? Hello.. where are you going? I don’t want anything then?? your father sent me here. why? to see whether you need anything I don’t need anything, go away from here. go away from here, nobody is here stop…stop.. stop now what is it? I don’t understand one thing what? that street boy, Chotu what about him? about him is that, he daily visit’s your father’s salon he register’s his name in the queue, but doesn’t return back, then where does he go? what I know ? must be going some other place, but he doesn’t come here. You just go away from here Oh! I see, you don’t know. No, I don’t know Ghost…ghost… Ghost..Ghost..Ghost.. Ghost.. Ghost..Ghost.. Ghost.. wait a minute Ghost.. what’s wrong with this silly girl, didn’t she recognize me? Ghost..Ghost.. Hey! where is the ghost? you never do my profit, always put me in loss because of you my client ran away let the client go away brother firstly you try to move away the ghost from your house. move away the ghost from my house, means? this means there is a ghost in your house I am living there since years, I never saw any ghost over there. from where did you see it? Boss, my name is Daya. look over here this is the upside down ghost’s up side down shoe. this is Chotu’s shoe Oh! my then he is in your house. what are your saying? yes today he will be finished I swear on my pair of scissors come on not here, come on there Hey! I will give you a punch Who are you? didn’t you recognize me? no I didn’t recognize you shut up (Romantic Bollywood Song) did you see how I made him run away. it’s fine for the time being but if my father comes to know about us, then it will be a very big problem before my father comes home, you better go away from here go away quickly hey! you silly girl when I am there, you need not to fear nor get any cold. I am your quilt come on hug me. but Chotu, I am scared (Film Bollywood Dialogue) If there is fear in love then it’s not love its lust, my dear Anarkali Gori… Hey! Gori Oh! my father is here. father is here. Now what to do? What do I know, you think over it Let me think….. let me think….. huh! (Pre-Cap of the next episode) (Bollywood Song) Hi, guys Happy Valentine’s Day Guys, on this Valentine’s day, Tik Tok has organised a fine quiz. ” DO YOU KNOW ME ?” through this quiz you will know how much does your partner know about you. and if you are single, you can also play this with any of your friends. Link is given below in the description box and once again we wish to all the lovers and friends, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  3. Chhotu dada apki har vdo dekhi lekin sab vdo me muj yahi lady actress kamal ki lagi inka naam kya h please reply & very funny vdo๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  4. Muj aisi hi ladki pasand ati desi look wali suit salwar or kano me lambe lambe jhumke ho .me to inka diwana ho gaya๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ‘Œ

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