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Chotu ka jaadu tona-With English Subtitles Khandesh Hindi Comedy- chotu comedy

Please click this button to subscribe to our channel and for new video updates click the bell icon You get lost, you are such a headache. Keeps on irritating- murmuring nonsense all the time. You just go away from here, I dam care about you. He just knows to quarrel all the time Will anyone get a wife like me??? sometime I feel he doesn’t go for work in the office, I guess he sits there and plans how to quarrel with me. Whom should I complaint about this man? I can’t tell my parents it was my stupid decision to marry him Even my In-Laws are not well these days I will tell my uncle but he will be back from the outstation after 2 months. whom should I tell? I try so hard to adjust with this man, I put so much of effort to do the same. but he doesn’t listen to me look at the other wives they are so much shopaholics but look at me, the sari which cost rupees 5000/- I bargained it for rupees 3000/- though I didn’t demand for matching jewelry neither for any footwear He doesn’t have any respect for me whom should I seek for such help? I will tell Sheela about this Even she has the same problem with her husband like mine. She must be definitely knowing some solution to this problem I will ring a call to her right now. receive the call I think even she is busy quarreling with her husband Hello Hello Sheela Sheela why were you so busy, I was trying your call from such a long time. were you busy quarreling with your husband? I was having a sweet romantic talk with my husband a sweet romantic talk with your husband !!!! How is it possible? I mean, me and my husband keep quarreling all the time. He has an issue if I cook or I don’t cook the food sometimes he feels the food it salty, sometimes he feels its less sweeter. you know me since childhood, how adjusting lady I am. then too he keeps quarreling with me all the time how don’t you quarrel with your husband nowadays? and how cum you are having a sweet romantic talk with your husband? It’s a miracle Miracle !!!, what kind of miracle, tell me. then listen carefully Hmm… I know for what purpose you are here!! You are worried because of your husband You are amazing holy father take it easy child Holy father you are uttered the truth whenever my husband comes home he finds some or the other reasons to fight with me. I say something else he takes it in some other sense. I doubt he is having an extra martial affair that’s the reason he keeps going outside the house please help me holy father, you are my only hope. please help me holy father stop I am aware of everything… everything everything everything everything but…. whatever I will say you have to follow it I will follow your each word, and do exactly as you say Huh!!! Amarari – Samari (mantras) Samari – Damari (mantras) Should I come or will you come?? take it take it, or you are trying to make me fall on my face. But there is a procedure to activate this amulet what is it? whenever you and your husband meet face to face keep this in between your teeth then just wait and watch the strength of this amulet. go now your work will be done Tata (waving) Good bye Good night ( 3 weeks later) (Dance music) Holy father gift for you The Papaya is ready now Holy father can I ask you a question? yes you can “aiiin” what was it? it was my meditation time but what are you doing here at this time? Holy father, do you remember me, I met you 3 weeks back. yes Me and my husband use to fight all the time. you gave me an amulet, to keep in between my teeth yes I did exactly as you said Its a miracle, you gave such a powerful amulet to me that amulet was a miracle for me (Laughter) definitely it must but the miracle was not because of the amulet the miracle happened because you shuttered your mouth. Huh!!! (laughter and dance music) If you liked the video click the like button share the video and please do subscribe DSS Production channel (dance music) (cheer and applause)

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  3. Chotu dada ki to maza h har ek nayi wife milti h nd ye wife to bohat hi achi thi kya acting ki h isne maza aagaya

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