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Chotu ka raat ka lafda Khandesh Hindi Comedy

To subscribe to our channel click this button and for new video updates click on this bell icon. Wow, nice Hi Hi Look I wore new earrings, how is it, nice isn’t it? Yes, very nice Liar, you didn’t give me a look either. I mean you are looking very nice in it What are you watching, is it so interesting? T20, you know I love cricket T20- T20, these players are anyways in profit thought they win or loss what do you get through this pumpkin? How will I get anything, I am not playing with them. Alright, if I introduce you to a new application, by which you can play well as earn money out of it. You liar there is no such application. Of course, there is, my brother told me about this application today morning Nostragamus Application Anyone can play and earn money through this application What are you saying, really? Yes, because of mostly Indians play fantasy sports and prediction in games and this is the best and simple fantasy sports format to play with. play and win then tell me quickly how to play this game nothing much, just answer to the simple questions asked in the game for example which team will win or lose? or which player will make good runs whenever the game player answer correct he or she will get the cash money prize and whoever downloads this application in their mobile, they get 100 rupees bonus is it, then I will download this Nostragamus application in my mobile right now isn’t it good? it’s amazing then give me my gift for it now please don’t disturb huh! look for this why people keep the door knockers so high how should I knock? yes, this one is better anyone home? I guess whether one stays here or no? then for what purpose have you people built this door? open the door Oh! my GOD Who is it? Granny, it’s me Beg your pardon Granny, it’s me Me??? who’s that me?? I am in trouble (pareshan) You are Shaan, that famous singer? then son please sing a song for me Granny, I am not any singer I am in trouble that’s fine son but why am I not able to see you? clean the glasses and look at me Granny huh! you said I am cock-eyed? your Dad, your mother, your whole family is cock-eyed teasing me, you said I am a cock-eye person look down granny look down, down Oh! my Son why haven’t you gone home from school My dear, small kids don’t move around late nights, your mother must be worried. Go home now Oh! my children go to school huh?? Oh! my, underpants go away, where do your underpants go daily? not my underpants go my children go to school, my little kids Ok, kids, you mean children thank God old lady understood my conversation but son in such a cold climate so late night why have you come here to do such stupidity my car is not working son your only car is not working but here your grandpa’s kitly is not working it’s not kitly, its know as KIDNEY Oh! I am sorry Kidney, alright now very soon his lungs will also give up see how bad this old man is coughing Granny, that’s ok My car is not working, it’s too dark now, and the climate is very cold, where will I go to such a late-night situation? I was thinking to take a halt here till tomorrow morning, I will leave early in the morning Alright, then come follow me have no idea this is which year’s model? Why are you rushing here? is this the room? this is your grandpa’s room alright then I will sleep outside over here just give a blanket I will adjust myself here huh? my bad luck, she is just a waste battery I said I will sleep outside, just give me a blanket, I will adjust myself over here but son there are big mosquitos here, see for yourself no issue, I will sleep outside, I will adjust myself but son, the climate will get more chiller here my dear granny, I will adjust myself, you don’t worry but son, if you sleep on this cot, you will get back pain Granny, I will murder you what did you say murder? no no not murder I said border border I mean give me permission to sleep on your house border this night huh? you want me to wash your feet? since the past few days. I haven’t washed my face due to the cold and you are ordering me to wash your feet, go wash yourself you dumb dumbo I mean let me sleep here, past one hour you are just questioning me, when will I sleep? son, you don’t one thing you sleep in this room why you want to die in this winter thank you thank you but there is one problem now, what is it? Gullu sleeps in that room and snores very badly snoring??? then better I sleep here, why to trouble Gullu in the night? Oh! it spilt Oh! shit The old lady was right, this winter and these mosquitos were a very bad experience Did it spill again? now it’s not there in the pan too no worries I will ask him to gulp this one Good morning tea, son Granny who is she? she? hey! child come here he is our guest ok he was here last night really? Hi I am Gullu Gullu sleeps in that room better I sleep here, why to trouble Gullu in the night? I am Gullu, and you? 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  1. Wow CHOTU DADA Maza Aa Gaya Video Dekhkar Kya Mast Acting Ki hai Love You Chhotu Ummaaahhhhh 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

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