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Chris Evans Advice for People with Anxiety and Depression (Very Powerful)

Maybe the thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do. I love what I do still, I have passion for it. Whatever it was, I just tried to dominate it. Why don’t you just say your name and tell me what you do. I’m Chris Evans and I’m an actor. If you could give yourself advice, like look back and talk to the 12 year old version of yourself, what advice would you give? Yeah, you know I’d say and it sounds – it might seem Oversimplified, but it’s profound. I’d say “Shh.” It’s been a big thing for me, “Shh.” You know it’s so funny how noisy my brain is and everyone’s brain is noisy, it’s what it does, it makes thoughts. The problem is, I think in most of our lives the root of suffering is following that brain noise and listening to that brain noise and actually identifying with it as if it’s who you are. That’s just the noise your brain makes you know and more often than not, it probably doesn’t have much to say that’s going to help you For Captain America, I read that you turned down the role a number of times, can you explain why? It was because it was a big commitment, they wanted six movies, and you know normally you do movies one at a time and if one of those movies hits and is a success and your life noticeably changes you know your personal life, your anonymity, privacy is affected, you have the opportunity to stop and regroup and go home and just you know make a decision from then on how do you want to proceed with your life. The worry was if this movie hits and there is a lifestyle change, and I don’t react well to it I don’t have the opportunity, the luxury to say “You know guys, I’m good, I think I’m going to go back to doing, you know, indies or maybe something else, you know maybe in a couple of years I don’t want to act anymore I don’t know It’s just, six movies can be spread over ten years and you’re making a decision for a decade and it’s not just a decision for you If the lifestyle changes to a point where your anonymity is compromised, then it’s really not your right to complain anymore. So if all of a sudden someone in your family is up in a hospital and you’re going in and out every day and someone’s taking pictures of you and you complain, everyone’s going to say “Too bad. You made this bed, sleep in it.” And that’s a shame. And that’s a decision you have to make and prepare for, this isn’t – this ripple effect isn’t just going to be about me. And that’s scary, you know, you think “Was there another way to get where I want to get without this?” you know what I mean, if the strings attached are six movies That’s a scary loss of control that I just wasn’t ready to process and so I said no And I asked every human being in my life what they thought, and you know everyone said I should do the movie and I did – I said I’ve gone to therapy, I went to therapy, I was like “Fine, I’ll talk to a therapist, see what they have to say.” you know you know because I do struggle with – I get anxiety about certain things and press and things like that, you know all those things were tied into Marvel responsibilities And it kind of started to shift on me, it started to feel like maybe the thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do, maybe this is actually what you should push yourself into and it just started to make sense to me that way. And I said “Let’s go for it.” And, you know, it was a bumpy acclimation, it was certainly a nerve-wracking first couple weeks of shooting as to whether or not I had made the right choice, but in retrospect, it certainly was. Oh my God, can you imagine, I’d be kicking myself My agent’s got, you know, a lifetime supply of “I told you so”s after that one. The times that I felt my best are the moment that I’ve been able to pull that plug and say “Chris, shh.” And it’s not quitting, it’s not giving up. It’s not washing your hands at the thought. It’s rising above it. It’s operating on a separate plane. You can’t dissect why that works because the reason it works doesn’t speak the same language that the brain speaks. It can’t try and say “Well, why shush?” Because the shush is you know –
it’s different, it’s different and when you just “Shh.” It feels good, like that’s better. That’s better. And I think back to all the amount of time I probably spent suffering as a result of brain noise. Hours of my life wasted. So, that’s what I’d say, “Shh.” Where are you from? I’m from Boston. You still consider that your home, you said you’re often up there. Yeah, yeah, I got a place back there. I mean like I said I got nothing against LA, I just prefer the East coast. I’m one of six. I have three brothers and sisters. Older sister, myself, younger brother, younger sister. We’re really close, you know a very tight-knit family. We did everything together. We’re all actors, so we’re all very melodramatic. We’re all very imaginative, we played a lot of games together just in our backyard. I had a great childhood, a great youth and my family was a big part of it, that’s why I love them but going home for me is kind of where I just reconnect to that part of my mind, and when I just come out here too long and things that shouldn’t matter start mattering and you say I gotta – I gotta recharge. Initially I was really big into art, so drawing and painting. But art school was going to be the path I was gonna take. I didn’t start acting till I was about maybe 13, 14. My older sister was doing plays. She was having a ball, I figured I’d try it and it was a good time, so I kept doing it. I probably had much bigger balls then than I do now. Now I sit, you know, terrified before auditions. I probably couldn’t wait to get in the room. I mean, I think back to some of the things I did at, you know, acting camp and things like that, just gusto and willingness God! Who has the yearbook? Who did this? Were you were you in the Virtuous Burglar or the Bald Soprano? I was in the Virtuous Burglar. And what role did you play? I don’t remember. I mean, I did a lot of plays, I couldn’t tell you, I mean, I have nightmares about this where you’re backstage and all of a sudden like “Alright we’re doing the Virtuous Burglar, you gotta go” It’s like “I don’t remember my lines.” “Just get out there. They’ll come to you.” And you come out on stage with the play you did 15 years ago This is – this is what happens when I sleep. Back in the good old days – Good old days ’97, what a time. Where did that change, when did the anxiety start? When it actually matters, you know, when you’re like auditioning for you know, for your work, your career, your life. You know you’re an adult, it’s not just funny games, you’re actually trying to build something and when it doesn’t work out, you start to kind of get, you know. It’s a heady game acting, you know, for any movie or book there’s probably you know dozens of rejections and that can play on you, So you start to kind of put pressure on yourself. You know, sometimes you go through stints of having really good auditions, really solid auditions, being like “I’m good. Every time I go in the room I feel centered, I’m present, I’m ready.” Other times you’re like “Man, I feel like I forget how to act” and you’re on shaky ground every time you step in a room. You said that there’s a search to be in the moment. Does that only apply to acting? It’s everything that reality looks and feels and smells and sounds like but you know it’s not and you’re completely in control of that unfolding. And that’s the time where I really feel the most present And I think that’s part of my addiction to acting because I struggle to find that in life. It’s a bit harder when there’s no script. And this is just happening in a chaotic form. But the hunt for the moment, you know the hunt to be present, that’s the goal. Acting is like a temporary, artificial substitute that is like a drug. It’s great. My goal in life is to find that, to be present like that in life. It’s hard.

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  1. Chris Evans is such a real life superhero. Seeing him portray a strong unbreakable hero in the movies with him now and his actually personality shining through as a real hero is quite amazing. I highly respect and look up to him!

  2. Having to hold back your true emotions to show forth to society is the toughest thing we stumble upon from day to day basis. We create a mindset where we derive ourselves in a custom where everything is seen optimistically, but at the same time, the other side of the story are shun down and never gets the voice it deserves. I, myself have been struggling through depression but i dont let my closest friends , even family be aware of what is going on. And yes its my fault for not letting them know but I am a victim of having a different set of face and or personality to present to them. It is tiring and everyday, i tell myself that tomorrow’s a different day, another opportunity and i have the choice of how im living it

  3. I wish you would have taken your own advice before you dabbled into politics…
    I'm so tired of Hollywood elites opinions on politics I don't wanna hear it! I just want you to do your job and entertain me!

  4. My little 10-year-old has anxiety so badly that he gets stomach migraines. I had never heard of that. Excitement, sadness, confrontation, all triggers them. He literally vomits in a clockwork like pattern. It’s so sad. He asked, “Mom, why me?”

    I let him watch this and he said if Cpt. America can get over anxiety, so can I. Knowing this made him want to meet Chris even more.

  5. Mental health is nothing to be made fun of, but I wish utube scans and governs what they put here!
    More and more people look to social media and internet sites to determine their right mental health path…Don't please ,

  6. People Don’t Want to
    Kill Themselves They Just Don’t Know How to Kill the Pain!!!!!!!!!

    Every Thunderstorm
    Runs Out of Rain!!!!!!

  7. I'm desperately losing my battle…. don't even know why I'm sharing……6 days I haven't left my house….. haven't been to work all week, can't answer a phone…. can't eat, can't get out of bed…. I'm hoping…. sigh….. hoping to make it another few days….. don't know if I will….. terrible existence…..

  8. 1:40 exactly my attitude when I was 31 and younger. Why I wanted to join military but didn’t.
    Then found out I had bone cancer, needed a titanium hip thigh bone replacement, now have no say at,(49 years old ), about wanting this or that.
    My body decides.
    Good luck
    God Bless America


    Please follow innocent try to motivate people 🙏🏻

  10. Chris had to play a character that was a leader and yet he struggles so much with depression and anxiety. He truly is a great actor and such an amazing human being. He is Captain America, he always have and always will.

  11. I want to go to school to be an actress but I’m scared I’m making the wrong decision by choosing this career. It’s the only thing I can see myself doing

  12. Chris’s Brain doesn’t have much to say that’s going to help him or anyone.

    I agree Chris, your brain has nothing good in it.

    It’s probably because of all the white power paper that you have in your wallet.

    Do you walk by homeless people laughing and giggling like this?

    Maybe he should listen to his brain instead of shutting it up. Maybe that fecal matter in their is actually what he needs to deal with.

    What type of person terrifies him so much? Hmmm.

  13. He's a Living legend. So genuine, innocent, Funny, good-looking, Chill.
    He just seems so genuine.
    I wish I could shh my brain😢

  14. It’s so weird how we overlook the simplest things all the time I wanted silence and never really asked for it or tell it to just be quiet 😂 I don’t know if you’re getting me or not but this well help me and I hope it does to you to

  15. I am suffering from depression and these videos are still making me not give up. Hope they can help me in my whole life.

    Fight harder, those people who have mental health problems, life is more intense than it really is.

  16. You are an excellent actor,when I first saw you in the movie with Kim bassinger,i knew you were going to go far!,great advice,thank you.

  17. I suffer from axiety and depression. It's been like 14 years since the diagnose so I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks Chris.

  18. This is really the best video to stay calm and take time to just breath … thank u chris for all those advices ❤️

  19. A brilliant piece of advice
    I wish I would have heard this years ago
    Never to late to apply it

  20. I have never thought about shushing my brain til i saw this video. will do to see if it can shut up. and let me sleep.

  21. I am from India. Thank you Chris for saying yes to the role of Captain America. Looking at skinny Steve fighting in the alley gives me strength that what I can become.

    I had a tussle with depression for about 2 years. Looking at you as Captain America gave me hope and strength.

    After watching the first Captain America movie, I decided to never give up my ideals and values just to fit in some group or society in general.

    Because Cap never did and when he picked that hammer and said Avengers assemble, I knew I would never break the promise I did to myself.

    Now when the soldier has return to his home after the war, I know I don't have to fight all the time, it about time when I take it easy.

    Thank you Chris and thank you Captain America.

  22. I’d be too pussy to sign a 6 movie contract. In fact, I’m shitting my pants just thinking about having to make that decision. Chris Evans has some pretty big balls man what a legend

  23. Yeah, I always kick myself whenever I pushed through something, like going to uni and feeling not prepared enough for a class or meeting up with people, and realised "hey, it's not that bad, why did I overthink this."

    Now I gave in to the thoughts so I currently haven't gotten any "it's not that bad." lels

  24. This, this says a lot. There’s so much here. Being empathetic and emotional can be such a deep pool. I’m a nurse and I’ve always been able to feel the room and know the tone and it’s a lot. It’s wonderful for taking care of others, but it’s a lot of noise. I’m superstitious and I’d always see which elevator opened on my way up to the floor, if it was on the right it would be a smooth night and the left, well, call the code now. I really like this. Thank you for being open about this, my brain is noisy too.

  25. I saved this as a title "when you tired of living", i just rewatch this time and time when im overthinking on something. Its just so good to hear Chris voice, it makes me calm. And his thought is something that led me stop feeling bad of myself.

  26. This has helped me a lot, I have wasted hours to my anxiety. But three words he just said changed my entire mindset.
    Rise above it

  27. I'm in the same boat. I have mild depression and anxiety and it can make me paranoid and scared and alone. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there.

  28. I wake up every morning and the anxiety hits right away. Saw this in my recommend when I woke up and now I feel much better to start the day. Thank you for making me feel like I’m bigger than my fears.

  29. You can think yourself into depression and anxiety,,,but you have to ACT yourself out of them. I'm in Delaware, my son is doing his medical school residency Boston,,, my depression and anxiety was when he was 10 years old and his mother left us…

  30. Many people equate themselves with there personality/thoughts. You are not your thoughts, you are the one listening to the thoughts.

  31. Thankyou, I do a deep breathe in, my exhale sounds like your shhhhh. I never thought of it as shushing my noisy brain. But it is. So wonderful to hear someon else describing how I feel. Regardless of how little you think you have in common on the surface.
    It is hard to show up, be present, be in the moment, but always worth the work

  32. You can't live life without experiencing some form of anxiety and depression from time to time. You need to take time alone and reflect for as much time as you need. Sometimes it's short, sometimes it's forever. It may lessen with time, but the pain never goes away. That's why it hurts so much. The voices in your head never go away. It's can make or break you. It changes you for the worse and destroys you.

  33. Chris evans is CAP
    Rdj is IRON MAN
    Scarlett johanson is BLACK WIDOW
    Chris Hemsworth is THOR
    Christian Bale is BATMAN
    Tobey maguire is SPIDERMAN
    all these actors will always be my favorite

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