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Chris Hemsworth Talks THOR: THE DARK WORLD Humor

you did a fantastic job in his film that slows all of us away as usual so I'm curious to know how long can you see yourself playing for I don't know I've got um was a three left I think two more Avengers in one for as far as my contract goes um but I love it you know I mean it's time we play this character I've been able to do something else in between so that's satisfied that you know the desire to sort of mix it up and and and you get to have a second go at it you know you you find things you liked or didn't like in the last one that you can you know now advance on the repeat or not repeat and you don't get that you know with anything else off and you watch something uh oh that's a disaster and don't do that but this time okay you can you can have another attempt what did you want to attempt differently this one uh you know you'd its kind of it the way it's structured they've got to all blend into each other anyway you know with the Avengers Thor Captain America Iron Man and this was the next step to you know from Avengers and I men and and to make sure that we didn't repeat Thor's naivety and whatever in the first one Aloha played in some great humor but how do we find humor now in it because these films i find that the fun and the humor ties it all together and allows you to buy into the fantastical world but they were presenting I loved the humor in this field and I found that it was less it wasn't slaps tickles yeah humor so Joe thank you what is the status of Snow White Atlanta to I don't know honestly yeah don't know um I mean I think I'm booked up for a while now and another been talking about it and if there's a an appetite for it I think there's like something wolf there is no I cool what you keep telling

31 thoughts on “Chris Hemsworth Talks THOR: THE DARK WORLD Humor

  1. It was obvious. Thanos is the main Avengers villain but he isn't in the next movie, which means there is a trilogy.

    Back on topic, I think any actor who agrees to play a super hero nowadays probably should be aware that s/he's going to be stuck in the role for the next 10 years.

  2. When I saw this video thumbnail I thought, waita second is Heath Ledger doing an interview as the Joker!?

  3. I saw the movie today, and it was so great! the comedy was good, less funny than the avengers though.. and dont miss the end credit scene guys..

  4. Who are going to be the big Avengers villains? Dr. Doom/Masters of Evil although they weren't joined with Dr. Doom in the comic books, MODOK can be a great foe, Thanos, Galactus should be an Avengers/Fantastic Four enemy mix in an Avengers or Fantastic Four film where they don't get the cheap plot device of the Ultimate Nullifier Ray, make Galactus harder with Tyrant and his fortress and all of Galactus's heralds, Nemesis, Beyonder, Red Skull's return, Magus and Universal Church of Truth GOTG.

  5. Yes. A lot of people knew there will be 2 more Avengers… They're saving Thanos for the last installment. That's why the second Avengers movie has Ultron instead of Thanos, which you see in the end credits scene of the first Avengers movie…

  6. OMG I AM SO EXCITE FOR THOR THE DARK WORLD!!!!!!! Unfortunately I have to wait until November 8!! AHHHHH I'm so excited!!!! And Chris is so hot omg

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