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100 thoughts on “Chris Wallace: Mueller’s Testimony Was A Disaster

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    Jun 3, 2019 – Sanders no longer favors government takeover of "the major means of production." But his four-decade quest for political revolution continues.

  2. Yea, there are so many "crimes" in the report that Colbert can't even say what they are. If there were crimes in the report all the Trump haters like Colbert and the fake news media would have the "crimes" down to succinct descriptions by now. Do you know why they don't? Cause they don't have a damn thing except hatred for Trump.

  3. Colbert better stick to humor, he is rude interviewer and a ignoramus. His little echo chamber for lowball, crass humor is pathetic.

  4. A lot of you Liberals who simply hate Trump because he beat your precious Hillary need a serious reality check. You all will deny truth just because it doesn't fit into your agenda. If any of you had an open mind, and actually watched those hearings, you would conclude (if intellectually honest), that Mueller did NOT write that report. Mueller himself was questioned by Republicans, and at times, did not even know what was in the report! That old man didn't even know what Fusion GPS was!!!! A lot of you don't either because the mainstream media only tells you tidbits of info based upon their own agenda and not the truth. The person most likely that wrote that "Mueller" Report was Andrew Weissmann. How any of you can still be defending Robert Mueller as this noble public servant just shows your lack of reason, logic, common sense, honesty, integrity, and your disregard for The Constitution. Mueller tainted his own reputation by agreeing to using his name as the figure-head for this ridiculous report. The bottom line is that the Obama Administration used the power and authority of its intelligence apparatus (FBI & CIA) to spy on and to subvert Donald Trump's campaign. Hillary paid lots of money, for a crap-load of made up lies and fabrications about Donald Trump, and that phony information was used to ILLEGALLY spy on Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, thus violating their Constitutional right to privacy. All this bullshit was for the express purpose of undoing the 2016 election.

  5. Who started the investigation and why, also where is the underlying crime, Stephen?

    Stephen: have you and your Family been ever falsely accused then investigated by the entire world‘s investigators and intelligence Systems for 2 years while people curse and make fun of you?

    Stephen: you have misinformed and mislead your audience for 2 years, for which you‘re paid to insult and besmirch innocent people: you better go back to your priest to confess and ask for forgiveness!

  6. WALLACE.! I'm sitting here waiting in anticipation of your next post.. While Watching Your coverage of the shooting in El Paso. Lmao again Chris. Your Racist baiting knob gobblers ,you and Butthead..The Mayor wasn't enough to keep you from flinging crap.. 20 yr old ! Well organized.! White supremacists group.! WHERE.??? On video games.??? Really.???? This time Chris your not getting back up.!!!!

  7. Cobert – that's not what you saw I'll tell you what you saw. So a British MI5 agent and Russians putting together the Russian Dossier of lies for the DNC & Clinton is not foreign interference ???????????????????????? LMAO.

  8. I don't get people these days I could care less about Mullers delivery or his demeanor the point I got out of his testimony was Trump broke the law, he got help from the Russians, William Barr and Trump lied to all of us about that report and we at this very minute are still being attacked by Russia and any other country interested in screwing with us and a senate leader that won't let anyone pass a bill to stop this. 🤔 JUST SAYIN!

  9. Steve Colbert delivers the notion that Chris Wallace's points about the hearings being a disaster are only performance failures and therefore Wallace is out of order.

    Wallace shoots this notion down, with authority and clarity by pointing out that the hearings had nothing to offer over the existing Mueller Report "going in" …
    Therefore a horrible delivery by Mueller and nothing new is a disaster and failure.

    Chris Wallace said, If you have Mueller's report already, what else are you looking for other than a good, theatrical performance ?

    Complete silence ! Lol,..these people are pathetic.

  10. Fox is garbage but Chris Wallace is a pretty straight shooter. I'd like to see him on a network with Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper

  11. Breaking news for dumbasses!! For those harping and hoping on the idea Trump will be prosecuted when he leaves office: The statue of limitations is 5 years, and he will be at 8 by then, lol. More obvious tho is that he wouldn't get successfully prosecuted any ways. Suck it up.

  12. Something new did come from Muellers testimony. Something that was NOT in the report. In the testimony, when Mueller was asked by a Republican, paraphrased, "Can Donald Trump be charged with criminal activity after he leaves office?" Mueller responded with an emphatic, "Yes." The Republican who asked the question seemed taken aback and asked the question again. Mueller responded again an emphatic yes.

  13. Two dopes having different stage on TDS. Colbert as always praising Putin for his ability to control the world of the international politics. Colbert is not funny and never was – he is just rude and self absorbed loudspeaker without volume control. He has less sense of humor than dead snake charmer

  14. Mueller did not write and did not read the report. Both actions were out of his purview. He just can't do it. He has an advanced dementia. Even such a crack-brained person like Colbert knows that

  15. The only what came out of Mueller's testimony is that he is brain dead. In 1986 he was appointed by Ronald Reagan as an Acting United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. But he said during testimony that that was Bush who gave him this job. He probably forgot who Ronald Reagan was.

  16. How do the liberals go right by the fact that mueller never wrote the report never it was never about Russian tampering it was all about nailing trump

  17. It was sad. They took advantage of Mueller. They just put him "in charge" to put his name on the front of their work so it looked legit and held merit. He clearly didn't even know what was in his own report. I felt bad for him.

  18. He said, we knew what was in the report before the hearing….. tell that to your colleagues… they still think Trump was totally exonerated.

  19. As much as I live Stephen, I cannot disagree with Chris. I also think Stephen needed to stand down. He was giving Chris a hard time for not sharing his same view while Chris remained respectful.

  20. 7:15 do not welcome help tribe? hillary, obama , fusion Gps , the fake russian lawyer set up meeting paid for by hillary tribe? all those who lied, cheated , deleted emails and smashed black berries tribe? all walked free . im on the live by truths tribe , make sense out of nonsense tribe. tune into kevins corner , jon miller, mark dice etc and watch real americans make truthfull news .
    after that hillary report , i mean the fake prewritten by dems mueller report . everyone will be voting trump tribe . 2020 have a nice day , live by truths and truths are revealed

  21. In what way was it a disaster I don't understand. "Yes you do". HAAHA Yeah just got owned for being a propagandist liar. Priceless!

  22. Nobody's more compromised than these two people. It is sad that the audience is chemically lobotomized with psychiatric meds and heroin. Okay benefit of the doubt they ate a whole lot of toothpaste sandwiches.

  23. What about that time when Adam Schiff thought he was speaking to Russians about getting dirt on Trump? There's even a recording of it.

  24. Are you kidding Stephan Colbert, Russia voted here and Trump won. Good god dumbass, think about reality then comment.

  25. Muller under minded his own reputation. Stephen Colbert leads a choir of indoctrinated young people who hide in safe places so do not have to think out of the liberal box.

  26. "I am in the 'Do Not Welcome the Help of a Foreign Country to Win our Election' tribe. Those are my tribes". If that be the case Stephen, you should probably care that Robert Mueller did not understand what "Fusion GPS" was.

  27. Wallace is phony . He wants to maintain his social status amongst the Washington elites . He might not have like Trump ,no problem . He is not strait , not evenhanded and forgives or doesn't notice faults on Dems as much as on Reps .

  28. This is not an attack if there was nothing there and there still is nothing there because if there was something there guess what could’ve been impeached this is just another part of the travesty that has happened I hope next time a Democrat gets in there we harass him at the very start and just never never let up and settled like we did with Obama with his BlackBerry and his pen we should’ve took that away from him but we did not but I’m gonna tell you what if you don’t give this up it’s going to happen the next time

  29. D*ck face Chris Wallace is now spreading fake news like CNN and MSNBC. He used a fake data graph supplied by Gold Sachs, a China affiliated investment company to unfairly and viciously criticize Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods. Shame on D*ck face Chris Wallace!

  30. D*ck face Chris Wallace is now spreading fake news like CNN and MSNBC. He used a fake data graph supplied by Gold Sachs, a China affiliated investment company to unfairly and viciously criticize Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods. Shame on D*ck face Chris Wallace!

  31. So, you can't show clips of Chris Wallace taking apart the elite class… you have to show his dad doing it… like that somehow proves Chris Wallace is not a bought and paid for hack… Just like Stephen Colbert.

    Long fall from the Correspondence dinner highlight, huh Stevie?

  32. Seriously, if you want to watch an honest comedian actually criticize the government instead of knowingly pandering conspiracy theories for the Democratic Party in the throes of McCarthyism?

    Jimmy Dore.

  33. His failed joke about "Can you explain the lack of lipstick on your collar" was the REAL Disaster. Republicans are trying to bring us back to tribal times. This is called REGRESSION. DO REPUBLICANS WIPE THEIR ASSES WITH LEAVES TOO ?

  34. “Yes you do” Fact. Stephen Colbert spent the entire interview trying to silence Wallace. You only silence your opposition if you know your position is indefensible.

  35. I'm on the anti-FoxNews tribe. But, as usual, I think Chris Wallace made a lot of sense and handled himself pretty well here.

  36. Stephen Colbert did to Chris Wallace what Mike Wallace would've done to his own son back in his day. Chris doesn't "call balls and strikes." He makes a concerted effort to change the meaning of words and events in order to supply his "tribe" with favorable reporting.

  37. Nothing more frustrating than watching an Op Ed, so-called, "comedian" asking questions of a guest, and then never letting him answer any of them.
    This is an absolute perfect example of a real objective journalist versus an example of the majority of the MSM who couldn't be objective if their life depended on it.

  38. Trump didn't betrayed America he betrayed Hollywood and it so shows. Havey Weinstein their God movies their bible and talk shows their disciples

  39. Mike Wallace and Chris Wallace are NOT the same person!!!!!!!! Ie the black and white video at the beginning is not the person being interviewed. Why do they show a clip of the father to introduce the son??????

  40. I used to like watching Colbert when he was funny to help forget my troubles now he just pours salt into open wounds please try and be funny again 😢

  41. What a horrible interview. Taking cheap shots to kill his answer to the question, and then taking some sort of moral high-ground without letting him finish. What a dick move. If you want to talk to a Fox pundit cardboard-cutout, don’t invite a live one with a reasonable argument.

  42. He's wrong about the Mueller hearing.Before the when the report first came out people only relied on what their favorite "news" stations were saying it said.And with trump and Barr misrepresenting the report in the first place they were given bad information. But now with Mueller saying everything out loud they now have video clips that will keep running and be parts of ads and memes for awhile now. They will get miles and miles and miles out of it.

  43. Leftists. Always think they are right & think they have moral superiority in their utopia world. But on the fair same playing level field, they get destroy horribly because of reality.

  44. I have to agree with Chris on this one. It really was all about theater and not so much about the report. People who were sincerely interested in the report read at least some of it or spend a good amount of time listening to those who did read it. The answers were there 2 months ago. The hearing was just o try and get people to watch the report as opposed to reading it. Even someone like myself who has leaned democrat their entire life though the hearing was a flop. There was nothing new presented here and Mueller did at times look confused and completely done with the process. He just wanted to go home and read while we were over here calling him back to testify.

    I do believe the information in the report means something, but the hearing themselves? Yes, it was a flop. Nothing new came out of this except getting Mueller to rehash what he had already said in the report.

  45. A journalist doesn't "call balls and strikes", they simply report that a ball was called by the umpire. There is no judgement from a journalist. Most people in journalism today are NOT journalists. They share their opinion and report the facts that support their opinion as if to justify it or persuade others. That's a persuasive argument, not journalism. There is a time for that kind of journalism in an editorial or other opinion pieces but when those pieces make up 95% of the "journalism" you do, I don't see how you can claim to be a journalist.

  46. Mueller is not a politician and not a partisan hack. Therefore , he did not have to come across as combative and ready to bat away the rude insinuations against him that the Repulicans (his fellow party members) made. They did not want testimony, they wanted to debate. That is not his job.

  47. If ignorance is bliss, then Mueller and his protege Robert DUH Niro, and Colbert could tell us all what it is like to be in Paradise.

  48. Three weeks later and everyone has forgotten Mueller and the “russia thing” which proves Wallace’s point. Since then we’ve had “Trump is a racist and caused the mass shooting!”… and then it was clear one shooter was an antifa sympathizer. Then he was “caught up with Epstein” … except he wasn’t and Bill Clinton probably was. Oh now there’s a recession and all the anti-trumpers are rooting for it… but the Dow Jones is beginning to rebound now… Spiteful and anti-american leftists.

  49. Johnny Carson’s pinkie toe could do a better late night program than Colbert. What a charismatically dehydrated bore

  50. Poor Mueller is just an old man but he's a great man and a true patriot. He really shouldn't have taken the special counsel job.

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