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Chrissy Teigen Reveals John Legend Doesn’t Think Viral Videos Are Funny

We’re back with Chrissy Teigen
and, so, Bring The Funny is on NBC. Are you loving that? It is truly the best set I’ve
ever been on, next to, like– the times that we
have are just– even in between, at
commercial breaks, like, we genuinely love each other
and love what we get to do. And to be able to be a
judge, it’s hard for me. Like, it’s, I mean, surprisingly
hard for me to say mean things. I know you say “Surprisingly,”
because you’re very honest. But when they’re right in
front of you, it’s really hard. It’s so hard. And it’s their dream,
so not only are they– even if they bomb
and you tell someone, you bombed, like, that’s tough. Like, that– it’s their dream. – It’s not just telling
someone that– I feel like it’d be
easier if they were worse. Like, if they like were– Right, right. You know, you could just
really be able to tell them, that was terrible. But sometimes it’s
so in between. And also, I’m not
a comedian, so I– thank God for Kenan
and Jeff, because they get to give them the technical
things that are wrong or– Right. Well, but you’re just, as an
audience member, giving them your feedback on how you felt. I’m honestly an awesome person
to have in a comedy club, just to come to any of
your shows, because I think everything is so funny. Right. And I laugh loud, and
that is the John laugh. It’s just like “Ha,
ha, ha, ha, ha.” Yeah. Did you know that I’ve never
showed John a video, like, any viral video
where he has laughed, and I love when other
people try to show him. They’re like, oh,
John, you’ve got to see this video, because
I just sit back and watch. Because he’ll pretend
to laugh, but he’s never thought a viral video is funny,
ever, in his entire life. Not one viral video? No. Start sending him some. All right. He doesn’t think
anything’s funny. What about that baby
that was eating an ice cream with its feet? He won’t think that’s funny? Wouldn’t care. He’d laugh for you, but– What about the man that
had the phone on his back? He wouldn’t laugh at that? No. Wow. He has no sense of humor. I know! He’s a talented guy, though. I know. You came by the
set, by the way, we were just talking during
the break, at Game Of Games. You came by with Kenan and– We had such a good time. I had a good time. I’m not sure about the boys. They got kind of messy
playing Danger Word, but it was so much fun. It was so great. That’s like– it’s
got the best energy, and you really just never
know what’s going to happen. Yeah. Yeah. Unfortunately, Kenan–
so, I forget, did Amanda– oh, no. I believe– I know– I remember the word. Yeah. I think that– I think– They are such good
sports about everything. They always have to
do the tough things. Jeff lost though, right? Jeff lost. And was he your partner. No, that was– no, Kenan
was your partner, I think. Yeah, with lingerie, I
believe was the word.

37 thoughts on “Chrissy Teigen Reveals John Legend Doesn’t Think Viral Videos Are Funny

  1. I’m a young comedian and would LOVE for Chrissy to come to a show. She’s right, she would be the perfect audience member!!

  2. First of all I clicked Melissa McCarthy's prank first and I thought I'm early because they just posted it 1 minute ago but then I go to comment section and find out it's disabled… I guess I'm late then😐

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  4. This is literally everything I would dream of!! I hope I find something half as magical as yous two!! I love yousss congratulations❤️❤️

  5. She rlly doesnt seem shaken or anything after the "president" dissed her and called her names on Twitter, that's really cool

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