Laughter is the Best Medicine

Christian the Comedian Without Eyes

make the funniest noise you can make oh my goodness yeah you’re a funny guy hey everyone welcome to SB SK the YouTube channel where you’ll meet friends you live with many different conditions while watching these videos you’ll notice one thing although humans are incredibly diverse we all have so much in common so without further hesitation let’s meet today’s friend I can still be beautiful without ever being able to see it and a person can be beautiful without ever being able to to see it how old are you honey are you happy or sad hey what makes you happy in life yeah I saw your pepper joke that’s your favorite I think what does the nosy pepper do Christian being a baby you’re so funny ever I make a new friend I give them a high five is okay if we do a high five okay awesome Christian takes karate don’t you yeah yeah can I see you karate move you don’t want to show her oh you want to show karate babe no no can you give us a chi god damn good you don’t have to keep your distance you don’t have to you know you don’t have to shy away we’re we’re big on you know come up and say hi and shake his hand and you know talk to him because he’s you know he’s listening thank you for watching if you’d like to meet people who live with the condition from all over the world and learn how to better connect with the people around you take a moment and subscribe appreciate it

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