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Christian Valentines Day – Funny Bible Relationships

hey beautiful people how we all doing it
is Valentine’s Day and it is the season of I know a lot of you are like Josh
what do I do for Valentine’s Day what do I do
I just don’t know what to do I don’t know what to give I don’t know what to
say I’ve got that special Valentine that I
need to do something for I thought we might just discuss some things that we
could do for Valentine’s Day so you can thank me later
we can get chocolate a baloon there you Get a card, sing a song maybe, you could
buy them something expensive but what if You don’t have any money what are the people do in the Bible about this how. did they show that maybe have a look
let’s start from the beginning Adam and Eve hey Adam do you want an apple that that
didn’t work out too well did it everybody’s sinful now Noah he took his family on a boat cruise Samson and Delilah, Hey Samson, one little poem this
poems in my hair is like a flock of goats your teeth are like a flock of
Shawn sheep yeah probably not eh okay maybe I picked all the wrong stories
well let’s get a little bit serious here I think this is what we actually need to
look at there is one story that shows the ultimate sacrifice of laying down
his life for everybody and we look at the story of vision in the Avengers
nothing choking we look at the story of Jesus in the Avengers no jokey we look
at the story of Jesus in the Bible and Jesus lays down his life showing us how
he truly loves each and every one of us in 1 John 3 and verse 16 it says by this
we know love because he laid down his life for us and also ought to lay down
our lives for the Brethren for all other Christians so we need to sacrifice and
lay down our lives for our partners for the people that we love
maybe you might just get some chocolate everybody’s off sinning everywhere

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