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Christmas In July: Scrapbooking Process Video #158 "Christmas Laughter"

hey guys it's Kelsey and I'm back with the last day for the Christmas in July hop this is Becky hops from my creative life and I've had so much fun this month I said this in my last video this has been great so this is my final layout for this one I really wanted to focus on a lot of photos and scraps because I feel like that's a lot of things like we have a lot of over Christmas we take a ton of photos it's hard to get all of them on the pages you're also left with a lot of awkward Christmas paper scraps that sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do with so I figured for this page I would focus on that kind of idea where I want to get for large 4×6 photos on a page and just use scraps and I'm counting a 6×6 paper but pata scraps but within that I'm also mostly using scraps from a 6×6 paper pad so you can see here I just have it one of my little backing sheets of paper to paper pieces all on I took a woodgrain paper to piece on the edge and I'll have that gap there about I'm already thinking I'm going to just layer up a bunch of tags along the left side this is a great way to use up scraps as long as you have a tag which you don't even really have to have a tag as long as you can cut one I'm just using one of my actual tags as a stencil and I'm cutting tags out of all of these scraps and then Ronnie had sent me a whole little baggie of tag reinforcements which is awesome because I don't have any and I can't really make my own I've tried with one of my small little circular die pieces which did okay but it's nice just having a baggie of hope' reinforcers to use so because I recently just got a hole puncher so I can actually make tags so this is really exciting I feel like I'm super official now with an actual hole puncher and actual like hole reinforcements but I'm just going through the scraps I'm pulling out any scraps I can cut a tag in they're all different lengths that's okay they're all gonna be layered up I'm getting all my whole reinforcements layered on top this is an idea I pulled from the secret Nazi cricket club had a challenge a few months ago to use 10-plus tags on one layout which sounds ridiculous I never got to play along when they did that challenge but all the layouts I saw looked so cool because a lot of people did this kind of idea where they just layered up a whole bunch of tags a whole along the side of their photos and I thought it looks super cool so I'm getting it in now and better late than never I guess I'm just going to layer them they're all different lengths I just wanted them all on top of each other different colors and patterns I'm trying to spread them out trying to cover that gap that I couldn't reach with the rest of that woodgrain scrap but I think that looks so cool and I feel like it's so representative of Christmas because of course you have all these tags on Christmas gifts you could use this with actual tags you can make tags out of the wrapping paper there's a lot of ways you could actually incorporate ephemera from the day on this type of a layout which i think is super super cool but if you just have a bunch of scraps to use and it doesn't have to be Christmas this could be any kit that you've kind of gotten down to the end with you could do something like this and cut them all into tags and layer them up and I think it's super fun it's a really easy layout it didn't take very long but it was so enjoyable I think that's really important to have a process that you can really enjoy which it was kind of repetitive but it was super soothing and it actually didn't take that long it might look like I took a little while but it didn't so I'm gonna go ahead and get all these glued down I really like the way they were staggered so I'm just trying to remember how I had them before so I'm getting all of that piece down and then I finished that and I'm like oh now what do I do so I figured I needed at least a title if not journaling the pictures are self-explanatory then it's wearing this adorable little Christmas onesie and a little Christmas hat that says my first Christmas and he has this bib it's like a big big bandana but it looks like a Santa beard and you pull it up over his lips and it looks like he has a little beard and mustache it is so funny we could not stop laughing so yeah that's what the pictures are about that one is also him looking in the mirror he loves looking at himself so there's a lot of things documented on this page I really don't have to say a whole lot about they're pretty self-explanatory so I thought it was pretty cool I have my Christmas ephemera there on the side I'm trying to figure out how to pull more in I really love this laughter wood wood veneer I like that as a title because he just looked so funny we could not stop laughing so I figured that was a that was a perfect title it was kind of awkward because the Gees dissenting letter you know ran off the page and when I lifted it over the page it was like too high and there was too weird of a gap underneath it so I ended up running the G slightly often just cutting it and then I feel in a little bit of that gap with another one of the wood veneer that come in that collection which is just an arrow so I think that's a happy medium I didn't want to do too much more because there's already all these layered tags I would have loved to you know decorate and tuck little things here and there and I think that would be a really cool effect too but I didn't really have the things that I had imagined doing that with so I'm gonna keep it simple like this if you do this though that would be really cool if you tucked little things in amongst all the tags I did pull in this wood veneer ornament I think that kind of rounds off this little section seeing as that's really the only little bit of interest on this page I do have a lot of other scraps and I just wanted to pull something to the right side of the page that pulled all of those patterned papers over so I'm going through all this itty bitty scraps and just making a little embellishment cluster to go down on the right hand side I seriously almost threw these scraps away I'm like they're so tiny what are you gonna do and then I was like I can't do that let's make something out of them so I just made this tiny little cluster that pulls in all of those patterns from the tags onto the right hand side and I love when that happens I love when I almost throw something away and I stop myself and I'm like no let's make something out of it and that's always a really fun process too so I love that little Larry bit on the right side made completely out of what was going to be trash I also had a little heart die so I was going to punch a little heart out of another one of those little scraps to go on top of this little cluster and I really like how that ends up looking so I am getting that heart punched right now I'll get that glued down and I love that I was looking at it though and I was like it needs it needs something a little lighter though I thought about maybe pulling in white because there is the white rillette hole reinforcers but then I looked and I'm like you know we have the wood veneer stuff from the laughter and the arrow and everything and lovely lovely Lisa sent me some heart wood veneer in that whole little package of a rack so I pulled in one of this cute little heart wood veneer and I feel like that finishes it off perfectly adds the right amount of balance while I was in there though she also has miscellaneous little Brad's are all super cool and there are a few red ones so I pulled in this cute little felt red one and this other little red Brad and got this on there as well but here are the close-ups I hope you guys had so much fun with this Christmas in July thank you so much Becky for inviting us all to do this it was so much fun make sure you check the description she does have a giveaway thanks guys for watching bye

28 thoughts on “Christmas In July: Scrapbooking Process Video #158 "Christmas Laughter"

  1. Love the photos and your layout turned out awesome,i really enjoyed seeing your layouts throughout this month. Thank you for joining in on this hop !!

  2. I absolutely love your layout! I love using multiple photos and can never figure out how to incorporate tags in my layouts. I MUST give this a try! I love it!! 💕

  3. One of my favorite parts of watching videos is when they use up scraps and this was by far one of the best use of scraps! I love the tags! I am going to use up some of my scraps in this manner! Thanks for the idea! Great layout, sweet pictures!

  4. Superb layout and what a cutie handsome wee one in the photos. How awesome is that tag layering. Appreciate your sharing and especially your inspiration.

  5. LOL, LOVE those pictures!! Way too cute!! Great scraps and pps and sketch!! Thanks for all of your videos…lots of inspiration!

  6. This is so cute, the tags really worked. Bennett looks adorable, and yes, lol, that bid can pass as a beard. Too cute. Loved this hop, thank you so much for sharing ~ Roni

  7. I love the photos and the layout! I will be scrap lifting this layout when I get ready to do Xmas photos–if that is ok!

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