Laughter is the Best Medicine

CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE | #Bloopers #Funny Family Challenge | Aayu and Pihu Show

Look mumma, Aayu uninstalled my favourite game. Can’t I play with this, isin’t this my TAB What happened? Aayu uninstalled my favourite game. Sister also removed my games, and installs her games. You know he torned my book yesterday. Sister also broke my toys. Aayu eats up all my chocolates. I will eat. Then I will also break your games. – Aayu and Pihu arguing – STOP Does your also argue like this? They both come to me with each othet complaints. I will teach them a good lesson today. Like and share this video with your friends. Over Come, we are going to play a new game. Welcome to Aayu and Pihu Show Wow mumma, you bought chocolate for me – Thank you This is not chocolate This is marshmallow You have so many complaints against each other. Yes mumma, I have unlimited complaints. Even I have double unlimited complaints. This is a Challenge I will keep a marshmallow in your mouth. Then you have to share your complaint. The one who could speak till last. Whose complaint, I can understand. will win this game. Done Start the game Tell your complaint. Aayu, uninstalled my favourite game. I was at the last level of that video game. OK, 1 complaint Aayu your turn. Sister always fight with me. Pihu fights with you? OK – Pihu your turn. Speak, which is your next complaint. Aayu tore my school copy and teacher came to know about that. OK – Aayu ? He is chewing… Mumma, sister break my toys. OK Laughing He broke my good …. What did he broke? Bracelet. Bracelet? OK, aayu your turn. Whenver we play carom board, sister cheats. Sister cheats? Aayu cheats…. Sister always watches her serial. What did you say? Sister always watches her favourite serial. What? No, most of the time he watches his serial? Means cartoon. I come from school earlier, she comes late. Best Brother and Sister Best Friends This is known as CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE You are also a lovely brother All my friends watch I love you friends

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