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44 thoughts on “Cinderella (2015) – Lavender's Blue / Dilly Dilly (One Line Multilanguage)

  1. Your description is wrong the singer of the castilian version is María Blanco (as you wrote on the video), Sonsoles plays Ella as a child.

  2. 4:02 Brazilian portuguese
    Que cor é a flor maravilha verde e azul deves me amar maravilha porque eu te amo 💙

  3. Chinese ver:
    薰衣草呀,Xun yi cao ya
    迪丽迪丽 Di li di li
    有蓝有绿,You lan you lv

    你要爱我 , Ni yao ai wo
    迪丽迪丽 Di li di li
    我也爱你。 Wo ye ai ni

  4. Turkish Lyrics:
    Lavanta bu, dili dili
    Lavanta bu
    Sevmem için, dili dili


    This is Lavender, dilly dilly
    This is Lavender
    For me to love you, dilly dilly
    You have to love me

  5. I'm really sad to say this but Turkish (my language) version is the worst. Wrong translation and bad voice… Shame on you Elif Atakan 😂

  6. French ♥. ( 1:28 )

    Lyrics :

    Lavande Verveine, dilly dilly
    Lavande jolie,
    Si vous m'aimez, dilly dilly,
    Je vous aime aussi.

    Translate :

    Lavenders Verbena, dilly dilly,
    Pretty Lavenders,
    If you love me, dilly dilly,
    I love you too.

  7. What a lovely One Line Multi! I also love your editing! I really liked: English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Latin Spanish, Thai!
    If you are interested, I just uploaded the Canadian French version on my channel: /watch?v=67xIqOyEvEQ

  8. Czech:
    Dilly Dilly
    je jak nebe…
    Ty máš rád mě,
    Dilly Dilly,
    a já tebe…

    Translete to english:
    Dilly Dilly
    is like sky…
    You like me,
    Dilly Dilly,
    and i like you…

  9. Que cor é a flor maravilha,
    Verde e azul
    Rainha vai ser maravilha
    Quando rei eu for.

    Quem te falou ,maravilha
    Quem te contou?
    Seu coração, maravilha
    Que lhe falou

    Vamos plantar maravilha, para colher
    Eu e você maravilha
    Nós aquecer.

    Que cor é a flor maravilha
    Verde e azul
    Deves me amar maravilha
    Porque eu te amo

    Passaros vem, maravilha
    Para cantar
    Sempre seguros
    Nós iremos ficar

    Amo dançar, maravilha
    Amo cantar
    Rainha vai ser maravilha
    Quando rei eu for

    Quem te falou maravilha
    Quem te contou?
    Seu coração maravilha
    Que lhe contou

    Que cor é a flor maravilha
    Verde e azul
    Deves me amar maravilha
    Porque eu te amo.

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  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems Hebrew and Korean versions are also respectively Hebrew Rapunzel and Korean Anna ^^
    And awesome vid btw! =)

  12. It's Meshi Kleinstein who dubbed Cinderella ?? Where did you find that info ? And is Li Xiao Xiao also the speaking voice of Cinderella ?

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