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Class President Needed for One Last Job

(upbeat music) – Lunch cannot just consist of pickles. – Well what if– – It’s not a meal. – It’s a really big pickle. – I don’t care. – Katie Marovitch. Richard Montgomery High. Class President of 2009. – Principal Ford. I knew this day would come. – As student body president, I need you to plan the 10 year reunion. – You know I’m out of student government. I graduated. – Being student body president doesn’t end when you graduate. It ends when you die. – Hey, you were student body president? You always bragged about how
you never went to high school. – Grant, there’s a bunch of
pretzels in the conference room. – Really? – Mhm. – I love them little twists. (door locks) – Don’t you ever talk about my old life in front of Grant again. I make funny ha ha videos
for the internet now. I didn’t sign up to plan
some medium sized wedding. – You signed up when you were elected. Duty calls. – To hell duty. Why don’t you just go call Class VP Todd? He always wished he was president. – Todd? Todd’s been compromised. He’s a teacher at Churchill. – What? Churchill? Churchill blows. – Don’t do it for me Katie. Do it to spite those preppy the Churchill. – I can’t. This is my life now. (crunching) – [Principal] I didn’t want
to have to show you this. There having a booze cruise. – Those rich bastards. They think their better than us just because their building
didn’t have asbestos? Fine! Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll plan it. – That’s great Katie. I’ve already assembled your team. (rock music) – I’m Numlock. I’ll somehow find
everyone’s email addresses, even if they’ve changed their name. – I know every bar on the county that can fit 100 plus people. – And I was a quarterback so
this will be real good for me. Trying to see if anyone’s
trying to tie up any loose ends. You know what I mean? – Great. Numlock I need you to
create a Facebook group. Invite everyone, but make
sure you turn off commenting. People can bicker on their own time. – On it. – Hooch, I need you to find a bar. It should be a cool bar. It should be a nice bar, but it shouldn’t be too expensive. People are cheap. – Ay ay. – What do you want me to do? – I need you to say you’re not going to come and then show up anyway. – Perfect. I do that all the time. – And folks, here’s our target. Hannah Cooper. – The most popular girl from 2009? – We get her RSVP and everybody’s in. – Oh yeah, Hannah Cooper. I was wondering what she was up to. Remember that time in Junior Prom where she got really belligerent? – Yes. Oh my god that was crazy. Do you guys remember Adam Gordon? When he was crowned Prom King he farted. He farted. (laughing) Was it a joke? Did he do that on purpose? – Save it for the reunion. (laughing) – Delivery for Katie Marovitch. – Oh my creatine. – Special delivery. (intense music) Churchill High forever. – Oh God. – Principal Ford no. Stay with me. – Katie I can’t feel my heart. – You’re going to be okay. – Promise me you’ll keep
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  2. Wait, is this that thing where she's a student council president but secretly works at a maid cafe?

    Wait, I think that was an anime I watched once.

  3. Hmm, I thought the seitokai thing is exclusively Japanese…

    Edit: Oh, I've just watched it to the end, and ofc it's was Tayo who wrote it. Was he in his school's seitokai back in Japan?

  4. But everybody knows it's the VP who did all the hard work in the shadows to make the president shine. Keep telling myself that

  5. Katie: “I need you to say you’re not gonna come, but show up anyway”

    Ryan: “Perfect I do that all the time”

    Me: and I oop-

  6. Wait, Katie was class President, now she makes funny haha videos on the internet, and she's younger than me? What am I doing with my life?

  7. Hey, asbestos is an essential part of any educational facility, our Physics department is full of it!

    Note: Do not hit, drill into or pin anything into the walls, lest the asbestos escape

  8. tfw you realize the CH staff had the same graduation year (or at least that of their in-universe characters) as your very youngest sibling and you are, in fact, old.

  9. Every time they add new cast members, i get nervous the sketches won’t keep up. This is one of those sketches that gives me confidence things are looking good

  10. American culture regarding the "class president" is really weird. Here it is literally the mailman between the teachers and students and that is it. And sandwhiches

  11. This video was weird cause there are both a Churchill and a Richard Montgomery in my area and Churchill is were all the really rich kids go

  12. When Katie obviously went to Montgomery County schools in Maryland because she’s referencing Richard Montgomery and Churchill High Schools

  13. I go to RM!!!!!!!! And I lived behind the school since 2005 omg you could have been one of the kids that parked on our street and annoyed the heck out of my parents by doing so

  14. God dammit. I graduated a year before Katie?!? This is the first time I’ve ever felt old. I thought for sure she was a little older than me .

    As a side note, I did not go to my 10 year reunion.

  15. I will now be unsubscribing from your channel. This mediocre fair and annoying shilling for dropout is a prime example of your inability to produce engaging content.

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