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CM YS Jagan laughing moments in AP Assembly | YSRCP | AP Assembly | Praja Chaitanyam

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it's not a joke at the cha Danny wouldn't even serve duck Waldoboro not toilet as diksha da one facility gave multiple objects at gave me their float our dilemma diksha ya cryin again is starting up on the inauguration is in that box labelled come to me Kanaka buta diksha 1100 madonna diksha kinder Eponine most ammonia bhagavad extras will be Chris to the garage are available on Alexa 1 Metallica portamento ephoto this kannada hindi esha audible and I go to Canada has been a predicate America – not a bounded election but memo project Oporto here at the Qatar dome construction parts of part o rehabilitation gonna addiction over chapter no addiction addiction project a minute elementary secondary Guardian kinney owner gentlemen minestrone indigent addict shot that the project was a theoretical start rested on a moon do with is independent character rolling in the future new cha-cha-cha-da-cha connecticut arabic so 'allah deliver a little early mu nu t square three rows Raja gotta getcha I don't know if someone's in she needed an office open chain they also is not one child a pretty bouquet rid of all the grievance ship police and coastal names are in the wall and never agreeable ship when I thought because of work a special are and not possible took office open j0 zouk is not that Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna monotone dollop that side and the cat a co-op with Jesus – no no he did not gather diksha so the project cut it up put in the content this is the biggest after not else if they hate that maybe he can correct me at the shop he borrowed there's no theory damper on the rehabilitation he was a follower on Zomba d'etre at the mundane investment throughout his career as musical phenom diksha heroes i another chapter you pull out length or the yes addiction in chapter 14 6 last june may move a to ensure again the 45 days we need the company of patron person the untyped winter atacama teach in prahara the condom reverse building paul are like up with everything a pole and other the operative let me love bongos even in release yes I seen that if dice effect I see I left so doing this I surprised though confident Chelsea bones you release yourself it could only objectia it is done with everything transparent a month ago Donald Shapero this government is in a transparent government and we will go in a transported by Feb standing next to works will start on Apollo am the main work start of our interdiction non we're in started on that we have a time period September October August September October 3 months time in the texture if community tells we have to go for another bidding award we said it was bidding whatever bidding yes cut Stanga will go for a reverse medic and Thermopolis this is an American achievement punished not just some of that just make sure mother a plastic oh yes the cost of polar follower of irrigation project a true though 2010-11 price level approved by government of India's three sixteen thousand crores the project cost was revised for fifty eight thousand three hundred and nineteen Coast and no submitted the Government of India and sixteen eight 2017 the Government of India of communicate communicated certain remarks thereupon state government resubmitted the revised estimate for fifty seven thousand two hundred and sixteen closed after scrutiny by CWC the project estimates was cleared by Technical Advisory Committee for fifty five thousand five hundred and forty-eight cross-sell addiction depression a key implementation of new land acquisition and Rehabilitation Act 2013 like a increase in agreement value of head works and trusted to agency and enticement of works under Section C to other agencies of the shaft motor prosthetics are monitored and expert community is constituted to look into the matter government will review based on the findings of the expert chemical fiction

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