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41 thoughts on “CNN's Anderson Cooper Can't Stop Laughing Reacting to insanity of Trump

  1. It's more insane for a man to take another man's penis up his anus. And there is NOTHING funny about that despicable act.

  2. Trump i never drink but i kno which wine taste better hes such a fucking idiot! Trumps bankrupting the country just like his failed buisness

  3. Barefoot people with children are a big threat? He should help Baltimore get rid of the millions and millions of rats. Help Alabama neighborhoods stop looking like shit hole countries.

  4. 1. Mexico is paying for the wall = LIE
    2. As a Floridian…voting here is always screwed (i.e. 2000) – we need a better governor.
    3. 32:40 This guy is so jealous of President Obama.
    4. 39:18 This America was set up for Trump and his buddies.

  5. Cruellest and most inhumane president ever. Immigration is his only obsession. He never mentions people who overstay their visas. Picking on the weakest as usual which is a feature of trimp.

  6. That idiot on the right speaks of validation of an emergency? B.S.!!! If Trump wasn't pres. we wouldn't have had the record spike in illigal immigration because of his inhumane tactics. Everyone who ever considered coming here feels like it's now or never because of President Dumbass!

  7. this , scott dick , is a real pain in the ass and like all republicans just doesn't mind killing children . how proud you must be to be a republican murderer, your children will be so proud of you.

  8. The US system is not democratic, it's a rental system. The person who can pay most gets to do what they want.

  9. I say after Trump gets locked up we all post our laughter on YouTube, we
    can make it the "locked piece of shit laughter campaign" trend.

  10. I say after Trump gets locked up we all post our laughter on YouTube, we
    can make it the "locked piece of shit laughter campaign" trend.

  11. The 🌎 world has been laughing at the orange sewer 🐀 rat Donald Trump since he was born & still 😂 laughing😂 even harder😂😂😂😂😂😂 in 2019 .

  12. Who's gonna pay for the wall…? "MEXICO!" Who??… "MEXICO!" Who??… "Me.. :(" I remember those chants. 40% of America is dumb as hell.

  13. Yes check the box that Trump got funds for the wall and it was only taken from aids to veterans,no problem,right? The box that Mexico paid for it remains unchecked.

  14. A big victory on the wall would be if Mexico wrote a check for it. It's more of the reinforcement of a lie and sticking us with the bill.How is that a victory? Yes he promised a wall and said Mexico will pay for it. That like promising your 8yr old you'll be at her school play and send a friend instead, claiming a big victory.

  15. Trumps steaks are really jack ass butt.It's not surprising Trump like wine by it's looks he judges people like that too,he never got to know non white but he knows he doesn't like the way they look.

  16. Kavanaugh is doing McConnell and trump proud, ruling on the border wall not out of legality but deference to his paymasters and protectors, cos let's face it, if there was a ethical attorney general then Kavanaugh and a few others would be investigated properly for sexual assault, including the paedophile in the Whitehouse!

  17. Even if we the people vote to get rid of Donald Trump and his criminal family and friends, what's to say Russian won't influence it enough to make Trump look like a winner or to cause enough concern that Trump just won't leave the White House? Congress needs to act now!

  18. Lol, so Forrest Trump is using defense funds to build the wall? And so US tax payers are paying for the wall? And Forrest said ' I don't build walls, but I like the look of this wall. It's better than a Mexico built wall and Mexico WILL pay for the wall but with US taxpayers money. Win!!'

  19. Meat brain…. he needs a glass of French wine 🍷 to relax his demented, very, very enlarged brain 🧠…..

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