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CNN's April Ryan Can't stop LAUGHING by Trump Looking like a LOSER when LYING about Obama

prove of the job he's doing a slight majority of them say they do not and for a hen and what's driving his numbers up look for that one issue for which his numbers are positive it's his handling of the economy fifty-one percent saying they approve of the way he's dealt with the economy it's something his rivals meantime it's something his rivals have been calling on him to do for weeks and now Joe Biden has done it in his own way he stood in front of an audience in South Carolina addressed his 1994 crime bill and his earlier comments about working with segregationist senators here's CNN's political reporter all that science here in South Carolina Joe Biden offered his most forceful defense yet of his decades-long career in the Senate he argued that his Democratic opponents of the 2020 race are focusing more on his time in the Senate that they are as vice president and he also argued that the fact that President Obama selected him as his running mate he went through the vetting process to get there that that was a testament to Biden's record and character but Biden also offered a rare apology for his recent comments on working with segregationist Senators decades ago take a listen to what he had to say was I wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who I successfully opposed time and again yes I was I regret it I'm sorry for any the pain or misconception they may have caused anybody know Biden's comments a few weeks ago about working with segregation that Senators while he was in the Senate decades ago drew a lot of criticism from his 2020 rivals including Kamala Harris who raised it during an exchange at the debate a week and a half ago and Cory Booker who said that it was a personally hurtful comment and called on the former vice president to apologize Booker is now reacting saying that he is grateful that apology came though it came in just a few weeks after he had initially made that comment take a listen to what he had to say I felt just grateful that he is now speaking to his past in a way with more can and with a sense of regret for some of the things that he supported none of us are perfect all of us make mistakes but we need leaders that have the courage to show vulnerability and speak to that and I'm very grateful Biden also talked about his support for the 1994 crime bill and said that he takes responsibility for what went right and what went wrong with that bill he's faced a lot of criticism from his rivals and other critics who argue that that bill led to an era of mass incarceration but Biden is going to continue his tour his two-day tour of South Carolina today he has events in Charleston as he's trying to court that critical black votes black voters make up the majority of the Democratic primary electric here in the States and for Biden he's really focusing in and trying to maintain that support among that key constituency our let's sign CNN Orangeburg South Carolina joining me to discuss CNN political analyst April Ryan White House correspondent for American urban radio networks and author of under fire reporting from the front lines of the Trump White House let's start well first good morning to you good morning Victor how are you I'm doing well early more to the New Orleans I had the stage here with the former vice president and there's now apology for what he said about working with segregationist Senators several decades ago does this settle this for him or is there still some damage for the two weeks span in which he was trying to explain to color these comments what do you make of how he's now handling it well Victor people were looking for some kind of correction from the vice president the former vice president and he's now done that it's taken a moment it's taken weeks as you said but at the end of the day he's apologized but if there is another issue when it comes to race with this president that is still lingering in the air that he said something like this it is important however for us to remember that race is playing a big part you know as he's in South Carolina he needed to say that or he could have been here in New Orleans for the largest gathering of African Americans annually at the essence festival which he chose not to attend we're about seven other candidates did – president vice-president Joe Biden this weekend but it was important for him to do that and I guess South Carolina was the backdrop as he is courting the black vote he is also backing away from several elements that are in his 1994 crime bill I mean you know Arlette said his support for the bill he actually wrote that bill 25 years ago and and you know he says in this speech in South Carolina that he wasn't supporting more money for prisons but that's what the truth in sentencing clause of that bill did was offer money to States for prisons now he was against mandatory minimums but there are plenty of recordings videos the Congressional Record on boasting about minimums for those how does he reconcile what he's selling now and what we've seen from the vice-president during his time in the Senate well you know it's a different day you know in the 90s that crime bill you know you had people for and against it even some members of the CBC were for it but at the end of the day in 2019 looking back and lessons learned Victor we know that it was detrimental to some communities particularly the minority community black communities and the warehousing of black people in prisons and the toughness on many people when it came to criminal justice and and you see now you know from the Obama administration and now to this administration efforts to correct wrongs or change how the system has been very hard on people who when the crime didn't when the punishment did not fit the crime so there are various things that are going on as it relates to trying to fix what happened back then and it does put a bright spotlight on who he was and what he did back then as it came to criminal justice and and just basically zero tolerance if you will you know you point out an important element here the context is important that's what the Vice President has been several members of the CBC did support the crime bill back in 94 black pastors were writing to members of Congress asking for help and were trying to in many ways sell stronger legislation as it relates to crime let's talk about someone who did make the trip to New Orleans you spoke with her just yesterday interviewed her I should say 2020 candidate senator from California Kamala Harris said there at essence festival now she spoke yesterday about closing the wealth gap between blacks and whites and one away through a hundred billion dollar home ownership plan closing and downpayment assistance for African Americans and other individuals in areas parts of towns where banks typically discriminated against writing loans these red lines that were drawn around districts let's listen to a bit of what she said yesterday yes when our kids want to go to college whereas other families who own their home and can go into the equity in their home to help pay for their students tuition our families have to go and those students have to take out loans and it interest rates that they can't afford to pay off over a long period of time she's their essence largest gathering directed at black women specifically spending a lot of time in South Carolina still trailing though in these polls of support among black voters is she making progress what did you learn from your conversation well you know it's interesting in this important conversation that I had with Senator Kamala Harris you know after we had about twenty minutes and then after that conversation she wanted to sit and just talk she wanted Girl Talk if you will at essence that's focused in on black women we talked about her understanding of her issue in trying to bring the black vote trying to get those black numbers and she's keenly aware of where she stands in the black community but she also likened it to Barack Obama who was running for president the first time talking about South Carolina being that pivotal pivotal moment for him and when we talk about South Carolina as we're talking about South Carolina today South Carolina was so pivotal because there was a faux pas by then former president Bill Clinton about Jesse Jackson and how he received the black vote there and then Barack Obama won Iowa and many black voters ran from the Clintons and went to Barack Obama and that kind of solidified so she is looking at who she is today and her standing and where she's she feels very comfortable but she also remembers that moment that changed it for Barack Obama being South Carolina so we talked it was a very important conversation Victor that we had and she she let us know who she is and we talked about various things and and she's got a black agenda that she's rolling out so she's really trying to get the black vote she talked about housing yesterday but she's also going to talk in the near future about entrepreneurialship particularly access to capital so big and very important and we also heard you know a plan from Elizabeth Warren talking about diversifying federal contractors so several candidates that you said there at essence festival they're so enjoy the rest of the day April they're in New Orleans and thanks so much for being with us this morning Thank You Victor take care [Applause] happy new day to you I'm Victor Blackwell hi everyone I'm Jessica Dean in for Christy Paul this morning we're beginning this morning with explosive memos from the British ambassador to the US describing president Trump as inept insecure and incompetence or Kim Derek one of Britain's top diplomats used secret cables and briefing notes to warn the British government that president Trump's career could end in disgrace now these leaked messages were first published by the Daily Mail and their headline this morning The Washington Files ambassador's secret cables claimed Trump radiates insecurity CNN correspondent Anna Stewart is in London covering this story what more could you tell us about this leak well as you say they are absolutely explosive and these memos date back to 2017 right through to the present day so they cover a really broad range of topics as you said highly damning of the president and the White House at large I'll bring you one of them just looking at the administration that says we really don't believe that this administration is going to become substantially more normal less dysfunctional less unpredictable less faction driven less diplomatically clumsy and inept other memos focus more on policy areas for instance policy on Iran where the Ambassador says that the White House's policy Iran is incoherent unlikely to improve anytime soon questions the president's claim that he called off the missile strike on Iran very last minute says that account doesn't stand up he goes into the alleged links between the President and Russia going as far to say that the worst cannot be ruled out and that could see he says the presidency crashing and burning and just to bring you another one he says that the UK government shouldn't underestimate though that the president has great ability to shrug off these controversies these scandals saying quote Trump may emerge from the flames battered but intact like Schwarzenegger in the final scenes of The Terminator so very embarrassing leaks to the British governments who have come out they have not denied the accuracy of these memos but they have said that they support their ambassadors on being honest and Candace no news from the White House or from the president yet Wow all right Anna Stewart thank you so much and CNN did reach out to the White House for a statement the White House had no comment well meantime president Trump's approval rating has now reached the highest point of his president president C according to a new Washington post/abc News poll this morning now for a hit at what is driving up his numbers look at the lone issue for which his numbers are positive that's this handling of the economy CNN White House reporter Sarah Westwood joins us live now from Bedminster New Jersey near the president's resorts so I mean should we call this good news he's still underwater overall but it's better than it has been that's right Victor and Jessica and good morning president Trump's approval rating has been underwater for his presidency but you are seeing those numbers in this new Washington post/abc poll start to tick up they've grown 5 points since April when his approval rating was at 39% it's now at 44% in this latest poll and as you mentioned the biggest factor that's driving those numbers up is voters perception of how President Trump has been handling the economy that is the issue on which voters rate him the highest in terms of his handling of that issue 51 percent of voters a slight majority a proof of how President Trump has been handling the economy his lowest approval rating in terms of how he's handling a specific issue is when it comes to climate change just 29 percent of voters rate president Trump favorably and how he's dealt with climate change policy now keep in mind that this survey was conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News during the period when President Trump was in Japan meeting with world leaders at the g20 summit he later went on to South Korea he made that historic visit to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea and yet only 40 percent of voters in that survey rated his handling of foreign policy favorably so even though that was the backdrop for this survey he didn't get as high of marks on foreign policy as he did on the economy and obviously the White House Trump's campaign they are hoping Victor and Jessica that the strong economy will continue toward his re-election race next year next fall Sarah West would force in Bedminster thank you and joining me now to discuss all of this CNN political commentator Errol Lewis hosted the you decide podcast and political anchor for spectrum news good morning to you good morning Jessica alright so we have this new poll out this morning it shows the president with a 51 percent approval rating when it comes to his handling of the economy that's where he's got his best numbers yet you also saw that still a slight majority of Americans disapprove of his overall performance Errol is his handling of the economy enough for him to get reelected well I'll put it this way if there was one category you wanted to be rated favorably and that would be the one you know it's better than foreign policy or national security or almost any other category so it's part of the Trump brand it's something that we know voters care about we know that it's something that will not just energize his base but also keep some of his borderline opponents those who really are kind of indifferent to the Trump presidency maybe they'll give them a chance or maybe they stay home maybe they don't flip to the Democrats so yeah it's a it's a good it's a good position that he's in and I think they have reason to be happy about it and do you think they can convince him to stick to those economic talking points cuz that was an issue in 2018 he you know he had these economic numbers but when a different way and the midterms were really much more favorable to the Democrats do you think he right see that that wasn't a mistake at the end of toward the in the closing weeks of the the midterm campaign he stopped talking about the economy even though the numbers were actually pretty good and his approval in that area was also pretty good he moved to immigration because that's what fires up his base that's what gets them out that comfort that people have when the economy is doing relatively well for them and their family it's a two-edged sword Jessica because what it means is that many members of his base will say yeah things are pretty much ok I don't have to go out there and you know campaign or make phone calls or hold a house party or get too excited about it and when Trump needs his he goes straight to immigration he goes straight to divisive issues he goes straight to the kind of things that also really make Democrats upset so he's got some political choices to make I would my guess would be that unless the economy is roaring back we should expect him to pivot just as he did toward the end of the midterms toward those divisive issues in particular immigration right right all right this poll also took a look at President Trump and pairing him against five of the 2020 Democratic candidates if we can show people what that poll showed you see almost kind of right next to each other almost attired in a couple of those races slight edges but Joe Biden really standing out there with a 10 percent lead 10-point lead on the president there which is attributed to support from moderates and independence which Errol is we've seen this Democratic primary going left do you think these numbers show that a more moderate Democrat would be a stronger general election candidate I'm not so sure about that there's this general idea that a quote-unquote moderate I think in this early stage of the game it's really somebody that people know you know there are a lot of folks who actually don't know the other candidates and that's why they're campaigning so hard why they're raising so many millions of dollars why they're gonna be out there trying to you know knock heads with each other in the next round of debates and the one after that as well the the fact is if you just ask people who do you know the numbers would look pretty much the same and Joe Biden sort of far outclasses the rest of the field I think what we're gonna find also though is that when you see President Trump attacking the other candidates he really has a special place for Joe Biden he doesn't spend a lot of time on on the others on Kamala Harris or even Bernie Sanders he really goes after Biden because I think they know he poses the greatest threat to them yeah but it's your point and I want to make sure I'm understanding you you're making the argument that a lot of this is his name ID that they know Joe Biden that they feel comfortable with him that we are still so far out from even you know these first primary contests within the Democratic Party that there's a lot of room there for those numbers to change yeah that's right and look there's an open question here Joe Biden from the time he released his announcement video has said we have to get back to we have to remember who we are you know it's it's elections are almost always about the future but Joe Biden's kind of saying our future lies in going back to a pre Trump sense of the decorum of the presidency and how things ought to work at the top of the government that's a tricky argument to make but he is sort of making it and he's the only one who could make that argument you know he's the only one who has served in the national government he's the only one who's been vice president he's making that unique argument if these polls reflect people buying into that argument as opposed to simple name recognition which is what I think it is then he's well on his way then he's got a you know he's got a compelling argument and if he doesn't get too damaged in the primary process he may be able to really well present a potent challenge all right well we have many months to go I'm sure we'll talk to you many many more times Errol Lewis thanks for being president Trump's approval rating has hit the highest point of his presidency so far but a majority still disapprove of the job he's doing overall it's an opening there for a Democratic candidate to exploit or will a soaring economy continued to bolster the president's support joining me now Brett Podolski former Democratic aide and opinion columnist for the hill and CNN political commentator Maria Cardona Democratic strategist welcome back to both of you good morning Victor so let's start here the president has pretty strong approval ratings well when you say strong he's underwater and has been since he started his campaign but stronger than they have been 44% in the latest Washington post/abc News poll I want you to listen to this from the former Vice President Joe Biden this week when he was asked by Chris Cuomo what it will take to beat President Trump next November you think that what's happening with Harris is anything compared to what would happen with you and there's no but everybody knows who this guy is come on man come on had he beatable I'd beat him by just pointing out Who I am and who he is and what were for and what he's against who he is who I am Maria is that enough I mean look at the the CNN approval rating here virtually unchanged over his presidency now at 43% by CNN's number do Democrats have to do more than just say this is who he is this is who we are mean is if he's at the highest of his presidency after family separation and and a rape allegation and the rest well I think that Democrats are gonna have to fill in what that means yes Joe Biden is gonna have to define himself continue to define himself in terms of who he is point out who Trump is people already know that though and so he's gonna have to fill in what he will do differently than Trump what does it mean to say here is Who I am versus here's who Trump is I think they're absolutely as an opening victor not just it doesn't just show in the national approval ratings or frankly disapproval ratings in terms of Trump but if you look at the states that actually gave Trump the presidency right in the Midwest Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania you have several of the Democratic candidates who are right now beating Trump in those key states he cannot win the presidency without those states Victor and so I think that there's a huge opening with a lot of people who frankly went to the polls and and you know voted for Trump but didn't really want to write they held their nose doing so there's also a big opening with a lot of people who voted for Trump thinking that he could become more presidential thinking that he would fight for them but frankly all's Trump has done is stab them in the back you have farmers you have working people where Trump's policies have actually hurt them if part of Biden's strategy are frankly any Democrat who gets the nomination is to point out those ways in which Trump's policies have hurt the people who he promised to help and who voted for them then I think there's a huge opening the vice president Brin also apologized for his comments about working with segregationist senators several decades ago and also his opponent it for the nomination Center Cory Booker he responded let's listen to both was I wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who I successfully opposed time and again yes I was I regret it and I'm sorry for any the pain or misconception they may have caused anybody I'm frustrated that it took so long but I'm grateful for him doing this and we should all I mean we can't have a culture where we can have a leader that can't stand up and say I've been imperfect how many mistakes I apologize so I'm I'm sorry we had to go through all this I'm sorry at one point he tried to shift blame to me but this I'm grateful I just want to say thank Sir Richard the vice president have apologized and and does this settle it well I think it does I thought it was a non-issue to begin with to be perfectly honest Americans want and Democrats want a president who will who will answer and prosecute Donald Trump not a candidate who will prosecute other Democratic candidates for president I thought that was a mistake I think Biden and Kamala Harris are pretty much in agreement on busing I haven't heard anybody talk about busing in 30 years and right now I am wearing a NASA jacket in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and I think that is something that everyone around the world will stop and think and watch with the same or that the world watched when they first landed on the moon Democrats want a president and and Americans want a president who can inspire people to big things and great things and big deeds somebody who can do the things that need to be done for the country for every single American that's what I think the candidates should aspire to there's a lawsuit right now by our children's trust which I have donated to and support that children have a right not to be killed by climate change caused by government action working with the pollution profit ears and I also know that that climate change is one of the major issues for for Democrats this this cycle as well as is immigration and I want to get to immigration as well something that the President Obama's homeland Security Secretary jeh Johnson wrote about in an op-ed in the Washington Post this morning let me read this he writes we cannot as some Democrats can't it's not Democratic candidates for president now proposed publicly embrace a policy to not deport those who enter or remain in this country illegally unless they commit a crime okay help me understand understand this Britain let me stay with you what does that mean does that mean support deporting every undocumented person in this country or does it mean the opposite just don't talk about it publicly what do you how do you receive that well I I think that just as we should help our children not die from climate change and a lawsuit I support immigrant children migrant children should not be abused by a president who treats them like they're prisoners of war locking them in cages Americans don't want that the country doesn't want that voters don't want that Democrats ran on that successfully in 2018 that kind of attitude towards immigration they will do so again every Democrat running in this race agrees on climate change and every Democratic running in this race agrees on not abusing migrant children helping the dreamers and giving the kids a third you Maria let me bring this question to you and let's put the quote up again here because I I think the word here is publicly the operative word he writes we cannot as some Democratic candidates for president now proposed publicly embrace a policy to not deport those who enter or remain in this country illegally unless they commit a crime how do you receive that is it again just don't say it publicly no I don't think it's either of the things that you pointed out Victor what I think he's talking about is this whole issue of of decriminalizing the border which came up at one of the debates I actually don't think we should repeal section 1325 which is where I think that the the crux of the issue is I think all the Democratic candidates and frankly all Democrats and independents and humane people and and common-sense Republicans would agree that we have to prosecute our immigration laws in a humane way which is what Trump has not been doing but the way that you do that is not by decriminalizing the border it is by actually not separating families and children right Trump did Trump's policy was the first one who came out the Trump administration came out with a policy that actually did do just that separation of children and families the way that you don't separate children and families is by not separating children and families right so if you are a Democratic candidate that's what you promise to do you don't have to be for decriminalizing the border because I think what that does is it gives the Trump administration the talking point that all Democrats are for open borders which is absolutely not true yeah and that's what we read in that op-ed from Jay Johnson and the Washington Post interesting he writes it in part as a warning to 2020 candidate that's Maria Cardona Brett burtowski thank you both thank you [Applause] good morning to you I'm Victor Blackwell hi everyone I'm Jessica Dean and for Christy Paul we're starting this morning with the arrest of billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein ed seat is in a New York Jail this morning after being arrested on new charges related to sex trafficking crimes committed between 2002 and 2007 he served 13 months in jail after pleading guilty to state charges in Florida in exchange more serious federal charges were not brought against him joining us now CNN chief media correspondent and anchor of reliable sources brian Stelter brian this story line has been resurrected in the last several months by some good reporting out of South Florida what we know about what is happening now that's right the Miami Herald broke this story wide open with months of investigative reporting including on the record interviews with some of the accusers of Jeffrey Jeffrey Epstein that story of that series of stories in the herald changed a lot that this is now a federal matter in the Southern District of New York where we know that Epstein was taken into custody last night as you mentioned now in jail waiting a key Monday morning hearing to determine what will happen next whether there will be bail what whether he will be allowed to be going to go free while this prosecution progresses there's already some concern about that we've already seen some lawmakers come out and say he should not be able to pay bail because then he'll never be caught again Epstein is a well-connected billionaire as someone who used to be friendly with both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump so this case has always been seen as an example of two justice systems in America one for normal people another for the rich and powerful and connected Epstein was able to have incredibly lenient terms what was called the deal of a lifetime when he first faced these accusations about sex trafficking and and predatory behavior toward toward minors toward teens he was able to spend 13 months in jail but okay yeah jail but he was able to go off to an office six days of the week and then just go back to jail at night this was called a miscarriage of justice by the Miami Herald you see some of the deals here of this non-prosecution agreement the key there the end he avoided a federal trial and and this non-prosecution agreement for many years ago came about thanks to the now labor secretary Alexander Acosta Acosta's roll miss has been deeply scrutinized for the past few months thanks to the Herald reporting The Herald's op-ed page has called for him to resign but so far the Trump administration has stayed supportive of Acosta although they've said they were looking into this and Acosta's denied all wrongdoing the point here is that cases from several years ago and in most cases here for more than a decade ago of child of sex trafficking now being re-examined and according to our colleagues from improper occupies and Sonia Mogi there are new allegations contained in this sealed indictment that will be addressed tomorrow Monday morning in court in New York alright brian Stelter more to come on this thanks so much and be sure to catch brian show reliable sources here on CNN at 11:00 a.m. his guests include Julie brown the investigative reporter at the Miami Herald so we'll be talking more about that ed student case leaked memos from the British ambassador to the US described President Trump as inept insecure and incompetent Sir Kim Derrick one of Britain's top diplomats used secret cables and briefing notes to warn the British government presidents Trump's career could quote ending disgrace believed cables were first published by the Daily Mail look at their headline this morning The Washington files ambassador's secret cables claimed Trump radiates insecurity CNN correspondent Anna Stewart is in London covering this story Anna what are you learning about this leak this morning well as you say these leaks are absolutely explosive and highly embarrassing for the British government some of them you have the Ambassador outlining what he thinks about the u.s. President himself any administration let me bring you one of those saying we really don't believe that this administration is going to become substantially more normal less dysfunctional less unpredictable less faction Riven less diplomatically clumsy and in ED other memos they go into more policy areas with a huge range these go from 2017 right at the present day on Iran for instance the Ambassador calls the administration's policy on Iran in coherent and unlikely to change anytime soon he actually questioned the president's claim that he called off a missile strike on Iran last minute saying that account doesn't stand up on the allegations between about the president's links with Russia well he says the worst cannot be ruled out he said that could result in this presidency crashing and burning although the Ambassador also warns the British government not to underestimate the president's ability to shrug off scandal and controversy saying Trump may emerge from the flames battered but intact like Schwarzenegger in the final scenes of The Terminator very colorful stuff very explosive very embarrassing for the British government this is the man that's meant to protect and strengthen the relationship with the United States and frankly you know the British government hasn't denied the accuracy of the memos they call them mischievous and they've said that they support ambassador's ability to be honest be candid and they say that simply they don't always reflect the views of ministers and the government no news yet of course from the White House or from the president all eyes on his Twitter page this morning to see if we can see any more of the fallout

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