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32 thoughts on “CNN's Chris Cuomo TURN Trump Into a JOKE after He Calls for Probe of Obama Book Deal

  1. I'm like Anna if a dog runs against trump. I vote for the dog, a least when the dog barks, you can word his barks with common sence. This president is a idiout, are far as your jops hey memo your bones ain't enfy.

  2. Chris anderson. Ilove ya all doing a. Good job on the clown imagine 2yrs gone and we still on the same circomstances these biggets still calling. Oboma name hatefull grudgfull. Hatfull what left .for. Dem to impeach am done we onley talking

  3. Yes the press is fare to trump, Trump has become the president that everybody has nothing good to say about, this man dame him, laugh to keep from crying, he can't be trusted, he's selling out the nation that's we the people. Prepare there much more of trumps bullshit to come buckle up. He just keep coming when will his nonsence end. Soon let's hope.

  4. The Great Recession affected lives across the nation. Many people had to start over again which is why Black people did not fare as well under Obama as they are with Trump.

  5. Kamala Harris shall win 2020 like it or not.The economy need her whether, you can see it or not. TRUMP shall lose 2020 and Russia have losted. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. AMEN.

  6. You sound like a sore loser what are you going to investigate Obama for I'm going to investigate his book deal listen to yourself it might be a good idea before you start talking or making a statement you should tests yourself in the mirror first you know how people do when they're trying to get there stript together or get a good story together just stand in the mirror and talk to yourself you know practice what you're going to say and record yourself that way you can stop yourself before you say or do anything stupid

  7. Liar, Liar pants on fire! Why? Pelosi already said she never wants to do that. So are you trying to force her? Even Mueller, essentially hired by her, was not committed to that in any way. And yet, we are playing some kind of Verbal Avalanche Game to force something to happen, which the actual leader of the party does not want. That’s in-fighting. It looks like that.

  8. And we gone stay home again @Democrats unless reparations checks for ADOS are getting cut. No reparations NO VOTE.

  9. Also- it doesn't mean u ha e to be the RICH get a break… Do you really think '45' is on the working man or woman's side???!!! Think Again..Please AMERICA do your HOMEWORK!!

  10. Trump, lets look into Obama’s book deal, how can he write a book 📚 I still haven’t read one yet ! Witch-hunt.

  11. Really??? STOP THE B.S.!! STOP & START…We are not stupid! Do your Job- that taxpayers pay you for! All of us are paying attention more than ever.. We will VOTE YOU OUT! IMPEACH…

  12. They need to stop shuffling holidays around to make them "more convenient". Try pulling that one with the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.

  13. Donald Trump and his Multimillionare father, he built NYC City Housing Complexes, were SLAMMED for racial discrimination in apartment buildings they owned in NYC in 1974. They BOUGHT their way out of having to admit it, Google it.

  14. Stop the "Obama policy" B$. The Republicans had the House of Representatives for the last 6, and the Senate for the last 4 of his 8 years in office and REFUSED to work with him.

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