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45 thoughts on “Comedian (2002) – Subtitulada en español

  1. I love how everyone in the comment section is talking about what a piece of shit Orny is – meanwhile – there's literally a rapist in the movie.

  2. I’ve seen this documentary many, many times. One thing still remains the same. Orny Adams was an arrogant, cocky douchebag who was more interested in being “famous” than actually being a true comic. As smug as Jerry Seinfeld might be, he was always interested in making it as a stand-up comedian than as a celebrity. No wonder Orny Adams never “made it”.

  3. He doesn't have any friends lol. Only person he called was his mom. He really has mental health issue s

  4. This dude Orny takes himself way to.seriously and his.act and comedy.. He only as a job…and it is a job but he cant have no fun with the crowd.or.other comics or just enjoy the fact people laugh at him.and he is trying to keep up with people a better position then him.and not just running his own race. Im surprised he hasnt.killed himself yet.

  5. Never seen this movie and I just watched Jeselnik on Rogans podcast and the brought this movie up.and this dude orny up.and how.he is in this movie and soon as the podcast was done I had to watch this and see this dude. All I do is watch comedians and Ive never heard of this guy.

  6. Orny came off very poorly in this. I have a slightly different perspective on him than some because I have been a standup comic, not that orny and I are anything alike personally or creatively, but understand… Orny, though he's is full of himself and comes off as a total douche was very insecure, defensive, ambitious and I think he was so desperate to be somebody, that he came off as self absorbed and bitter and arrogant.

    Ive never met him, I don't know him, but I see a guy that is just trying to survive.
    The advice that club owner gave him was sound advice. his material wasn't bad. If he just allowed himself to slow down, stay present and enjoy the moment things may have turned out much better for him.

  7. Orny Adams is the most self absorbed, self righteous, and self sabotaging loser I’ve ever seen on camera.

  8. there's a reason why the comedy world is plagued by alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, and suicide. and, that reason is orny adams. he needs to study clips of patrice o'neil doing stand up instead of himself.

  9. The difference between Jerry living and breathing for stand-up already a made man but in it for the love of everything comedy constantly doubting his material and battling to improve it and find some level of comfort in comparison to Orny Adams with his head so far up his ass he can see out his own mouth is really something to behold. A master of his craft VS a man who thinks he has his craft mastered.

  10. It's funny I found myself rooting for the millionaire and hating the guy on the come up #ornyadamssucks!!

  11. The time waiting behind the stage waiting to go on
    That really is nerve wracking
    The preparation involved
    Performers really are brave

  12. This guy Orny makes me nervous
    The way he does this self aggrandizement is all a front to hide his insecurity
    We all have it but wow he just is sickening to watch

  13. There's really no rhyme or reason why one person gets all the gigs and high profile stuff and another doesn't. I've been trying since 1998 to get singing gigs and never once had a professional paying gig. My good friend started in 2008-9 and by 2014 he had international opera gigs. It's kinda like why some great people are single and have only a few friends and jerks out there are well liked by everyone and have incredible social lives.

  14. The inordinate space Orny Adams was given in this video ruined the video. The guy isn't funny, he's way too arrogant and neurotic, self-obsessed, unlikable… just a terrible decision to include him.

  15. 56:40 "I'm hard on myself but I just hope people aren't as hard on me as I am myself"…I completely understand how he feels.

  16. this is like the "DiG" of stand-up comedy. Orny sucks and should've taken Barry's advice, which echos Jerry's attitude and work ethic. also funny how cosby put himself on the mount rushmore of all time greats and now gets to watch his legacy rightfully shattered.

  17. I admire Jerry for going back to the drawing board and hitting the clubs !! Its like U2 practicing new material in a cafe !!! Respect !!

  18. I love the contrast here. Seinfeld has all the money in the world and all he cares about is the beauty of the craft and honing his act to perfection whereas Orny seems to view comedy as a stepping stone to fame and fortune. To Seinfeld all that stuff is a mere byproduct of doing what he loves. I admire how he keeps pushing himself and beating himself up when he could just as easily rest on his laurels. His relentless drive is truly inspiring.

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